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  1. Hi all, I want to get an IT certification to be ready for an entry-level job, companies might have for high schoolers/people getting in the 1st year of college. I heard all about CCNA, CompTIA A+, Network+, CEH but I don't know which one to get so that I can be set for the interview. Is there one in specific that is good to take, keep in mind that I have a good computing background. Thanks in advanced.
  2. Hi all, So I'll be making a website for personal reasons and I just bought the domain yesterday, now I do not know what to do. So I saw that I have to buy this "web hosting" package (let's say I buy it from Namecheap), how can I transfer it to Wix.com? Does "web hosting" mean that they'll have all the storage and they'll give me all the templates for my website or do I transfer the package to wix.com so then I can start making the website? I am a little confused here. Thanks in advanced
  3. Hi all, When I was looking at VPN's, I saw that there was an option with port-forwarding when buying it. Then I thought, what is port forwarding? Searching this term on google just gives really short explanations that I don't really understand. Can someone give me an example where you would have to use port forwarding as an option when doing something? I am very confused about this topic. Thank you so much (In advanced)
  4. Is their any drawbacks of the HYBRID cooler? Like I am worried that the cooler might break or something. Should I get the FTW card?
  5. Hi all, Here are some questions I have about Linus' newly posted video about the 60GHZ band. (sorry if they sound a little nooby); 1.When you want to extend the signal to a wireless access point, will the access point itself run on 60GHz and the same internet speed or will something change? 2.Will the speed of your internet signal be bottle necked if your wireless internet card that you have on your PC can only handle a certain speed that is lower than the speed your router is giving? 3.When you receive your internet through a Ethernet cable, you don't have to worry
  6. Hi all, https://pcpartpicker.com/product/Tv38TW/evga-geforce-gtx-1070-8gb-sc-gaming-acx-30-video-card-08g-p4-6173-kr https://pcpartpicker.com/product/rQdFf7/evga-geforce-gtx-1070-8gb-ftw-hybrid-video-card-08g-p4-6278-kr Comparing these two GPU's which one would be the best? Why would I buy a hybrid GPU? I am only planning to do some overclocking but not alot. Is their any advantages/disadvantages of having a HYBRID GPU? Can you point me towards some videos that explain this? I am having some problems deciding between the two. Thanks in advanced!
  7. He said that it is 3.0, and that is better then all the other chipsets Intel released. What difference does that make on the overall build?
  8. Hi all, I saw that Linus referred to a think in his video that I didn't understand. If you see the video about the Core i9 Review, he states that the new x299 chipset has DMI Link x4 3.0 . What in the world is that? Does that mean that is has 4 DMI Link "things" in the chipset? Thanks in advance and sorry for the nooby question.
  9. Hi all, When you choose a CPU, it saids the maximum supported RAM it could have, why does the CPU choose that? If you put more ram then it wants for example if the max is 32gb but you but 64gb will it bottleneck?
  10. Hi all, I see alot of people buying capture cards but I really don't know how they work? I know that some have HDMI in and out but how exactly does it work? Do you connect the card to your monitor and it captures everything there and then put it to a hard drive you connected it to? Thanks in advanced
  11. So what happens if you run SLI on 2 GPU's that are on a x16 board/CPU? Will one of them won't work or will the CPU automatically make both of them run on x8?
  12. Hi all, I was just wondering, if you have a 16 lane CPU, and you have a GPU running on x16, can you change it to run to x8 if you want to add a PCIE SSD? Even if you don't add it, how can you change the amount of lanes a GPU will run on your system? Thanks in advanced!
  13. Hi all, This couple of months I haven't been too active on Social media and I haven't look at a lot of Ryzen information. Can anyone recommend some videos talking about ryzen and all about it. Also, come video that explain how it compares to other CPU's? Thanks in advanced!
  14. But doesn't the scammer have to know the little key the server gave the user to send the encrypted message through their website?