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  1. This is more for @leadeater: https://munin.kiska.pw/munin/ibercivis-day.html Also I don't think we can glean anything from it, cause they've set their update rate to... once per hour
  2. Your not meant to If you know how to read the server status page then sure
  3. Or if you want you can use Munin Also hello, I am kiska from TAAT
  4. I am sure someone will DMCA IA Enjoy
  5. I guess that is the nature of Asian culture, research before you buy, otherwise you'll get scammed, or in this case pay too much for something. And that is where the culture of haggling comes from as well. See Collin Abroadcast's channel If it does come out early for you, I guess its too much of a hassle to benchmark it for us?
  6. Source: https://www.techspot.com/review/1749-battlefield-ray-tracing-benchmarks/ So cut perf about 60% or more to get more realistic reflections... I think not, at least for a fps. And this certainly doesn't reflect the price.
  7. Actually if labor had their way 93% of Australia would be on Fibre to the Premises, so the bottleneck would have become ISP's ability to purchase enough bandwidth. Then the 2013 election happened and Malcolm went on about how he would do it "cheaper, faster, sooner" or some variant of that slogan, and now here we are with MTM(aka Multi-technology Mix(aka Malcolm Turnbulls Mess)). And now we have 26% FTTP, 44% FTTN/dp/B and 30% on HFC. However those numbers are somewhat misleading since they are from the 2013 strategic review, and have changed. Labor had scenario 1 and 2, liberal(coalition
  8. The job of NBN was to improve infrastructure and provide everyone with a minimum of 25 mbps connection speed by the end of 2016. We can see how that went. At the same time make enough money for the government so that it can't be included in the budget, otherwise the deficit would be bigger than it currently is. NBNCo has to get $52 from every user(ARPU - average revenue per user) for it to be profitable(enough), which means charging for things such as CVC(aka bandwidth), AVC(connection cost), datacentre costs, installation costs, etc etc. Now I have posted a
  9. I was gonna leave some graphs from gamers nexus here. But instead I'll leave the link to the article here: https://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/3288-amd-r5-2600-2600x-review-stream-benchmarks-gaming-blender/page-2 Or here: I am gonna say this, if he wants to stream + play games on the same machine at the same time, then the 2700x should suffice, and should be cheaper too since it includes an adequate box cooler, and the am4 platform is cheaper
  10. Here is Hardware Unboxed review: Also really good that I didn't have to do a mega thread
  11. In the tone of "Your call could not be connected. Please check the number and try again" "Your browser could not load Sydney trains timetable, please check your browser settings and try again. JS not found" Pretty much Sydney trains site is full of js interactivity
  12. So this might be patronising, but I did include a ton of graphs which I scrubbed and copied from Hardware Unboxed review
  13. But you have to remember that intel/amd hybrid has (almost)double the CUs of Vega 11 so it was highly unlikely besides the memory bandwidth is heavily constrained here maybe if they add 2GB of HBM it may be better utilised. The problem with APUs is the iGPU portion is always underutilised