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  1. The power usually doesn't go out, I have been unplugging the PC simply as a precaution. As long as the computer doesn't die when there is a lightning strike then I will no longer have to unplug the PC as a precaution and therefore fixing my problem. Just to verify, if I plug the PC into the UPS and there is a very major surge (enough to destroy the surge protector I was using) it will not affect the PC? The main thing is that I basically need my computer to survive a huge power surge, the idea I put in my post (running it on the UPS for three hours) was just an idea to make it survive that sur
  2. Hello! I live in an area where there are severe thunderstorms daily and up until about a month ago, I assumed that the PC was safe by plugging it into a surge protector. I was proven wrong in the worst way possible when lightning struck near my house frying the PC. Since then I've been simply unplugging my new computer anytime it starts to thunder to avoid killing this one too. The problem is that I work from home and 80% of what I do is done on my PC, therefore, I just can't afford to unplug my computer during the five to six hour daily storms. I've been reading about
  3. I can still navigate to the windows folder in the file viewer, everything looks untouched so I doubt I formatted the wrong partition.
  4. Hello! I recently decided to dual boot my PC with windows 10 and Ubuntu (windows 10 was the original operating system) but after I finished the process and rebooted the PC grub boot loader only gives me the option to start Ubuntu. In case I dual booted incorrectly here are the steps took. 1: created a partition 2: made a bootable USB with ubuntu 16.04 installed 3: Booted from the USB and used Ubuntu's "install alongside windows" option But now when ever Grub boot loader shows up the only op