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Everything posted by Tedny

  1. New DDR generation need new boards, at least for stability, and make it APU's, it can be stretch, but it can be real
  2. don't miss take words: can and will
  3. Click bate title Discord can auto-ban you if you share nsfw content
  4. waiting super commuter on m1 mac, like in good old days
  5. so, is it Specter finally getting know about itself?
  6. Zen3+, boys, I guess, and no ddr5 this year
  7. so, back of the phone is camera now?!
  8. oh, RDNA2 on phone that good that Samsung skipping Note for it?! Good there is budget friendly 5G phone now
  9. I mean, Hash rate so low that even 300$ card can't bring profit
  10. people, some popular coins can't be mind with profit on AMD gpu's. There is something that AMD done how RDNA works to make it not worth it
  11. 2 weeks, yea, AMD was right to just ignore it and send people to fix drivers