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    Hi, my name Is André and I have 18 years old! Im from Portugal :) And I have a Laptop :3
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    Programming, Watching youtube/streams and Playing games :D


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    Intel Core i5-7200U 2.5GHz
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    8GB DDR4 Memory
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    NVIDIA 940MX 2GB Dedicated VRAM
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    1000 GB HDD
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    Windows 10 Home

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  1. Holy crap ... Mine just shuwdown everything and do nothing, need to force a shutdown but the problem is related with the motherboard? Because I think this in linux don't happen.. At least, the time that I was using linux this never happened
  2. I don't think so... It only happens on Windows, I don't know why
  3. Hello everyone, First of all, I don't know if I'm posting this in the right sub-forum, so I'm sorry if not. So, I'm with some problems with my computer... I have Windows 10 installed and sometimes (not always) I'm doing stuff such as playing , watch some videos, college work, etc, and the computer freezes randomly and then all peripherals shut down but computer fans and cooler (leds, etc) still running but the only way to restart is shut down by pressing the case button... I don't know if it is hardware or some software... but I already reset the windows lik
  4. Hello everyone. Someone here works or have worked with Chevereto using C#? I'm trying to upload images using Chevereto API but I don't know what code I need to use '-' Thanks a lot,
  5. Hello everyone. I'm about to finish the school and I want to create some applications/programs to add into my portfolio, but I don't have ideas . My main languages are C# and SQL. Could you give some ideas of what to do? Thanks a lot, Cya
  6. It was because I have run this program https://github.com/Genbox/VirusTotalContextMenu :3
  7. But now, I'm not running nothing, no visual studio open... can be something in registry? I found that on Registry , how can I remove it? It was because of this program https://github.com/Genbox/VirusTotalContextMenu
  8. Hi Guys, Recently I installed a virus total nugget on Visual Studio to test scan files with VirusTotal API. So, I've tested some different ways, and works fine. Now I saw "VT Scan" when I click with right button in files When I click, it only open the file. Someone know if that belongs to Virus Total? and how can I remove it? Because I don't have any application of Virus Total installed... Thanks
  9. "When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first..."

  10. Hello everyone. I will create a malware/viruses cleaner/scanner software, but I need the viruses signatures to detect if the file have some virus or not. Someone knows where I can get a recent Viruses Signatures? Thanks a lot.
  11. Hello Guys! What you think about Gmail and Outlook? Which of this providers is the best and why?
  12. Hey Guy's! Lets show our desktop to each other! Do not forget to vote them from 0 to 10 That's mine :3 I think that city is Toronto, Canada ^^
  13. Hi work with WinForms, but WPF it easy to.. My level is higher ^^
  14. I programm in that languages since 2015, so Im intermediary ^^