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    DailyProcrastinator got a reaction from soldier_ph in Phoenix, or the PC literally risen from ashes.   
    Amazing turnout! Wish I followed this as it happened, but nonetheless a sexy build!
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    DailyProcrastinator got a reaction from RollinLower in Phoenix, or the PC literally risen from ashes.   
    I work from home and am at my desk for 10hrs+ daily, so I cannot even imagine.
    I did have the minor inconvenience of a plumbing leak directly above my desk, luckily it was minor and no water damage to my system, I just had to move it out for a week while it was fixed. Even that was not enjoyable.
    At least everything is now (mostly) sorted out for you, but that is not a nice experience to deal with. 
    Yeah that's fair, I think it will pull the aesthetic nicely together. 
    I have decided that I am going to hardline my main rig, I am ditching the blue theme, just going for a more clean/simple black+white, and I am waiting of proper Canadian availability of the 3080 or more likely to wait for a 3080Ti, if that moves the updates to 2022, so be it. 
    Otherwise I will just update the case, most likely to the Meshify 2, and go for new (non blue LED) fans. 
    Followed, and looking forward to the updates!
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    DailyProcrastinator reacted to RollinLower in Phoenix, or the PC literally risen from ashes.   
    Thanks! i'm just happy to finally have a proper PC again to be honest. The weeks after the fire all electronics where taken from our house by the insurance guys for professional cleaning. You don't know how much you rely on those things for entertainment untill you lose them i guess.
    There's still a few small changes i have planned for this build:
    I bought a full acetal version of the same waterblock with matching backplate. The stock 6900 backplate doesn't work for me aesthetically.
    I also want to swap the RAM out for some simmilar performing sticks without RGB. i'm not going to use the RGB anyway and the big white strips of plastic on these DIMMs also look kinda bad considering this is supposed to be a black/chrome build.
    i'll probably update this thread when those changes happen.
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    DailyProcrastinator got a reaction from RollinLower in Phoenix, or the PC literally risen from ashes.   
    Amazing turnout! Wish I followed this as it happened, but nonetheless a sexy build!
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    DailyProcrastinator reacted to igormp in Sun Ultra 45   
    Hi everyone.
    I'll use this space as the build log for my project using an old Sun Ultra 45. For those who never heard about it, the Sun Ultra line was a series of servers and workstations made by Sun before they were bought by Oracle, usually using SPARC CPUs instead of your regular x86 (however, some of the the last models, such as the Ultra 40, had x86 CPUs).
    Since I'm not a fan of RGB nor windows on cases, I was looking for a nice case that was as stealthy as possible, basically a black box with a button to turn on. Sadly, case prices here are kinda expensive due to the pandemic along with bad currency ratio, so I decided to retromod a nice case. First I looked after a Mac Pro G5, but those are still expensive and the internal space to build an ATX build is basically non-existent, so I gave up on that idea.
    That's when I decided to go for the Sun Ultra 40/45, which has way more internal space, the components reassemble an ATX-like setup (but it still has a proprietary form-factor for mobo and psu), while still looking sleek and more elegant that then Mac Pro IMO.
    Today the system I managed to buy arrived, with the original CPU (1x UltraSPARC IIIi), mobo and PSU (1000W):

    And here's a video of the fancy toolless panels (idk how to embed videos here).
    I'll firstly need to polish and clean it up, maybe even repaint the top part since it's heavily scratched.
    Then I'll try to add some mobo standoffs, since the original one isn't ATX. I'll also need to find a way to fit a regular PSU, along with trying to mod the front panel in order to use the USB and audio ports along with the power button in a regular mobo.
    Lastly, I'll install some case fans along with some dust filters.
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    DailyProcrastinator reacted to isHypnophobic in [Build Log] Illya v2.0 - The Tiny Titan [RTX 3090 x Sliger SM580]   
    Update #2 [12/04/2020] Custom PSU Cables and Vinyl Wrapping the SM580
    Illya v1 was built in a Bitfenix Prodigy case, the mITX version. It was amazing, perfect for my college student lifestyle back then. We're moving constantly every 9 months so its size and portability was much appreciated. But still, it was time to move on.

    What I thought I would miss the most however, was the colour. Oh man that red colour drew me the first time I saw it. The SM580 discontinued their red version of the case recently. They only had black, white, or gray which kind of disappointed me. So I had a choice--go boring with black/grey/white or take matters into my own hands? 

    I chose to use my hands. It took me a while to find a close enough vinyl film to match the red Prodigy but we did it--after ordering a few sample sized pieces we settled with 3M's M13 Matte Red. We'll have a side-by-side comparison photo a little further down this log.

    And so the wrap began. Actually, for others who are thinking about wrapping your cases, some things to make your life easier would be:
    A sharp pair of scissors A vinyl squeegee/applicator (it helps to get one that has felt on one end) An exacto knife A heatgun or hairdryer Microfiber cloth I would say take your time and be patient. I've ruined some of my vinyl by overstretching the pieces over corners. After speaking to a friend about it, I was told that this particular 3M vinyl is pressure activated. Meaning that so long as I don't push the material I can peel it off and on freely.

    Voila! The front panel took me about 40ish minutes but that's because I restarted twice. But overall not too shabby from a distance.

    I decided not to do the acrylic window panels for now--maybe in the future I'll consider it! Here's that side-by-side shot I mentioned:

    Overall I'm pretty pleased with the wrap! Most definitely a fitting homage to her first version. The manufacturers actually messaged me on social media about my "red SM580" and it looks like I was able to fool them! 🤣 Chat log below:

    It's great to hear from the creators of this case--it's even better when the actual creators commend your own custom handiwork. I would recommend them to anyone looking for amazing SFF cases. Most definitely one of the best in the market at this time.
    Commissioned Custom Cables:
    Speaking of custom handiwork, the last part of this update will showcase some custom wrapped PSU cables I commissioned from DreamBigByRay. They're an Etsy merchant taking custom orders for PSU power cables! Some samples of his stuff and pricing (USD) below:

    Since I'm building in a small form factor case, I needed my PSU cables to be as short as I can to save space. I don't have the luxury of hiding yards and feet of cables in such a small case. On top of that, I HATE the 12-pin adaptor with a passion. It's bulky, sticks out at a weird angle, and it'll look hideous in any build! So I contacted Ray's shop, I provided them with my PSU model, exact measurements on how long each cable needed to be, and what pattern and material I wanted them to be wrapped in! Talk about bespoke! I was pleasantly surprised when it came in:

    They look so short as if they're only PSU extension cables but I assure you these are full PSU replacements. Look how crisp and clean that 12-pin GPU power cable looks like now! Compare that to the darn bulky extension cable NVIDIA supplies.
    The build is coming along slowly. If you've read my update this far, thanks! It's a pretty lengthy update so I appreciate it. More coming soon so I hope to see you all on the next ones!
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    DailyProcrastinator reacted to isHypnophobic in [Build Log] Illya v2.0 - The Tiny Titan [RTX 3090 x Sliger SM580]   
    Update #1 [11/30/2020] Photo Op and Test Fit with the RTX 3090
    I actually received the 3090 back in October, looking back I should've started the build log back then--but I had some sort of anxiety since I've not logged into LTT in years. But what matters is that I'm here now! Here are some photos--I haven't taken photos in months so this was a good treat for me:

    Onto the test fit:
    So after contacting Sliger both on the phone and online, I was pleased to hear that their SM580 can accommodate the RTX 3090. Here are some test fits photos:

    It's almost comedic how this thing fits:

    About 3mm clearance realistically when I measured. I'm glad I was able to nab a Founder's Edition otherwise I don't think anything else would fit.
    Overall a good day, I've gotten over that slump of writing/starting this build log! See you all on the next update
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    DailyProcrastinator reacted to isHypnophobic in [Build Log] Illya v2.0 - The Tiny Titan [RTX 3090 x Sliger SM580]   
    Build Log: Illya v2.0, The Tiny Titan

    Good Evening LTT! It's been about 7 years now since my first ever personal rig build--since then I've graduated, started a job, built hundreds of PCs as a side-job. With all the changes and growth I've gone through all these years, I've decided to put all I have learned into this machine. The main guideline I have for this build is: Build a small, compact desktop that deceptively outputs performance inversely proportional to her size.
    Illya version 2 will be a high-ish end desktop that is still built around the mITX Mobo form factor. However, in contrast with her first form (a mid-tower mITX Prodigy), I've decided to follow the way of the SFFPC--I shall attempt to place all this raw power into a sub 20-liter case. After months of looking for such a case that can also house a triple slot 3090FE--I finally found the answer: Sliger's SM580.
    I need Illya v2.0 to handle my tech hobbies and real life work: 3440x1440 +100FPS Gaming, Blender 3D renders, Editing my photography (Lightroom and Photoshop), and Unreal Editor (both v4 and v5 now).
    In my early years, I've always been wary of watercooling--"Oh another point of failure" or "It'll leak all over," I thought. I even held a sort of disdain for it in my first build log here on LTT. After a good half-a-decade I started to pivot from this view as I started my full time job and subsequently a part-time job building custom PCs for clients. AIOs are pretty safe, some even have great full-PC replacement warranties to boot. Plus, if I'm trying to cram in all this performance in a 15.9 liter case, water is pretty much the only way to go.
    In summary/tl:dr: Combine a 15.9 liter case (SM580) with an RTX 3090 and an old i7-8700k @5GHz on all cores whilst trying not to make this baby burn.
    Illya v2.0's Parts List
    Case:                                     Sliger SM580 (Dual Acrylic Panel version)
    CPU:                                      Intel i7-8700K (Delidded and Liquid Metal'd via Silicon Lottery)

    GPU:                                      Nvidia RTX 3090 Founder's Edition

    CPU Cooler:                        NZXT Kraken Z63
    Motherboard:                    AsRock Z390 Phantom Gaming ITXac
    RAM:                                     HyperX Predator RGB 32GB @3600MHz
    Boot NVME:                        Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB M.2 NVME 
    Main Games NVME:       Crucial P5 1TB M.2 NVME 

    Auxiliary Games SSD:   ADATA SU800 2TB SSD
    Data Storage SSD:           Samsung 860 QVO 4TB SSD
    Radiator Fans:                  2x Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-3000 PWM
    Intake Fans:                       2x Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-3000 PWM
    PSU:                                      Corsair SF750
    PSU Cables:                       Custom made by DreambigByRay (Etsy)
    Updates Below:

    I'll update this as I go. I'm just having fun taking it slow and steady. I'll add updates below as well like my last build log. See you in the next update!

    Update #1 [11/30/2020] Photo Op and Test Fit with the RTX 3090
    Update #2 [12/04/2020] Custom PSU Cables and Vinyl Wrapping the SM580
    Update #3 [12/21/2020] Meet The Components
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    DailyProcrastinator reacted to Tristerin in Project Odyssey   
    Inspiration:  Project Odyssey first became a reality after having such a blast over Christmas with my kids playing on my personal machine with old games over emulators, fantastical 3D walking simulators, flying simulators (Pilotwings64 was my daughters first experience, we have since moved on to more detailed simulators - I love it because its a game I grew up with also!), and city building games.  They are both very inquisitive and watching them learn to navigate these environments - expressions, squeals of joy, and downright learning on their feet and overcoming obstacles is amazing - so I pulled the trigger.
    Why Odyssey?  This is a throwback to the original TV consoles (Magnavox Odyssey) that set the stage for the gaming I began in the 80's.
    I began sourcing the parts, at first looking at Ryzen 5000 series, but of course I ran into the same issues I read about daily here - lack of product to purchase.  I quickly tired of that game and gladly settled for Ryzen 3000.  During my parts sourcing I was honored to be contacted by ARESGAME and asked to work with their products in this build.  Below you will see the parts list, with SOME adjustments intended, in transit, or at this time still being sourced.
    Case: Fractal Design Focus G ATX in black Fractal Design Focus G Mini in black (arrives in 2 days)
    Motherboard: ASRock B450m Pro4 
    CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
    RAM: 2x8gb TeamGroup T-Force Delta RGB DDR4 Gaming Memory 3200mhz CL16
    GPU: Sapphire R9 Fury Tri-X EVGA RTX 2060 KO
    Storage: TeamGroup MP33 256gb NVMe M.2
    Storage: HGST 3tb 7200 RPM 3.5" HDD
    PSU: ARESGAME AGV750 Semi Modular 80+ Bronze
    CPU Cooler: ARESGAME River 5
    Case Cooling: 7x ARESGAME 120mm SYNC ARGB PWM Fans
    RGB Controller: Provided by ARESGAME
    ODD: Hitachi Blu Ray burner (to be painted black to stealth into the case)
    This is going to be a clean build with a focus on extra cable management.  Depending on how the case comes apart will determine any possible paint modding.  As this is going to be my first RGB build, I am most likely wanting to keep the majority black color theme that I have going on but that will be determined after I open up the box when the mATX variant arrives.
    Without further wall of text I give you the beginnings of Project Odyssey - thank you for your time looking at the Build Log and I hope you follow me as I journey through this build!
    EDIT#1 1.21.21 to main post - TeamGroup has joined the build!  New memory on the way to really enhance the build and apply the final touches to the RGB.  I am blessed and excited to have been able to be sponsored by TeamGroup - let the building commence!  Unfortunately the case hasnt arrived yet.  Shows out for delivery today (pictured atm is the ATX variant I have on hand) so still a few hours to wait.  I plan on going to the shop Friday evening or Saturday to start documenting this build.  Thanks to all following my journey!
    EDIT#2 1.24.21 to main post - no changes to main post sans this edit - keep scrolling in the log for the major update that occurred today!
    EDIT#3 1.31.21 to main post - no changes to main post, update on RAM in transit now slated to arrive 2.3.21 and talking about my inability to paint well lol - teaser on update with color scheme.  The HDD brackets and front bezel turned out perfect.
    EDIT #4 2.1.21 to main post - no changes to main post, updated receipt of RAM and some pic updates. 





    Since I swapped out the Sapphire R9 Fury Tri-X for the EVGA 2060 KO I am not as worried about power draw, and actually have the option to choose from the AVG750 or the AVG650.  I havent fully decided which will go in this machine yet.
    The Powerhouse:


    And the Brains:

    Well that is all for today.  After the case arrives I will begin taking things out and progressing the build.  Any possible modding will be determined after the Fractal Mini arrives.
    Please feel free to follow this post, and I look forward to my next Log update!
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    DailyProcrastinator reacted to Eschew in Build Log - Hoshī   
    Hey there! Welcome to 'Chew’s PC build log! 😁
    It’ll be a bit of an odd build log, because... eh... the PC’s already built. But! Opportunity! I’m switching cases -- meaning I’m pretty much disassembling and reassembling most of my system -- and I thought I’d take the chance to write up a build log while I’m at it.
    I hope you like reading, because I like writing, hehe.
    What's Old News
    Parts List Trolley-PC - 'Chew's First Build ESCHEW-PC - 'Chew's First Case Build  
    What's New News
    Non-Generic Name! Disassembly and Reassembly! Non-Photogenic Photos! Future Updates...?  
    Names are important. A good name expresses the personality of its bearer well, and likewise, a good title-bearer should live up to its name. The main reason I didn’t "officially" name my build until now was that I couldn’t think of a suitable name for it.
    So, what's up with "Hoshī"?
    *Deep breath.*
    I chose a weeb name because I AM A WEEB AND I'M PROUD TO BE A WEEB.
    *Clears throat.*
    For real, though, the name crossed my mind as I was listening to 星降る夜のラピス (The Starry Night’s Lapis), a song collab by TUMENECO and GET IN THE RING. It is absolutely one of my favorite songs -- perhaps my favorite, period. I love everything about the song -- from the arrangement, to the vocals, to the lyrics -- as well as other contextual factors -- like it being a collaborative effort between my two favorite Touhou doujin circles, or it having two versions sung by my two favorite Touhou vocalists みぃ (Mie) and yukina.
    YouTube Lyric Video (Fan-Made)
    At the 2:01 mark, the song goes: "ねえ、星が綺麗。" That particular part of the song struck me vividly.
    The lyrics bear an uncanny resemblance to the romantic phrase, "月が綺麗。" Translated literally, it means, "The moon is beautiful." Figuratively, however, 月 (つき, or tsuki) sounds much like 好き (すき, or suki); the former means "Moon," the latter means "Fondness," "Like," or "Love" (in the right context). Hence, "月が綺麗。" could also be interpreted as "好きが綺麗。" or "Love is beautiful." It's a poetic way of confessing attraction to someone. In the song's case, 星 (ほし, or hoshi) sounds similar to 欲しい (ほしい, or hoshī; extended ī sound); the former means "Star," the latter means "Want," "Wish," or "Desire." Thus, "星が綺麗。" (The stars are beautiful.) could also suggest "欲しいが綺麗。" (Want is beautiful.) It makes a sublime sort of sense in relation to the song. (Hehe, sub-lime, ayyy...)  
    欲しい, or Hoshī, is very appropriate for my build. The entire purpose of my PC revolves around frivolous, unadulterated want -- as opposed to, say, the need for a server, workstation, or a backup system.
    I wanted to own my first desktop PC. I wanted to experience building my own PC with parts that I picked out. I wanted to use the PC to play games at graphics settings that my laptop couldn't handle. I wanted PC building bragging rights.  
    Also, the name's short and sweet. Purposely understated and unassuming, and a perfect fit for my build. 🥰
    Current Parts List
    Component Selection Price CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 3.8 GHz 6-Core Processor $159.99 CPU Cooler Noctua NH-D15 chromax.black CPU Cooler $99.95 Motherboard ASUS PRIME X570-PRO Motherboard $210.00 Graphics Card ASRock Radeon RX 5600 XT 6 GB Challenger D OC Video Card $269.99 Memory TEAMGROUP T-FORCE VULCAN Z 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory $131.98 Storage Inland Premium 512GB M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe 3.0 x 4 Internal Solid State Drive $67.99 Storage Seagate BarraCuda 1 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive $10.82 Power Supply EVGA SuperNOVA GA 650 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply
    CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD UPS
    Case Fractal Design Define 7 Compact $88.99 Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Education 64-bit $0.00 Monitor Sceptre E255B-1658A 24.5" 1920 x 1080 165 Hz Monitor $163.16 Keyboard Eighty #391 - Mode Designs First Edition Eighty Keyboard (Dark)
    R2-968 - REALFORCE R2 TKL Keyboard
    MGK64 - GK64 Keyboard
    $Too Much
    $Dennn 😂
    Mouse Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mouse
    Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse
    Kensington Wireless Mouse-for-Life (K72392A/K74532A)
    Headphones HIFIMAN ANANDA Planar Magnetic Headphones
    Drop + HIFIMAN HE-35X Dynamic Headphones
    Wireless Adapter ASUS PCE-AX58BT PCI-E Wireless Adapter $61.79      
    Grand Total (Shipping and Taxes Excluded) $2452.49
    + $Too Much
    + $Dennn 😂
    Parts Update History
    Case Comparison
    Fractal Design Define 7 Compact and EVGA DG-75. Purely aesthetic and physical size comparison. I'm not GamersNexus, lol. 😆
    Switching out cases, from an EVGA DG-75 to a Fractal Design Define 7 Compact, because I wanted the PC to sit up on my desk, instead of lying about on the floor alla time. The DG-75 case is waaay too big, but the Define 7 Compact is a noice fit.

    Fractal Design Define 7 Compact - Solid/Mesh Top Panel

    Fractal Design Define 7 Compact - Mesh Top Panel/No Panel
    I've heard others saying they don't like the disorganized, irregular design of the mesh panel, especially with the unsymmetrical dust filter underneath. I... kinda like the mesh design...? But I have to agree with the latter part, the case definitely looks a little bit odd with the mesh plus filter peeping out from the holes. Good thing it'll be hidden from my view 95% of the time! 😆

    Fractal Design Define 7 Compact - Solid Top Panel
    It's a simple sheet of metal. I love it. I'm assuming that fabric is noise-dampening material?

    Left: Fractal Design Define 7 Compact, Right: EVGA DG-75
    Length matters, when the d**k is tiny and the case is too big. (Desk, y'all, DESK.)

    Top/Right: EVGA DG-75, Bottom/Left: Fractal Design Define 7 Compact
    They're about the same height. Define 7 Compact has slightly more chonk (width), more CPU cooler clearance.
    Disassembly and Reassembly
    Double the ass...embly.
    Disassembly Process
    Graphics Card Hard Drive (No Pictures) Cable Connections Motherboard PSU + PSU Cables Water Break  

    EVGA DG-75 System Interior - Hihi

    Graphics Card Removal - Unscrewing PCIe Slots

    ASRock Radeon RX 5600 XT Challenger D OC Graphics Card

    Disconnecting (PITA) Cables
    Motherboard 24-pin and CPU 4+4-pin connectors are always a PITA to remove. The ones that came with my PSU, anyway.

    Motherboard Standoff Screw Removal
    'Chew recommends a magnetic screwdriver. Second pic had around an inch of space to maneuver, my hands are too big to fit in that sorta gap.

    Also attached: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X processor, Noctua NH-D15 CPU cooler, TEAMGROUP T-FORCE VULCAN Z 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 RAM, Inland Premium 512 GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD.
    Oh. I... seem to have left the wireless mouse dongle in the USB port.

    PSU Removal - Sliiide...

    EVGA SuperNOVA GA 650 W PSU + PITA Cables

    EVGA DG-75 Case - Barebones (Hehe, Nekkiiid)
    Didn't pack it up immediately, 'cos some hardware was still attached to EVGA DG-75 case parts/accessories (e.g. HDD mount, PSU mount). Lazy way to keep screws together, lol.

    Water Break - Stay hydrated!
    Reassembly Process
    Case PSU + PSU Cables (Hard Drive Rack) Cable Routing Motherboard Graphics Card PC POST + Startup 4-Hour Sleep 'Chew sleep. Not PC sleep. Desk Rearrangement  

    Fractal Design Define 7 Compact - On the Surgery Table!

    Opening the Case - Smooth Side Panel
    Thumbscrews, thumbscrews... Wait. There aren't any screws or handholds.

    Opening the Case - From the Top
    Straddling the case to get inside it.

    Opening the Case - POP!
    I popped it's cherry, huehuehue.

    Fractal Design Define 7 Compact - First Barebones Look
    Why hello there, you pretty lil' thing.

    PSU Installation - Prepping

    HDD Tray Cover - Thinking About Cable Routes
    *Stares at HDD rack and HDD rack covers in confusion.*
    *'Chew.exe is loading.*

    Oh! I should remove the HDD rack.

    HDD Rack Removal - From the Bottom
    Ooh, the dust filter slides in and out. HDD rack can also slide along the rails, flexible positioning.

    HDD Rack Removal - Nyoop!
    HDD rack trays must be removed before nyooping the HDD rack. There's not enough clearance, otherwise.

    HDD Rack + Case Accessories
    Accessories are packaged like candy. 10/10 would prefer over Halloween candy. Gimme alla screws. Wait, I mean--

    HDD Tray/Mount Comparison
    'Chew's first time installing into a HDD tray. Odd holes confused me for a bit, 'til I read the manual.
    Define 7 Compact also comes with noise-dampening marshmallows. (⊃゜▽゜)⊃━□□□

    PSU Installation
    Halfway through fiddling with the HDD rack, I forgot why I was playing around with it.
    Back on track... PSU. Install. Yes. 

    Cable Routing - I Feel a Migraine Coming On...
    Protip: Install the HDD rack before planning cable routes. 'Chew did not follow the protip. 😫
    On the bright side, front panel headers. Nifty lil' thingymajig came with my GIGABYTE motherboard. Plug the itty-bitty parts into their labelled slots in the nifty thingymajig, then plug the thingymajig into the motherboard's front panel header pins.

    Cable Routing - MIGRAINE
    You... do not want to know how long this took me.
    It took me a full two hours. 'Chew was being indecisive, FFS. 😫

    Motherboard Standoff Screws Installation
    Once again, 'Chew reeeaaally recommends a magnetic screwdriver.

    Define 7 Compact Progress - Interior
    Dooon't worry about the floppy USB-C cable, my motherboard doesn't support that feature ahahahahaha...

    Graphics Card Installation - THE FINAL SCREW

    Define 7 Compact Hardware Installation - Complete!

    POST + Startup
    Also, 2:30 AM, when I have to wake at 7 AM! #PoorLifeDecisions!

    Sleep Time

    Current Desk Setup
    Fast-forward past 30 min briefly cleaning up, 20 min shower + hair drying, 4 hour sleep, 20 min morning routine, 1 hour desk arrangement, and TA-DAAAH!
    I forgot to peel the thingy off.
    Post-Hardware Installation List (Windows OS)
    With the hardware part done, it’s software time! Or, er, it would be time for software, if this were a fresh build.
    Installation list included anyway, because it’d be handy for Future ‘Chew to have a clear-cut order of things. Based off JayzTwoCents’s Guide (YouTube) and personal preferences. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Windows 10 OS Installation Media (Offline) Disk Management (For SDDs/HDDs) Windows Updates (Online) Preferred Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Etc.) NVIDIA/AMD Graphics Driver Update Display Preferences/Monitor Settings RAM XMP Settings Motherboard Driver Updates (Chipset, Ethernet/Bluetooth, Sound Card, RGB Software, Etc.) Essential Software (7Zip, Java, LibreOffice, Malwarebytes, Notepad++, Etc.) Ninite Customizable Software Package Codec Pack (K-Lite Codec Pack, Media Player Codec Pack, Shark007's Codec Pack, Etc.) Additional Software (Discord, GIMP, Skype, Steam, VLC, Etc.) Ninite Customizable Software Package HWiNFO, CrystalDiskInfo, MSI Afterburner Folding@home Client and BOINC Manager  
    Closing Comments
    Thanks for reading through my sleep-deprived spiel, I hope it was somewhat entertaining? I certainly found it a lot of fun tearing down and putting back my system! Good learning experience, too; thought about things that I could've done to make the process more efficient, and also reminded me that I'm still a novice when it comes to PC building. The largest time investment in my case was cable management -- I could've just jammed all my cables in whatever gap there was, but OCD is terrible curse. 😆 Those long and grueling two hours paid off in the end, though, I think.
    Ow, the migraines are coming back, ow ow ow...
    I fully realize that my build is far from balanced. For $1,300, I wager others could draw up a significantly more powerful system. But note that I'm no OC'er, and I have very minimal interest in "min-maxing" my build's price-to-performance. It works perfectly well for my current use case, and I've yet to encounter any detrimental hardware issues.
    Though, I do plan to fit s'more things in my system. If or when I do, I'll post updates in this thread. 👍
    Once again, huuuge thankies for reading! 😁
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    DailyProcrastinator reacted to RollinLower in Phoenix, or the PC literally risen from ashes.   
    New motherboard arrived, and also, new PSU arrived!
    The PSU that was in there was perfectly fine, but to be honest the fact it didn't have 2 8-PIN EPS connectors bothered me a bit. This VRM really does work best with both connected. So i bit the bullet and just decided to swap it out for a Coolermaster V SFX 850 while i was already taking the entire thing apart for the motherboard swap.
    This PSU tough, it's a smoll boi. The Silverstone SFX-L was already tiny, but that basically still dwarfs this little guy. Eventough the silverstone was rated for 50Watts less.

    after a bit of cable management, and a whole lot of help from the SSD mount, it looks pretty tidy back there.

    With the new PSU in, the new board in, and finally everything working, this buildlog is now complete!
    There is still a lot of stuff i would like to add ofcourse. There is only a single SSD in the ASUS Hyper M.2 card below the 6900XT, and when (if?) in the far future GPU's become affordable again i would love to get another 6900XT in here. That's all definitely going to have to wait a bit tough. I would probbaly also need to upgrade the PSU again for something even more powerfull.
    Also, the 10Gig DAC turned out to be redundant, since this motherboard already hs 10Gig ethernet onboard! I really should have done some homework before all this.
    For now tough, here she stands. She already folded away her first WU's and i have to say she keeps remarkably cool with all the power under the hood.
    Here's some final beauty shots, and a bonus beofre/after shot tof my setup. I'd dare say it turned out pretty nice again!
     Thanks for reading along!


    And now!

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    DailyProcrastinator reacted to RollinLower in Phoenix, or the PC literally risen from ashes.   
    Watercooling happened! Well, it almost happened anyway.
    I finally got the package containing the last bits of watecooling stuff i needed, but i'm still missing some parts. They shipped everything except two extender fittings, which are actually crucial to this build. Welp. I did get a lot of other fittings tho.

    Anyway, onto the build!
    I started out flipping the bottom radiator, so the fittings would be positioned towards the front of the PC. I did this because these EK Torque fittings are massive, and they would actually end up colliding with the stuff i have in the PCIe slots.
    So, with the rad flipped, i also needed to rethink part of the loop. this means i also needed a lot less fittings than i originally planned. and the loop order is kinda flipped. so now the flow is backwards through both the waterblocks.  I know from experience that this doesn't really matter, but it's still somewhat of a shame i guess.
    So with the bottom rad flipped, i could cut and make the first tubing run. And boi, this gon be gud!

    The colours match nicely on the tubing and the nickel plating on the CPU block, and cutting the tubing turned out a lot easier than i expected. I eyeballed most measurements and it turned out pretty straight.
    1 tube in, on to the next one.

    looking good, again i just eyeballed this one. on to the next!

    This is where things get a little tricky. Remember those extender fittings i didn't get with my last package? I need those to extend de 90 degrees on the CPU block so they match up with both the tubes. i have the one in the top radiator in an offset rotary fitting, meaning i can change how far away from the CPU block it goes, and i put in a bit of straight tube in the other fitting on the res to see how far i should put it, if that makes any sense.
    I won't know if this is the final cut yet, since i really need those extender fittings to finish this loop, but i think it's pretty close.
    Sadly i forgot to take a picture of the second to last tube on it's own,  but you get the idea. It goes from the CPU block, where i again need one of those extender fittings, and into the res again.  This is also where i decided to make the last tube coming from the res into the bottom reservoir a bit more of a showpiece. I could have done some fitting work to make it go from the bottom of the res straight into the radiator, but i instead opted to use another bend coming from the bottom radiator all the way up to the top of the reservoir. Looks a lot better, right? 😉



    And there she is, so close to completion, but still so incredibly far aswell. The entire build just hinges on two little extender fittings.
    I'm still not 100% sure about the GPU cables. If i have them going over the tube they look kinda sloppy, but if i run them behind the tube there's not a lot of room to make a clean bend either. Maybe i should just use different cable combs to create 1 16-pin cable instead of 2 8-pins?
    also, lets not talk about how much i had to re-do that one run coming from the bottom rad into the reservoir.

    That's it for now, more updates as packages get delivered!
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    DailyProcrastinator reacted to RollinLower in Phoenix, or the PC literally risen from ashes.   
    First part of watercooling is done, tho I hit a few roadblocks on the way. 
    First off, i first planned to mount the pump/res on a 90 degree angle opposed to the fans on the side. This wouldn't work tough, as that would leave all the fittings way too far behind the motherboard tray. 
    So I instead mounted it on the included spacers, which still leaves space for the fans to function. 

    This ties in nicely to the next problem; mounting the top radiator.
    I managed to squeeze it in there with the normal 120mm fans I planned to use. This won't fit sadly. 

    Even tough it looks like it would work, I cannot get the fans aligned with the screw holes in this config. And it's also literally pressing on to the pump res combo. Not something you would want in a loop that's going to be going through a lot of heat cycles.

    I ordered new fans that will fix this problem, but untill then no top rad. 
    I also need a few more fittings to really get everything lined up. I knew this tough, but I needed the blocks and radiators in place before I could really know what else I needed. 
    So yeah, this is how she now stands. So close to completion, but somehow still so far aswell. Bonus points to whoever can figure out the planned loop with the fittings already in there!

    As always, expect updates when stuff gets delivered 😄
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    DailyProcrastinator reacted to RollinLower in Phoenix, or the PC literally risen from ashes.   
    Today the first piece of actual watercooling hardware arrived! (not counting the fittings).
    It's the waterblock for the 6900XT. sadly i was too excited when it arrived, so i have no pics of the installation process, but i do have some pics of it in the system!
    (there is some water inside it already because i flushed it with some demiwater. now it's clean and ready to go in the loop.)

    I'm not too sure about the backplate yet. it looked amazing on the stock air cooler, which is why i decided to keep it for the watercooled setup. But now that it's on, i don't quite know how i feel about it. it doesn't match the waterblock aestethic at all, but it is going to go nicely with the silver/black colour scheme.

    Somehow it also clears the waterblock perfectly, only just touching on the part at the end, creating a pretty seamless look.

    There is also some bad news tough. The motherboard i'm using for this build turned out to be DOA. i've got an RMA set up and there is a new board coming this way already, but still. it's kind of a bummer. The weird part is that it booted a few times when i had the 1950X in it, but now with the 2970WX it doesn't POST at all. i flashed the newest BIOS and everything. I know the CPU is good, because when i bought it the guy i bought it from showed it running in a system.
    That's it again for now, but next week lots of packages are scheduled for arrival. 😉
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    DailyProcrastinator reacted to RollinLower in Phoenix, or the PC literally risen from ashes.   
    Another day, another package at the doorstep!
    This time it's out with the 1950x, and in with the 2970wx!
    The 1950x runs fine, but in the process of lapping the heatspreader I also somehow lapped away one of the memory channels. Woops?
    Anyway, she's gotta go.

    Once out, I finally get to do my favorite photo again, but this time it's a two for one!
    Look at all those pads 😮

    And finally, the 24core 48thread monster goes in its new home, nice and snug.

    That's it again for now, but water-cooling is the next thing I need and it's gonna be a while for it to turn up.
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    DailyProcrastinator reacted to RollinLower in Phoenix, or the PC literally risen from ashes.   
    So I testfitted some of the main stuff today, tough sadly no radiators yet.
    She's definitely gonna be a looker!
    One thing I added was a super micro SFP card, which I connected over DAC with my switch. Is this necessary? Nope. Awesome? Yup!

    I've also got the GPU, and damn this things a beauty. Almost a shame I'm gonna have to take that air cooler off to make room for a waterblock.

    The lapped chip currently in there is just a placeholder for now. (1950X) but the 2970WX should arrive sometime next week! 
    For now that's all I got again sadly, tough in the coming week this build should start to pick up the pace. Water-cooling stuff is finalized, and orders have been placed.
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    DailyProcrastinator reacted to Mod83 in Rossi - Moto GP Build   
    Not so much progress today, still figuring out the loop and other ideas but here's some more shots of the build so far.

    The 10920X is installed and I will be using the CPU block from my Pastel DX build, the trim will be getting a new coat of paint. I'm toying with a vertical GPU mount, mainly to show off the lovely details of the MSI 2080 Super, it looks fantastic on the Alphacool block!.

    The X299-Deluxe II looks amazing in the Antec Torque, I am really tempted to custom paint the shrouds but if I end up using it for another build down the line, it's going to need another coat at some point to match a future design, we will sleep on this idea.

    Our RAM has been de-stickered, just to keep it nice and clean. With that installed and the CPU block, it's looking a lot brighter inside the case. You may notice I have also dropped the GPU down a slot to open it up, there is still so much room and with it all being black there's potential to paint the interior motherboard tray and a couple of other details too. Again, I won't be rushing into this, really want to make sure this turns out perfect!

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    DailyProcrastinator reacted to MPC in Luxury   
    Leather cover also for cabinet mounting cylinders.

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    DailyProcrastinator reacted to MPC in Luxury   
    Laser-worked  floral-themed radiator grilles.

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    DailyProcrastinator reacted to MPC in Luxury   
    Antec Striker wood series !

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    DailyProcrastinator reacted to MPC in Luxury   
    Cabinet Antec Striker covered with mahogany wood.

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    DailyProcrastinator reacted to MPC in Luxury   
    Here are also the custom cables made by Solid Strands. The care and precision of realization is maniacal with an addition of particularity in the power cord with real black braided nappa leather.

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    DailyProcrastinator reacted to MPC in Luxury   
    Here comes the material from Antec !

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    DailyProcrastinator reacted to MPC in Luxury   
    I am pleased to present the LUXURY project based on the Antec Striker cabinet where the main feature is the aesthetic charm and luxury given by different raw materials and manufacturing processes.
     It will be decorated with mahogany wood, first choice calfskin and alphabetic murrine of Murano.
    The combination of chrome products such as the RAM Trident Z Royal of G.Skill and the fittings of the Bitspower will be an optical contrast highlighting the beauty.
    The structure is all covered in mahogany wood with sides and front of the cabinet with padded leather and hand-sewn.
    A salient feature is to cover the liquid cooling pipes with sewn-on skin.
    The idea is to create something compact and beautiful to see that looks good on a desk or rather in the living room.
    Thanks the sponsors :