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    Spakes reacted to Metallus97 in F@H COVID-19 Event FAQ   
    Make sure you have read the entire post for the event and the general setup guides before you start here. Most advice and tutorials on how to do stuff is given or linked to in those posts.
    This FAQ is more for troubleshooting and questions that where asked multiple times.
    Anny suggestions or found errors in the FAQ? Please comment below or send me a message! 
    Thanks for your feedback and/or contribution: @GOTSpectrum, @Kaemmelot, @Gegger, @dsamg, @Favebook, @Koeshi , @mousesack1080, @Spotty, @gmouz, @RestlessRancor and @rkv_2401!
    I Installed F@H but it won’t start / F@H doesn’t start anymore?
    Slot is sitting on "Ready" / I get the error “WARNING:WUXX:FSXX:Failed to get assignment from xxxxx: No WUs available for this configuration”/ My slot is stuck at downloading?
    Slot is sitting on "Sending" / failing to send results
    Slot is sitting on "Failed"
    (GPU) slot sitting on "waiting for idle" 
    Where can I select to specifically fight against COVID-19?   
    Which projects are fighting against COVID-19? 
    I requested my passkey but didn’t get it for hours?
    Can I use my account+passkey on multiple systems?
    My web control doesn’t work/keeps refreshing?       
    My Viewer isn't working. Is my computer doing anything? 
    I have a high core count CPU (especially AMD) and my GPU performance gets tanked when I also fold on my CPU?     
    Is my hardware fast enough to reach the requirements for the event/ can I be competitive?
    I get the error “Bad State detected... attempting to resume from last good checkpoint. Is your system overclocked?” or “Following exception occurred: Particle coordinate is nan”?
    Can I fold on GPU and CPU at the same time?     
    What’s my F@H name that I need to input into the google form?
    Where can I make sure that I am properly signed up?              
    I have been folding for another team previously. Can I still join LTT and participate in the event?
    My PPD seems low compared to other guys with the same hardware?
    I have completed a work unit, but my score doesn’t go up?
    My score and username isn’t displayed in the web UI?
    Official F@H stats page is not loading/producing errors?
    Is there a way to go hard on the gpu and medium on the cpu?
    Why do I only have 0-1% usage on my GPU in taksmanager?
    I want to stop contributing to Folding@home. What do I do now?
    What's the difference between Timeout and Expiration / Why is my expected credit and PPD ticking down when I need longer for a WU?
    Connected to the  question Above: Can I reduce downtime by predownloading work units?
    I get Error: :Receive error: 10053: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.?
    I should have almost x points base on the FAHControl log but on the stats page it say only <x?
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    Spakes reacted to fabafaba in Help with new pc not posting   
    Most boards won't post without graphics, and the 3600 doesn't have internal graphics. Throw the card in there and see if you get a boot.
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    Spakes reacted to Founders in Laptop - screen works only at certain angles   
    It’s most likely either the cable or the LCD panel, both of which are easily replaceable. Replace the cable first, if you still have the same issue replace the panel. 
    I would also consider tested your laptop with a monitor to make sure it’s not the GPU, if that checks out it’s likely one or both of the things I mentioned above.
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    Spakes reacted to StoneyMahoney in Ice Bucket: AIO vs Heat Exchanger   
    During the Jayztwocents vs Gamers Nexus OC battle, I was confused as to why the contestants used submerged radiators rather than actual liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers. So I thought I'd get one and try it.

    This is a plate heat exchanger I got as a refurbished spare for a domestic hot water heater for £10 (GBP). It's rated heat transfer is 2.5k when being used to heat water in that application, so I needed to test whether it would work well enough given the much smaller temperature delta between ice water and a PC water cooling loop. If I was patient enough to do this properly I would have tapped G1/4 threads into the ports, but couldn't get access to a pillar drill to do it and fluffed it up a little trying to do it manually. So those barbs are just super-glued into place.

    With some cheap-ass chinese watercooling parts and semi-decent fittings to build my test unit with, this is the result just before I fired it up. The hot and cold loops counter-flow in opposite directions through the heat exchanger for optimum efficiency, that blue thing you can see in the background is a coolbox full of ice water - as I had that available, I also tested a Cooler Master Seidon v3 240mm AIO I had laying around to see how it compared. The AIO was deployed as-is, with all the dust cleaned out of it, the radiator submerged and finally with an additional pump (borrowed from the heat exchanger) to circulate the water around the coolbox. The CPU block attached to the heat exchanger hot loop is also a cheap chinese thing, it does have some 1mm channels cut into the cold plate running between the two ports, but it's still primitive AF.

    The test bench has a delidded, LM'd, Devil's Canyon i5-4690K running at 1.35v and 4.5GHz, 1.85v Vrin. Moderate LLC settings have been applied. The test load is Prime95 v29.8b6 Small FFTs FMA3, measurements are CPU Package temperature measures from HWiNFO64. Reported CPU Package Power consumption during the tests is ~180W.

    AIO - Dusty: 36C Idle, 98C Load
    AIO - Clean: 35C Idle, 94C Load
    AIO - Ice, static: 15C Idle, 75C Load
    AIO - Ice, flow: 12C Idle, 65C Load
    Heat Exchanger: 10C Idle, 57C Load
    So yeah, worked pretty well. Concept proved (like it needed it.) Would be interested to see how it stacks up against larger radiators but I don't have any lying around I can use. Never mind.
    It needs some improvements. The heat exchanger itself has some kind of residue inside it that seems to be burnt into place, I've tried to clean it out chemically to no avail and a fair amount of flakey bits broke off into both loops during these tests. The connection to the heat exchanger itself leaks in a few places and the water block was crap, but my main idea is to add some temperature sensors to the two loops, along with atmospheric temperature and humidity sensors, allowing a controller to calculate the dew point and adjust the flow rate through the cold loop to maintain the hot-side of the loop condensation-free as a safety feature, not to mention self-detecting fire-and-forget smart ice-bucket cooling that runs just above the dew point sounds like a cool idea.

    Condensation built up on cold loop, the heat exchanger and the hot loop reservoir very quickly, but not so quickly on the hot loop tubing and the water block - lots of wiping it off though, had to remove the fan I placed on the RAM (blood was indeed shed to bring you these results.)

    Soggy CPU socket, but it survived a few hours of HWBOT runs after these tests no problem - can't waste 6Kg of ice now, can I?

    Pay no attention to the thermal paste spread, thermals were fairly even across the cores in use, the lop-sided remnants here are from where I had to man-handle the block to get the suction to release. Also please ignore the rough edges, I had to dremel the AMD bits of the bracket off to get it to fit. But do pay attention to the condensation that built up on the underside of the block.
    So yeah, hopefully you actually get to see the images here, as opposed to when I tried to post this on Reddit and it's .jpg processing immediately broke. Suck it, /r/overclocking! Hey Alex and Linux, next crazy cooling experiment, perhaps?
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    Spakes reacted to Jarsky in Double RJ-45 from one RJ-45?   
    You can only use a splitter if you only want 100Mbit to each device. 100Mbit only uses 4-wires (2 twisted pairs) in the 8-wire ethernet cable - while Gigabit uses all 8 (4 twisted pairs) wires.
    As above you'll need a switch.
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    Spakes reacted to ShrimpBrime in Can't access UEFI DUALBIOS after turning secure boot on   
    Its an oldy!!! 
    So you said you cleared cmos, you didnt happen to leave the jumper in the clear position did you? (Gotta ask, Ive done it a few times lol)
    If not, try this.
    Power off. 
    One stick of ram 1st slot. 
    Power off switch PSU
    Put clear cmos jump in clear position
    Remove the battery. 
    Let it sit for 1/2 hour to a full hour.
    Install battery, remove cmos jumper and try a post with just the one stick.
    Typically on a dual bios, if the first fails to post, the second bios will post with the stock bios. This bios cannot be flashed. So it may be possible you are running a cpu that was released after the factory bios.
    That is all for now.
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    Spakes reacted to Mira Yurizaki in Will my monitor bottleneck my build?   
    Unless you're using VSync, no.
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    Spakes got a reaction from Nicnac in Crucial BX500 1TB any good? (SATA)   
    They die all of a sudden (which is way too unexpecting for an SSD from a reputable brand), and their Blue line up with 3D NAND? Doesn't even reach its stated resource before dying. WD greens are ain't that bad, but they die suddently, too... Can't say anything about blacks, though... Source: https://3dnews.ru/938764/page-3.html#Western%20Digital%20Blue%20SSD
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    Spakes got a reaction from Nicnac in Crucial BX500 1TB any good? (SATA)   
    Whatever you do, stay away from WD SSDs... Unlike their HDDs, those are terrible af... Better go for 860 evo.
    It does impact loading times and how much free RAM you have (since DRAM-less SSDs use PC RAM for cache purposes).
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    Spakes reacted to Gunn in Im looking to make my laptop run cooler   
    I just got 330 cb on -125 on core and -100 on cache
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    Spakes reacted to Juular in Power supply   
    @Metallus97@Spakes Judging by 'made by Seasonic' on the label and overall look of it, this is most likely a rebranded Seasonic S12G which is already on tier B. And 450W are enough for almost any gaming build out there, definitely are for this config.
    It's good, OP.
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    Spakes got a reaction from Zando Bob in Crucial BX500 1TB any good? (SATA)   
    They die all of a sudden (which is way too unexpecting for an SSD from a reputable brand), and their Blue line up with 3D NAND? Doesn't even reach its stated resource before dying. WD greens are ain't that bad, but they die suddently, too... Can't say anything about blacks, though... Source: https://3dnews.ru/938764/page-3.html#Western%20Digital%20Blue%20SSD
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    Spakes reacted to Metallus97 in Power supply   
    May cause failure earlier than a good unit. Idd get a decent PSU to have more and a better time with your shiny new HW
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    Spakes reacted to Metallus97 in Power supply   
    Its hard limit but ok.Idd recommend getting a B tier unit form our list and be much much saver
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    Spakes reacted to Zando Bob in Crucial BX500 1TB any good? (SATA)   
    Or a Crucial MX500 which performs about the same but is often cheaper. Same as the MX300 vs the 850 Evo (both of which I've had, same as the MX500 and 860 Evo). 

    Also what's so bad about WD SSDs? My WD Black NVMe was excellent, my WD Blue SATA M.2 has given me 0 issues. 
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    Spakes reacted to Bombastinator in Smartglasses information wanted   
    There’s more than one kind.  Mostly they’re some sort of video monitor that connects to another computer be it a phone or whatever.  What they can display also varies a lot.
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    Spakes reacted to Arrogath in Advice needed on upgrade of Blender machine   
    I've heard a lot of different year commitments to AM4 thrown around, the last one I heard was 2022 but it's just a promise not a certainty. At the very least I expect two more significant upgrades compatible with the current platform. After that AMD will probably want to have the freedom to design from a clean slate.
    edit: and since this is the first use of PCI-e 4 I doubt there will be much worthwhile movement in PCI-e interface technology in the next couple years or more.
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    Spakes got a reaction from Envit0 in sell 2060 or wait for now? [SOLVED]   
    Come on, userbench? Really? And no, not really. They trade some blows, but that's basically it.
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    Spakes got a reaction from Envit0 in sell 2060 or wait for now? [SOLVED]   
    You'll better end up upgrading your CPU to something like R7 2700.
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    Spakes got a reaction from NewMaxx in Comparison SSDs SpreadSheet by Gabriel Ferraz Rev 1.0 (01-28-2020)   
    https://3dnews.ru/938764/page-3.html Those mad lads over 3DNews (russian tech news site) are doing a really nice work of finding out how much data can certain models of SSDs write. Most of info should be understandable with basic Google Translation, but if you'll experience any problems, feel free to PM me, I'll answer as soon as possible.
    Also if possible, I would love to do russian translation of this spreadsheet, I can give you my GMail in PM, if needed.
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    Spakes got a reaction from idwxyz in Advice needed on upgrade of Blender machine   
    Actually, you could go for Ryzen 3700 build for around 2k, I guess.
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    Spakes got a reaction from idwxyz in Advice needed on upgrade of Blender machine   
    But the main question is: Are you satisfied with speeds your current rig allows you to do your job with? Are you making money of it? If answers are "Yes and No", then no need for upgrade. Same with "No and No".
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    Spakes got a reaction from Nicnac in Crucial BX500 1TB any good? (SATA)   
    Well, for starters, what is your budget? Also, BX500 has nice NAND chips, but it's cacheless, which is not good...
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    Spakes got a reaction from Bombastinator in Smartglasses information wanted   
    Every electronic device is a computer of some sort, with its own CPU, RAM and EEPROM. Smart glasses like "Google Glass" aren't exception. Question is what kind of hardware is there: arduino-like or something like Raspberry Pi Zero? That determines most of functionality of glasses.
    Again, depends on model of aformentioned glasses. Mostly those can carry only messages. Though, there are rare exceptions like Google glass. We are not considering Windows Mixed Reality Headsets, that's worth mentioning, those are another level of wearable tech.
    You can test it with your phone. See, how small of a text you can read without any problem while having your phone close to your eyes. Add to that result 1-2 points and you'll most probably get something that you can read effortlessly. Which brings us to pdf files... Even if system could read those (like e-readers), you'll have hard time reading those unless you have a big enough screen with decent resolution. So, if you want something like that in smart glasses, fb2 to the rescue.
    Depends on what you want to have on different sides of your screen. If video from something like youtube and, say, maps, I'd say it's doable, but pointless since you'll have hard time getting info from any of those windows.
    Depends on whether your device supports BT 5.0, which, if I'm not mistaken, is a requirement for multiconnectivity support. May be wrong, though. It all depends on what types of devices you're trying to connect. Maybe simultaneous keyboard + mouse connection over BT might work.
    If by "budget" you mean something like 400+ $US, then Raspberry Pi Zero or something similar, special lenses and projectors that are going to be bulky af, most probably. Though, don't quote me on bulky side of things.
    Well, unless you can add SD card expansion support to your SoC and drivers (if it isn't present, which would require rewriting firmware and drivers), codec support on OS level, there is almost no way you can modify current SoCs to have those. But that's rare, usually those little PCs like Raspberry Pi already have MicroSD slot, so that you could use your SD card as both storage for files AND boot drive with OS on it.
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    Spakes reacted to Gunn in Im looking to make my laptop run cooler   
    the cinebench score was before at 220 cb now its at 306 cb