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  1. Those look like normal full load stock cooler/stock TIM temps to me. I think you should be able to bump the fan speed higher from BIOS or with software if the motherboard manufacturer had one. Recently I changed the TIM I used between my CPU and the CPU waterblock and my temps dropped almost 15 degrees at full load. The stock TIM intel uses in their stock coolers is pretty terrible. Also if you've had the stock cooler installed since you bought it new then its possible the TIM has started to deteriorate.
  2. In my experience Thermaltake cases are built badly, the metals are flimsy and the plastics feel and look cheap. I've never really used their coolers since there are other proven good options in their price range. If the only thing you care about is looks, then I guess Thermaltake is worth considering. EDIT: https://play3r.net/reviews/cases/thermaltake-view-31-rgb-edition-case-review/ Woow, the materials look horrible. Isn't this is supposed to be a $130 case?
  3. You could try install any linux distro on it and make kodi run on startup, but I would just buy a Raspberry Pi 2/3 and use that instead.
  4. Get a high quality extension cord that is rated for high load devices like heaters and power tools.
  5. It depends. I've had PSUs fail and everything else is fine and PSUs that fail and fry the entire system.
  6. PUBG is an Unreal Engine 4 game. The game is still pretty badly optimized and what you're getting is pretty normal from what I've seen.
  7. I'm pretty sure its been done already. The issue is that a GPU cooler cools more than just the chip itself and slapping a big tower on would actually yield worse results for the VRM etc. Currently the GPU cooler implementations of most after market GPUs are already efficient enough to cool the card overclocked.
  8. If you're not gonna overclock you could save cash by getting the i7-8700 and a cheaper motherboard.
  9. 2560x1440 or WQHD is not the same as 2K. 2K is 2048x1080. But back on topic! I've heard very good things about the Acer Predator XB271HU and the Asus PG278QR. Those are a bit pricey though, but about the best you can get.
  10. In a perfect world yes, but gaming benchmarks have shown that the difference between an i5 and an i7 is marginal at best when all else is equal. My point was that a similarly clocked 4-core Coffee Lake or even Kaby Lake would perform quite a bit better than the old Ivy Bridge CPUs.
  11. As far as I know you can run a maximum of 4 monitors on any single Nvidia GPU. If the motherboard/CPU has an integrated GPU you could probably plug one or two of the monitors into that and the rest on the GTX 1050.
  12. Its not necessarily about games using more than 4 cores but the 3570K is sadly just falling behind on IPC compared to the current and even last gen CPUs. If I was certain I would upgrade my CPU, RAM and Mobo within the next year I would buy a GTX 1080 (or ti). The 1080 is gonna be a massive upgrade compared to your current GPU anyways, but you should be prepared for some CPU bottlenecking. Not all bottlenecking is terrible though, might lose some FPS in some games, but prolly still gonna be near or over the 100fps mark in most.
  13. Not every chip will run those clocks. I gotta pump 1.35v+ on mine to get stable 4.5, but 4.4 will run stable at 1.2v
  14. Some games run better than others. I've certainly run into a few games where my 3570K@4.4GHz is bottlenecking my GTX 980 (OC'd). In the video his GPU is only running at ~60% utilization which is a waste of performance IMO.
  15. This might be a good idea if you're sure that you can buy a new CPU, RAM and Mobo in the near future. The GTX 1080 is gonna be a massive upgrade compared to the GTX 780 even with your current CPU.