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  1. Okay, thank you. And for these you want me to write the disks instance path?
  2. Great, thank you for suggesting. Should I just put line Ubuntu 18.04? Also, what would be the commands to run?
  3. Oh, I see what you are suggesting. Boot off of a linux USB and then clone the disks through a linux program?
  4. Okay, I see. Since I'm not in Linux, I've tried iDrive but they say that my new SSD is 0.001 GB smaller so it cannot copy. However, funny enough, Windows says that my SSD is 1 GB bigger.
  5. What do you mean by dd? Also, it appears that clone zilla doesn't support Windows server 2016.
  6. The HDD boot order is as shown, where it is reading it as a C:// drive and the other ports (see the 1st image). From that, I can only change around that order. Also, I did use UEFI and enabled the boot which let me into the ISO; however, this is the error:
  7. Hello, I am looking to upgrade my 2 TB HDD to a new 2TB SSD transferring over my data. I currently have my C:// and system on the 2 TB HDD and created a System Image Recovery backup on my 2 TB SSD. Since my OS is the Windows Server 2016, I have a few options to help me w/ this transfer. Since I'd like it to be a bare metal/carbon copy clone, I sought out Windows way of transferring the data. However, upon using Rufus to create my bootable ISO I was told that my HDD was created in BIOS mode and the ISO is in EFI, thus making it incompatible. I then re-created my Rufus ISO as BI
  8. Gotcha, this is what I had figured. Thank you!
  9. Performance changes by a little bit, and ram usage is only ~ 16%.
  10. Hello, I am currently running Optifine with SEUS Shaders, and noticed that my GPU usage was around 40%. Subsequently, I am getting about 30-40 frames and nothing more. I checked my CPU usage and it was around 40% as well, so I figure it couldn't have been a bottleneck there. Is there a way that I can increase my frame or allow my GPU to be fully used? I am playing on 1440p, and made sure to launch the game w/ those settings. Thank you
  11. I've ran this command on each of my drives, yet still appeared to have the BSoD. Upon waking up the computer or booting it up.
  12. I ended up buying some Corsair Vengeance 16 gb 3200 Mhz ram. I was running on zero BSoDs up until a few seconds ago, when I had received the "Unexpected Store Exception".
  13. EDIT: Computer just black screened for the first time. Midst some work on my computer, it had shut down and power cycled. However, none of my components (through a clear case) stopped moving. I.e CPU fan still running, mobo ram lights still on and rgb, storage led indicator still on.
  14. Yeah, I have. By switching in ram from another computer I was able to clock it at 3000Mhz and when I put back in my old ram it's running them at the clocked speed. However, just a few seconds ago I got a Blue Screen from booting up my computer. As a reminder, my blue screens usually occur on a boot up from sleep or shutdown. Do you think that's a ram issue or a motherboard issue? Or is it a hard drive issue?