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    sazrocks reacted to Spotty in China’s Inner Mongolia Declares War on Crypto Mining   
    Did you just copy and paste the entire news article? Don't do that. Someone took the time to write that and they make money by people visiting their site to read their articles.
    From the Tech News Posting Guidelines:
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    sazrocks reacted to TVwazhere in Mid-week Madness Folding Sprint   
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    sazrocks reacted to FakeKGB in Mid-week Madness Folding Sprint   
    I'm in!
    Never mind the fact that I'm down 1 GPU, but my GTX 650 Ti BOOSTs will go nonstop.
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    sazrocks reacted to UpTheDons in Mid-week Madness Folding Sprint   
    Signed up!!
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    sazrocks reacted to Haro in Mid-week Madness Folding Sprint   
    Much excite! 
    Signed up! 
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    sazrocks reacted to Meganter in Mid-week Madness Folding Sprint   
    Signed up ! 
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    sazrocks reacted to GOTSpectrum in Mid-week Madness Folding Sprint   
    Mid-week Madness Folding Sprint
    Event Starts March 29th (00:00 GMT)
    Ends April 2nd (23:59 GMT)
    Sign up for the event here:
    This event will not be eligible for F@H event badges.
    Please follow this thread to keep up to date!
    Please read the whole of this post before asking any questions and use the links provided at the end for help and support!
    Minimum Participation Requirements For Prizes
    5 Days Activity
    (*activity is defined as completing at least 1WU for the 24 hour period)
    I have decided to do something different for the requirements for this event; everyone will be eligible for prizes as long as you fold at least one work unit for every day of the event.
    Community donated prizes:
    Details of the prizes to be released soon. Expect game keys and a single currency steam voucher.
    Folding@home is a network of volunteer computers distributed around the world that aims to perform biomedical research with the single intent of helping to further understand and develop cures for a range of diseases such as; Alzheimer's, cancer, and Parkinson's. The exact research that is done is simulating the 'folding' of proteins in the body, this is important because the function of a protein is directly related to its physical shape. And this, when the protein is created in the body it needs to reshuffle its shape to get into the correct structure to perform its task. Many illnesses can be linked to faulty proteins in the body such as many cancers and neurological issues, along with a wide number of other general health concerns. 
    If you are wondering what exactly has been done with all this computing power then you can check out the papers written by the scientists and researchers that use the folding network, I will warn you though many of them are very in depth reads and in turn this means they are often fairly technical.
    PASSKEYS! (they're really important)
    Don't forget to get yourself a passkey from the link below to ensure that you hit the points requirement, the passkey is a feature that was added a while ago to the Folding Client that helps to authenticate each user on the network, an added bonus of this is the fact that it allows you to qualify for QRB(Quick Return Bonus) Points, QRBs are extra points you earn for submitting work units more quickly, such as if you have faster hardware or let the client fold full time, rather than on idle. QRB credit is awarded after 10 WUs have been submitted. You can get your passkey from the link below.
    COVID-19 still remains a massive priority for Folding@Home, we are here to continue to unite with the legion of other folders from around the globe who have taken up the fight against COVID-19.
    Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common across the world.  These viruses can cause mild symptoms ranging from a fever and cough to more serious conditions such as severe pneumonia, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. 
    In December 2019, a new strain of coronavirus (Sars-Cov-2) was first identified in Wuhan City, China.  This virus has now spread to affect practically every human population on the planet. It is the largest health crisis seen in 100 years and a massive global concerted effort has been launched to find a cure, a vaccine or even the simplest form of treatment. And that is where folding@home comes in, partnered with The Covid Moonshot team; the folding network is being used to find existing drugs that could prove to be an effective treatment for the virus. 
    This is just a PSA for the new guys here, the folding team is a small close knit community, so here's a few things I'd like you all to keep in mind. It doesn't hurt to say thank you, if someone has genuinely helped you out don't forget to drop a reaction on their posts, help others where ever you can and finally we are a team first and always. 
    Check your stats out here! Bare in mind it can take some time for your first WUs to appear so leave it a day or two.
    Please follow the guides below to help with set-up and troubleshooting. These are mostly older guides but are still quite useful for most things.
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    sazrocks reacted to leadeater in The new Intel Core i7 11700K is being sold already in Germany and Denmark, list price of the 11900K leaked   
    Zen 3 isn't on a different node, Zen 2 and Zen 3 are on the same TSMC 7nm node.
    Ryzen is exclusively product naming btw, if you're talking about microarchitectures it's Zen (Product = longer name, architecture = shorter name). 
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    sazrocks reacted to RollinLower in Folding Community Board   
    add another 6900XT to the fold, i finally have my main rig back online!

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    sazrocks reacted to marknd59 in Folding Community Board   
    New power supply installed system is up running OK so looks like no other damage done. Back to folding full power.
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    sazrocks reacted to LAwLz in Gaming Performance Tested On 'Worn Out' RTX 2080 Ti Mining Card   
    And it's some unknown YouTube that might as well be lying to get views. 
    But yeah... A cards cooling getting slightly worn out and therefore not boosting as high isn't exactly big news. 
    You might actually experience the same performance drop from just the cooling getting clogged with dust. 
    I don't really think mining on the cards will cause any special performance drop you wouldn't see from let's say a card used for gaming. 
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    sazrocks reacted to Levent in Gaming Performance Tested On 'Worn Out' RTX 2080 Ti Mining Card   
    And that alone invalidates that claim, not even worth clicking.
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    sazrocks reacted to Oshino Shinobu in New Illinois Bill Could Ban Violent Video Games Containing 'Psychological Harm' or 'Carjacking'   
    Fictional violence with no real world consequences, proven by multiple studies? How awful, think of the children.
    In game gambling via chance systems designed to take advantage of young people that have caused real financial harm to families? A-OK.
  15. Funny
    sazrocks reacted to Spotty in New Illinois Bill Could Ban Violent Video Games Containing 'Psychological Harm' or 'Carjacking'   
    GTA VI: All vehicles are unoccupied self driving cars. Problem solved.
    10 years later in Chicago - "Wait, why are all our self driving cars being stolen?"
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    sazrocks reacted to Eigenvektor in Why the Perseverance Rover computer is so "outdated"   
    The rover mostly just has to collect data. All of the heavy processing will happen on Earth.
    And yeah, it does have different requirements:
    Be as reliable as possible Use as little power as possible Be resistant to space, radiation etc. Using bleeding edge technology is no good if you need something that is ultra reliable, because you haven't had decades to fix all the kinks. And smaller process nodes are much more susceptible to stuff like radiation and high energy particles. You don't have a magnetic shield on Mars like you do on Earth.
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    sazrocks reacted to LazyDev in Folding Community Board   
    Crypto boom isn't helping I bet
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    sazrocks reacted to Moonzy in Audible controversy (Amazon how could you?!!)   
    -happiness noises-
    It still took me quite a while to get it, so you might wanna add more context to your post
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    sazrocks reacted to Moonzy in Audible controversy (Amazon how could you?!!)   
    I'm assuming money from the sales generated
    And the author have to cover the refund in full if there's one requested
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    sazrocks reacted to minibois in Audible controversy (Amazon how could you?!!)   
    I feel like i am missing a whole bunch of context.
    40% what? 25% what?
    Why should I boycott Audible based on these numbers?
    "He is not the only one"
    Who is 'he'?
    EDIT: keep in mind the topic has been majorly edited. At the time of posting it was only the summary, a quote saying "He is not the only one" and the link to a YouTube video
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    sazrocks reacted to GOTSpectrum in Folding Community Board   
    Sorry I've not been around guys. 
    Y'know how it goes, life happens!
    How are you all getting on? Still folding? I hope so.
    I fold on my hardware when I can but streaming is really putting a dent in my output some days when I forget to unpause. RIP me! 
    We have left over prizes from folding month, so... I've been thinking about trying a mid-week sprint in the coming month, a five day event, mon-fri. Sound like something you guys would be interested in?
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    sazrocks reacted to suicidalfranco in Google is Discontinuing Unlimited Storage for All Education Customers   
    Ah yes, the good ol' bait and switch
    Never fails
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    sazrocks reacted to porina in NVIDIA releases CMP lineup and reduces hashing rates on GeForce cards   
    That's a very interesting strategy. My first thought was simply, you can get around it by rolling back to older drivers? If they're just applying this to 3060, which hasn't launched yet, I guess that is possible, but this wouldn't work for existing released models. This assumes there is no "wild" 3060 driver. If press has release driver, is that baked in also?
    There's also another concern about this approach. I'm not a fan in principle of crippling. I get the reasons why in this case, but could there be unintended effects for people who use GPU for compute but not mining? What if it interferes with your video editing performance for example? Or folding@home? They have to make it targeted enough towards Eth mining so that it can't be worked around by changing the mining code, but not so wide other uses are impacted also. Unless nvidia wants to make the 3060 strictly only a gaming GPU.
    It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.
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    sazrocks reacted to Tristerin in NVIDIA releases CMP lineup and reduces hashing rates on GeForce cards   
    Incoming Chinese drivers to circumvent in t-minus 3...2...
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    sazrocks reacted to Blue4130 in My friend is DDOS atacking me   
    Faking a police call is a great way to get YOU in trouble, not them.