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  1. I talked to him first but he ended up being a huge ripoff on shipping and he wanted double the miney for a core charge so id have to deal with shipping the rotted part back. I could of got an pattern oem part for about a 3rd of the cost but still opted to get a factory original while there still available. The orinal rubber one lasted 25 years. I put poly bushings(suspension)on my other celica and they kinda suck for a car that is stored outside and sees all 4 seasons of canaidian climate. They bind or get noisy and require a fair amount of maintence and i wouldnt
  2. Finally put some rubber on the blue te37s. They seem smaller than the white 16s i took off dispite being actually a inch bigger. Also it never suprises me how expensive parts are for this car. Had a clunk in the rear drivetrain. Took a look underneath and quickly found the culprit to be the diff mount bushing. 300$ for a ring of rubber. At least it was easy to change and fairly quick.
  3. any other options? its saying invalid drive size when I try and run it. I downloaded recoverit and its seeing all the files but it only lets you reover 100mb for free and all the files are almost a gig each
  4. Car got hit and ran and the micro sd card from the dash cam is giving me a "directory invalid" error when I insert it into the computer. Tried going into memory management and enabling simple volume on the drive but nothing happens. Any good free programs that can read this thing?
  5. Got all the parts to build a spare PC lying around except a case. Whats the best bang for the buck under 100$ available in canada? Was looking at the corsair spec delta but it needs a MB with ARGB control for the LED fans. MB is older and doesnt have it and buying a seperate RGB controller pushes the cost up to more than I want to spend.
  6. looking at upgrading my haswell system reusing some parts and building a second rig from the scraps for a HTPC. Currently I have a 4790K with 2X 2TB Sata SSDs (one of which has windows installed) Now when I upgrade it will be new processor,MB,Memory, AND a m.2 nvme that I want to have the windows install on. Now I want to just keep the 2 sata SSD(formatted) with the new build and just buy a cheap SSD to hold windows for the scrap build. What happens with my window licenses if I build the comps this way? Can I get away with just buying one more k
  7. My new baby. I've always wanted one. I originally would of got a smaller one but this one is has such an amazing personality I had to get him. Lets you pet him and is already taking food from my hand.
  8. Couple new pets to live with me for the next 20 years
  9. The person I bought the tank from ended up calling me back and asked if I wanted to take some of the fish that where in the tank previously. They where getting picked on too much by his other fish so I ended up rescuing them. Ended up with a gold nugget pleco, 2 border loaches, 2 gouramis, and an albino bristlenose pleco. There was a 3rd much smaller loach that we couldn't catch so we gave up on him. As for other fish I'm trying to track down some more loaches to try and get a bigger group of them. Next fish will be a pictus catfish and then a probably a couple
  10. Filled up my 90g tank time to move onto to the new 150g.
  11. Considering I had the suspension before I had the car I can finally say I got it installed. Hoping it will settle another little bit but I'm happy with it. Koni Yellows, Eibach Sportlines, GT500 strut mounts, GT500 allum Rear control arms, Aluminum Adjustable Pan Hard Bar /cry
  12. Those are crazy the prices you americans are paying for JDM cars. I imported a bunch 6-10 years ago when all the cars where hitting the canadian 15 year old import rule. My First JDM i picked up was a ST185 A-spec and paid 7500cad. Then I bought two ST205s. A bone stock white 95 with 70k KM and my modified 94 black WRC with 61k(which i have now wracked up to 141k). Stock one was 6800 and the black was 7500. Picked up a bone stock 74k 92 mr2 t-top for 3400. Got another MR2 that only had 25k on it for 5500. 95 Evo III (rip) was 5800. 95 STI RA for 6300. Although I did import these all