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  1. Just tried using that on my iPhone. It works surprisingly well. I've got an Nvidia Shield TV box, with a controller, as well, which I'll install it on, and try. The thing is, how would I connect my wheel and pedals by USB?
  2. It will allow you to run the three monitors just fine, yes. But won't provide you decent frame rate in games, I'm afraid.
  3. Well, it would. But what do you mean by "run"? Just run the monitors (display an image), or run games? If it's the latter, I'd upgrade to something faster.
  4. Hi all, Sorry if this isn't the right category, but I'm assembling a Sim-Racing rig, and I plan on playing in my room, mostly, where my computer is. This is fine, but, I would also like to play in the lounge, where I have a 4K TV, when I have guests over, or to play with my dad. This is a problem, as I don't have my PC in the lounge, and carrying it and plugging it every time I want to play in the lounge is not ideal, as it would be time consuming, and my PC is custom water cooled, which makes it quite heavy. I was wondering if there was some sort of solution (cable, hu
  5. It doesn't allow me to change the permissions that way. Is it because the parent dataset does not have 'others'?
  6. Hi all, I am playing around with FreeNAS. Can anyone tell me how I set up an SMB share that does not require a password to access? I will use it for MDT, when deploying Windows 10 via the network. MDT would map the drive, and I would find software installers that I could not deploy with MDT. This is just for personal use at home, and the share will only store a few installers, and that's why I'm not bothering with a password. Also, any idea why one of my otdher storage pools status is set to 'UNKNOWN'? I've been using it for ages, including today, and when I added a 10GB drive to t
  7. Yes, your network is Gigabit, and therefore, if you're transfering files at full Gigabit speed (125 MBps), and downloading something with a 500-700Mbps connection, it would bottleneck.
  8. Thanks a lot for this info, and for taking the time to research. I'm impressed with your searching skills, as I have not found anything good yet. Intel 10th gen laptops are not that new, and I would think that there is already support for them. I had seen videos about my model, the XPS 13 7390 Developer Edition, on YouTube, and I haven't seen anyone with the same issue, yet, I do, and to make it even more bizarre, this is the second one I own with screen issues...I have emailed Dell, and I am very tempted to have them send me another one, or even try to get upgraded to something better, as it
  9. I have tried reinstalling Ubuntu using the Dell recovery tool, and tried booting with 'nomodeset' on, and there is no distortion, however, I can notice a subtle flicker which is terrible on the eyes. So far, my experience with the XPS 13 has been quite crap. The first one I purchased had a similar issue with the screen, but it was definitely a hardware issue, which was probably a bad display cable, but this one has to be a software issue. Given that the two laptops I had from them had a similar issue, I highly doubt I'm this unlucky, and I'm just starting to think their reliability and quality
  10. I tried Clear Linux, didn't work. I'm running out of things to test, and I'm waiting to hear from Dell on a very long email that I wrote them, about this.
  11. I just did the .conf file. It actually got worse. Now, my screen is grey-ish. It's blank with tiny black dots all over, making it look grey. No luck...
  12. using nomodeset, it just sits with the Dell logo on the middle of the screen, and stays like that.
  13. Sorry for the delay. It turns out it's not just the graphics that don't work properly, but the OS as well. My icons in the taskbar keep flashing and are displayed in other parts of the taskbar as well, and it wouldn't register clicks in certain check boxes and typing boxes. Really annoying. This is the best I can describe it, and it took me a very very long time to just connect to the hidden SSID at work. I finally did, and did the series of commands you quoted. It has not fixed either of the issues. Should I try the conf file?
  14. I did add this when I had Ubuntu 19.10. It actually made it worse. Here's what I'll do: I'll install Manjaro and add the conf file, and report back. Thanks for this.
  15. Just tried Manjaro KDE live, and unfortunately, I still get the screen distortion. This is sad...
  16. Hi all, I have purchased an XPS 13 Dev edition, with a 10th gen Intel Core i7 CPU. It comes with Ubuntu 18.04. After the login screen, I get major screen issues, which with a bit of research, it appears to be quite common with the XPS 13 developer editions, and this happens in Ubuntu 18.04, 19.10, the latest version of Kali, and Mint. I’m starting to wonder if the “new” CPUs are not quite compatible with Linux yet, or if there is a solution?
  17. Thanks for this. I sorted it, now.
  18. I never thought of that. I deleted the Linux partition, and the Linux boot entry from the BIOS. Done, thanks a lot.
  19. Yes, didn't fix it. I totally forgot about this issue, and deleted the Linux partition. I then installed Linux again, so I could access Windows. My XPS 13 has major screen issues with Linux, and therefore, I can't use it, unfortunately. I have not found a fix for it, despite many people with the same laptop complaining about it.
  20. Hi all, I am dual booting WIndows 10 with Ubuntu, and I use the Linux grub bootloader to get into Windows. I have done this before, and if I delete the partition where Linux is installed, I will not be able to boot back into Windows. Doing the 'bootrec' commands won't fix it, and I will still get a grub error screen when trying to boot the SSD. Is there a way of 'properly' removing Linux and be able to boot back into Windows 10, just as I was before installing Linux alongside it? My XPS 13 has major screen issues with Linux, and therefore, I can't use it, unfortunately. I have not
  21. Ahhhh, I figured this would be the problem. My upload speed is only 5m Mbps. I miss the days where I lived in a different country, with 200Mbps download and upload speeds. Those were the days
  22. I will be dual booting it with Linux Mint, and I'm not entirely sure if it will have this issue, but if it does, I'll give this a try, thanks a lot.
  23. This is great. I installed OpenVPN server on Ubuntu Server, but the performance is not that great, which might be due to my ISP connection, actually. If that 'out of the box' solution works better, I'll use that instead. Thanks a lot!
  24. I also installed OpenVPN in Ubuntu Server. I'm curious, could you tell me about how it performs, speed-wise? When I'm connected to my VPN, I get speed tests of up to 4mbps, which is pretty bad.
  25. Thanks for this, but I was actually looking for an on-premises VPN server that I could have at home, to connect to my home network.