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  1. So I did a SMART Status on the HDD. And it says "Caution [05] Reallocated Sectors Count : 16" I used CrystalDiskInfo for the SMART Status. EDIT: Also tried using the HDD Sentinel, says that my HDD Health is at 83% and still there is a sectors count 16. Is it bad? or just "hdd" are just slow?
  2. Yeah.. that's what I thought it should be "useable" somehow.. but now it's not. Computer is infected with virus? or malware? imma try to scan a antivirus after this defragment. Windows update are now complete and I even restart it already. Do you think replacing this HDD with a new one will solve the problem?
  3. How do I see if I have 'malware miners' on my laptop?
  4. For real? is that how slow HDD 5200rpm are now compare to the SSD these days / I am using on my PC? damn. So even if I buy another HDD? still no luck and same speed? or you think my HDD have a issue compare to the normal ones? since I'm always getting 100% usage?
  5. So.. as the title says.. when I boot my laptop, the disk usage is always at 90% - 100% usage.. It became unusable anymore, can't even browse the web properly. I do not play games on this laptop, even when I reformat my HDD clean, still it's so slow.. and still getting this 100% disk usage. Is it because my HDD is faulty and needs to be replaced with a new one? or just my laptop is so slow and I'm used to SSD now [yes, I have my own PC now with SSD] The laptop I'm using is a Lenovo Yoga 500. I always update my Windows Update since I saw somewhere in the int
  6. So.. tried "custom resolution" The 1920x1080 doesnt work I don't know why. But the 2560x1440 definitely works! So should I play games with 2560x1440? EDIT: So it does work on games, but the problem is I can't even read a single thing lol. Will it work if my desktop is at 1366x768 then I play my game on 2560x1440?
  7. Sorry, but what is DSR? Anyways, I'm going to try it and update you guys what happened. EDIT: Tried enabling the DSR but it doesn't work I think? It says input not supported [on my monitor] even tried changing my resolution on nvidia control panel to the "DSR Resolution" but still no luck? is it because im using a 720p monitor? or using an hdmi cable? or it will just automatically activate the "dsr" on games even tho I use my native resolution 1366x768? Also I tried restarting my pc but still no luck. EDIT AGAIN: So tried playing GTA V, then yes I can see the "DSR Resol
  8. Already play GTA San Andreas / GTA V on Max Settings. Maybe it's because of my 720p monitor [not playing on 1080p]
  9. Yeah, I think this is also the problem the "game assets". Because upon playing the game for 20-30mins game became smoother but still gpu usage is still on low [based on task manager] Will definitely use the programs you just said, thanks for the fast response! EDIT: Tried using the CPUID HWmonitor. CPU Usage Max Peak is at 87% [lol] GPU Usage Max Peak is at 15% [wat]
  10. GPU usage spikes at 0-10% [never seen it peak to 20%+]
  11. I mean I am getting 60fps + on both GTA San Andreas and GTA V, it is just annoying that I seem to get fps drops more often and the low gpu usage on task manager is making me nuts. Could it be my cpu just being bad? or gpu being bad?
  12. I am playing my games on the monitor that is connected to the GPU. I also use a vga to hdmi converter imma just add it here [dunno if this affects the gaming experience] Soon, I am going to connect my 2nd monitor also to my gpu? will that change drastically?
  13. So as the title said, when I play games like GTA V and GTA San Andreas I always get fps drops. Upon checking my task manager I saw that both the games are using cpu usage instead of gpu usage. Tried downloading furmark and yes, gpu usage became 90-100% [meaning that my gpu works] I use two monitors, one attached on the gpu and one attached on the mobo [does that affect the performance?] I already disabled the IGPU on the Bios. My power option is not on "power saving mode" NVIDIA Control Panel 3D Settings is already set to my GPU. I use two
  14. As I said on the text, tried another charger still no work, it's impossible that the port is the problem since I can charge while it's turned off. Maybe it's the battery dunno, having a non-removable battery is a huge pain in the ass.
  15. First of all, I don't know if this is the right thread or section to post this problem, If it's not please move it to the right section or thread, Thank you. So the problem occurs when I woke up and tried to charge my phone and it doesn't "charged" even the "volt" icon on the battery icon is not there. So I thought it's the cable and stuffs so tried changing the cables but still no volt icon on the battery and still not charging. So I was like just "okay" maybe the volt icon is bugged or whatever so I wait for him to charge for like 10mins or 20mins without the volt icon