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  1. hello iam on budget and most of other brands arnet in my country so which to get?
  2. Coolermaster mwe 650 v2 white Corsair cv650 bronze I5 10400 B460 Gtx 1660ti Those r my only options in my country
  3. seagate barracuda 7200 rpm or western digital blue 5200rpm
  4. I was not planning for 144 and i got confused when i found a 75 and 144 at the same price I thought the 144 was poor one The samsung is curved. Ive never tried curved screens so iamnot sure if it will be comfortable for my eyes
  5. Even if my gpu cant get 144? As 99% of my games are RPG and not competitive at all.
  6. I have mid pc I5 10400 8gb ram 1660s There are 2 monitor at almost the same price Aoc 24g2u5 Ips 75hz Samsung c24rg50 Va 144hz The aoc looks absolutely amazing with better stand. And iam not a competitive gamer. Imean i dont like shooting games that much So which one should i get?
  7. I have mid pc I5 10400 8gb ram 1660s I found this at decent price Aoc 24g2u5 Its 75hz thats fine as my card cant get 144 afterall. And iam not a competitive gamer tho i like ips. So should i get it or?
  8. I have mid pc R5 3600 8gb ram Gtx 1660 super I care about colors and most of my games are open world like gta Those 2 are the same price Which to get? Samsung lc24rg50 https://www.samsung.com/levant/monitors/lcrg50fqmxzn/ Aoc 24g2u5 https://eu.aoc.com/en/gaming-monitors/24g2u5-bk
  9. I will get it soon but will wait untill new midrange GPUs come out Thx
  10. Iam getting a mid pc I5 10400 B460 Gtx 2650 ( or however it will be named ) Will this PSU be good or it can be dangerou? Coolermaster WME v2 650 80+ white Also will the 550w be enough?
  11. 10400 is around 20$ less than 3600 But 10400 board will be 20$ more Ao i think it will be the same
  12. My currency is not $ so i think it will be different
  13. Hi I need a pc rightnow for my university. But i dont mind waiting for new nvidia mid range GPUs, so i need a cpu with integrated gpu. And since iam not free, i dont have time for gaming anyway. So is 10400 ok? Or i get a ryzen or what Thx
  14. 3 are the same price Bitfenix whisper m 650 Fsp hyndro G 650 Xpg core reactor 650