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  1. I'm going to be building a beowulf cluster out of scrap computers and was wondering if there is any specific task that I should try to achieve for the learning experience?
  2. Oh, and sorry for posting in the wrong sub-forum.
  3. Thank all of you for taking the time to answer. Have an amazing day!
  4. That is completely understandable, and logical.
  5. Imagine youtube/twitch as a desktop application that has the creators of your selection on the app.
  6. Would you use an AIO desktop app that has content from all of your favorite creators?
  7. @nobiggieBIGI don't think you understand: If you're not willing to deal with data-mining, you can't use a computer, period.
  8. @SetrixNo, it wouldn't. I would suggest plugging in whatever device you have your OS on, turn on another computer, then after it's on plug it into the other computer, and check the crashdump file.
  9. @nobiggieBIGI wasn't actually suggesting you reset your PC, I was suggesting not worrying about it.
  10. @DanishPrinceIf you can, try a different monitor. Try safe-mode. Try using the IGPU. Does it only occur with video content?
  11. @nobiggieBIGThe only possible malicious thing they would be doing is data-mining, but if you are worried about that, go ahead and uninstall everything, including whatever OS you use, because you can't avoid it.
  12. @KyoSohmaGenerally speaking, the 8gig sets have a better value over the 4gig sets.
  13. @nobiggieBIGIn my opinion, you are probably safe to use it, considering if it actually was doing immense damage to computers, there would be a flood of people online ranting about it, making sure they go out of business.
  14. @nobiggieBIGIf it truly is a malicious program, it wouldn't have the malware in the installer, it would download the malicious software when you initially launch the program. (Data-mining) Malware generally won't eat up performance, and is basically unnoticeable.
  15. @Benedoge What medium did you buy it on? Also, I'm almost positive this belongs in the 'Troubleshooting' sub-forum.