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    Once I killed a motherboard with a SATA cable.
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    i5 4460
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    Asus B85M-E/BR
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    8GB (2x4) 1600MHz
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    Cooler Master K280
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    Kingston V300 240GB | WD Blue 1TB
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    Cougar ST Plus 500
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    Samsung 32" Full HD | Dell 22" Full HD
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    Razer Blackwidow Classic
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    Razer Taipan
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    Sony MDR-ZX300BT
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    Windows 10

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  1. I tried exchanging the SSD cable with one of the HDs cable, but it didn't work. Also, my new SSD is M.2.
  2. Well, this only happened twice while gaming, and it wasn't a very heavy game, so that's likely not my case
  3. I've already tried another GPU, still got the same problem
  4. (TL;DR at the bottom) So, about 4.5 months ago, my PC started to freeze randomly. It doesn’t exactly freeze, it’s more of a soft lock, the mouse still moves, but different programs react differently. Here’s a detailed explanation of what happens: The mouse will move normally, games will just freeze, Spotify stops playing, if I’m watching a livestream on Twitch it will freeze, but chat sometimes can still go on for some time before completely freezing, YouTube usually freezes the audio, and two or three seconds after, the video also freezes and the loading circle appears. Trying to o
  5. Try reducing the power limit for the GPUs with something like afterburner and reducing the max power for the CPU with Intel XTU. You will get worse performance but might help determine if the problem is the PSU.
  6. I think there are some miner adapters that you can use to do that
  7. I want to use from my keyboard USB that is connected in the back, and I've tried on all of them.
  8. Basically, I want to charge my phone when my PC is off, didn't found anything saying that my mobo supports it and also couldn't find anything in the BIOS. Already tried enabling EHCI Hand-off (was disabled) and Intel xHCI Mode (was Smart Auto) as suggested in other forums and also unchecking the "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" in all USB devices in device manager, but it won't charge (though for some reason when I remove the USB cable the phone says it's charging for half a second, it's not a faulty USB because it happens with all of them). My Bluetooth dongle keeps
  9. Just an update to this case, I tried Sony but they said they can't fix it because the phone is too old (even if they did it wouldn't be worth it), I took to a guy that fixes phones and it only worked for a few minutes after I took it home, he couldn't fix it again and refunded me. Today I remembered seeing a guy with a phone that took a bath in the toilet and he managed to fix it by washing the mobo with alcohol, I decided to try and it worked! Still working normally for some hours now and no problems whatsoever
  10. I had to restore my Xperia ZL and for some reason it didn't restore the backup from Google Drive (yes, I logged on my Google account during the setup), last time I had to restore it made this automatically, but now it didn't, is there any way to restore it? I mainly need WiFi settings, apps and other settings I can do manually. Before you say, yes, backup was on and I can see the backup in the Google Drive section for phone backups.
  11. Nevermind, it was "Optimizing apps" for a while and after showing "Android is starting up" or something like that it turned back off and still in the same situation.
  12. Still strange because it only turns off after the phone is already on, gave it another shot and for now it looks to be working (didn't do any other troubleshooting, just left it alone for a while). Doing the initial setup.
  13. After being dropped my Xperia ZL worked fine for some time, then, it turned off and now when I turn it on, it turns on normally, but when it gets to the home page, it turns off (not a power cut, it says "Shutting Down..."), already tried to remove the SIM Card and restore to factory settings both without any success (recovered with Xperia PC Companion, it recovered normally, but still has the same problem, expect it doesn't show the home screen, it shows the first setting after restoring the phone). I don't think it's the battery, it was working fine and the phone turns off normally instead of
  14. So, basically I want to buy a Google OnHub, but there's one small problem, I use bluetooth headphones with my PC and if my phone is connected to the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi I get some interference, and if I'm using my headphones with my phone and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, I don't get enough bandwidth to stream 1080p video (due to interference also). My question is, can I separate into two SSIDs? And if I don't is there somehow to force the phone to stay on the 5GHz Wi-Fi? Range should be good at most of the times (only 1 concrete wall most of the time, max is two concrete walls) so I don't except it needing to chang