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    pc's, electronics, 3D printing, programming
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    i'm a collective illusion
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    i'm in prison; euh, i mean school :}


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    I5 quadcore
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    aplle propriatiery
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    late 2015 imac
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    1TB fusion drive
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    apple propriatiery
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    4K imac
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    apple standard
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    5$ action mouse
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    macOS sierra

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  1. I looked it up and the actual name is FancyZones. its not super flexible but it makes it do you can change the default snap locations and sizes. it's a part of power toys: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/powertoys/fancyzones
  2. thanks! i'll try display fusion, otherwise i'll just stick with power toys advanced window snapping. I think this is the option i'll be going with then, i usually have a chatting app, a browser, a pdf reader and then 2 or 3 windows of what i'm actually working on(IDE, game engine, CAD program, etc)
  3. oooh someone who actually runs that! I was heavilly considering that. probably with a slightly cheaper display than a CX tho. do you find youself having multiple windows next to eachother on the 48 inch most of the time?
  4. unfortunatly i don't have space for 3x ultrawides next to eachother. 3x 24" is about the max i can fit next to eachother. if i went 3x ultrawide it would be 2 next to eachother and one on top
  5. Hello, i'm looking for what monitors I should upgrade to from my current setup. I currently have 3 Dell 22" 16:10 1050p 50hz monitors in a row, and another row of two stacked on top. This works quite well but i'd like a little more pixels to make small text more readable, and also just an upgrade away from CFL backlights and maybe a bit better color. I should mention I don't play games on this setup, it's purely for work related things. I don't have much more space to use, but i could probably upgrade to the same config just with 1440p 24" screens(I haven't found any 22" 1440p monitors). howev
  6. it means the PSU starts up. it doesn't mean it's working properly, for that you would have to at least measure all the voltages on the pins with a DMM, preferable under load.
  7. oh it's for sure not the memory itself, it's the cpu/chipset/imcthat's no keping up.
  8. well you could also skip this update... otherwise, I suggest you learn to read registry flags
  9. try an XMP profile that is higher then stock but not the full 3200
  10. he paid for XMP, it should atleast run a little better then stock, even if the cpu unstable at the full 3200
  11. sanity check, is the SATA power plugged in? and the USB cable? and are the fans plugged into the splitter and that into the pump block? and is the pump block plugged into the CPU fan header?
  12. well, not shorting out any pins other than the green wire to a black wire. if the fan spins, you're good.
  13. yes! that sounds great for the desktop, do you happen to know anything about laptops?