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    Former Computer Hardware and Networking Sales Consultant, With a Love for PC's and PC Gaming, also I do youtube and twitch sometimes.
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    Front End Leader/Customer Service Manager - BigBox Retail - not telling which one ;)


  • CPU
    I7 6700k
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte GA-Z170X Gaming 7
  • RAM
    32GB G.Skill Ripjaws
  • GPU
    GTX 1080 FE
  • Case
    Corsair Carbide 600C
  • Storage
    256GB Samsung 950 Pro(boot) + 1TB Samsung 850 EVO(Programs) + 4TB Samsung 860 EVO(Games) + 1TB WD Black (Files)
  • PSU
    Corsair CM1000i
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    Triple 27" Dell s2716dg
  • Cooling
    Corsair H110i
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    Corsair Straif Mk.2 RGB w/ Cherry MX Silents
  • Mouse
    Logitech G403
  • Sound
    Bose Companion 20 speakers + Bose QC35 Headphones + Yeti Microphone
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. I have a C6 I love it. I would say its worth it if you like to watch movies at home but not a huge deal if your are just watching normal TV. The image quality is frickiing amazing compared to a normal LED blacks are blacker whites are whiter reds are redder ect.... in a dark room the blacks are so black it basically fades into the background! Watching Aquaman or Planet Earth will blow your mind.... however the 6 O'Clock news will still be boring not much your TV can do about that. On the issue of burn in it's not so much an issue these days with things li
  2. Basically dose the LG magic remote work with the Intel compute stick or other small PC's? Long story short I have a C6 with the magic remote and the built in web browser in LG Web OS sucks. Apple TV doesn't have a web browser. I don't want to cast from a device. I just want a web browser on my TV I can control with my remote. The Intel compute stick seems like an affordable option. Can I use My LG Smart Remote to control it?
  3. I maintain that it's still annoying from the consumers point of view. You download a game, you turn on automatic updates, you have plenty of capacity, the game has plenty of time to download updates, then you launch the game and oh no you gotta wait to play because updates are needed. All because they decided to use their own launcher. even if the absolute newest patches needed to go through their launcher because they have to get approval from valve to push updates through steam, they could still push most of the updates through steam in the background and then download whatever
  4. Like this is a thing that really annoys me where games like War Thunder and Warframe and others choose to use their own launcher to download updates even when you get the game through steam. So instead of staying up to date by pushing updates through steam they wait for you to launch the game then are like hey you have half an hour of updates waiting even though you have steam auto updates turned on! It's like they intentionally want to mess with you! Is there an actual reason they do this or are they just being stubborn and annoying!
  5. Oh is that all? I mean I wasn't super worried about the AIO I was more worried about my CPU. Replacing an AIO isn't exactly a major issue. What I was more worried about was shorting the life of my CPU. I want to hold off on upgrading my CPU + MOBO until PCIe 4.0 and DDR5 are common on the market and get all the bugs worked out. Because I feel that's something I'm gonna want to upgrade too anyways at some point and don't wanna upgrade to soon only to regret not waiting. I'ts like when I built this PC I was ordering my parts 1 day before Nvidia announced the 10 series cards I was gonna get
  6. Lol I used to have a 750D yeah thats a big case even as far as full towers go. Most cases will be significantly tighter than that.
  7. So yesterday when I went to bed I just put my computer to sleep instead of shutting it down. Today it woke its self up and the fans were a little louder than normal. I wasn't right by it so I didn't realize anything was wrong and ignored it for a couple hours. I finally sat down in front of my computer and went to play some bannerlord cause I was board. That's when I notices my fans were actually running at full speed and It said my CPU was at 100% usage (at idle). After some looking at task manager I decided to try restarting the computer (still thinking huh this is weird). On sta
  8. UPDATE: It Sort of worked.... I used a tool called AOMEI So start menu shortcuts all broke. Steam realized it was a different drive but after I updated the "Steam Library Folders" it worked. Epic Store did not realize it was a different drive Blizzard seems to work maybe I haven't logged in in so long it needs to update Origin has been so long since I logged in I don't know my password (Ill update this later) but it dose start to the launcher loginscreen just fine.... Programs like pain.net that are installed on D drive seem to be fine as far as i can
  9. The Samsung data migration tool can apparently only clone the system drive. "The Source Disk (HDD or SSD) must contain the operating system installation" (Source: https://s3.ap-northeast-2.amazonaws.com/global.semi.static/Samsung_SSD_Data_Migration_User_Manual_ENG_v.3.1.pdf ) This is what I was worried about. I have a hardware drive cloning kit but I believe it has the same limitation... As stated the the drive I'm replacing isn't the system drive...
  10. I still say a small storage server over a simple NAS drive will server your purposes better. Just make sure whatever software you run on it has the ability to backup to your cloud service of choice.
  11. well good thing onedrive is made by microsoft then...
  12. I think you are misunderstanding the OP. It sounds like they are using a shared drive at the office that they are trying to backup to the cloud. Also he is not using a free cloud backup solution from what he said it sounds like he is using either OneDrive for business or OneDrive enterprise which is very much a professional solution. (since personal onedrive subscriptions are not very expensive and are typically only 1TB and he states they are paying a lot and its more than 1TB he probably has a business or enterprise plan.)The company I used to work for used one drive enterprise and it was a
  13. Forgive me for asking a stupid question but after years of working in the customer service field I find often its the stupid question and stupid answers people don't even consider. Are you clicking the safely remove hardware button and ejecting/dismounting the drive before physically unplugging the USB?
  14. I thought WD had a tool for backing up mycloud devices directly to 3rd party cloud services like onedrive or google drive. But since this is a shared company solution and not a home use solution I would recommend putting together a small storage server running something like FreeNAS or whatever works for your particular needs. I may cost more than a mycloud drive but not a lot more and will provide you a lot more flexibility in the long term because you will eventually run out of space and when you do you can simply expand it by adding more drives.
  15. So this is less of a I don't know and more of a I'm fairly certain I do know but have never done this specific scenario and want to be sure before I do anything. So I currently have my games (and some other programs) installed on a 1TB 850 EVO and I am running out of space, I just bought a 4TB 860 EVO to replace it with. In the past whenever I have upgraded my PC's hardware I usually do a fresh windows install and backup everything, reinstall all my drivers to make sure its all up to date and yada yada yada. However I'm at a point where I've been running