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  1. It's what I have and what I'll use. I will likely use the Pure Wings 2 to pull and the fans that come with the AIO to push.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I have actually so far settled to get a 280 AIO in the front in a push/pull config, but considering the DR4P actually fits is complicating things again.
  3. I have 2x be quiet Pure Wings 2 in the front. For air coolers, I'd use DR4P or DH15 Premium, but both don't fit in the S340. My AIO choices are either Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 for performance and on a budget, or the Deepcool Castle 280 for roughly same performance and better looks. I will be buying in Croatia and some brands are either not available or too expensive.
  4. I'm planning my next upgrade, for which I'm going to get a AIO since it'd be the cheaper route as opposed to get a larger case to fit a good air cooler. I already have 2x 140mm fans installed in the front, and would like to keep them if possible, so I've been thinking of doing a push/pull configuration with a 280 radiator. I've looked for information, but all I could find was about the S340 Elite case.
  5. I see, so even in case you got a "bad" chip, as some people got with high temps on default, you could still squeeze out the performance you should be getting at acceptable temps by manually tweaking the voltage and curve.
  6. I watched them already. With 5800x you heavily depend on the silicon lottery. I keep seeing this a lot. The goal of undervolting is to keep the same performance, but at lower voltage and temps? Otherwise people could rather get a 5600x if they are downclocking their 5800x
  7. I don't have the 5800x (yet). However, I've been doing a lot of reading and research looking for a proper cooler for myself, so I found that load temps up to 80c and idle temps between 30-40c are normal. Since you're idling at 50c, it's definitely hotter than it should be. Since you're running a AIO cooler, airflow within the case should not matter, but did you mount the AIO correctly? Properly mounted to the case (where it is supposed to go, with enough ventilation) and the pump is also properly mounted to the CPU?
  8. The 5800x is rated to be run safely up to 90c and will only start throttling at 90c and above. It's a fairly hot chip by design due to it's small die surface area. Most users get 30-40c idle and up to 80c while gaming, that's normal for the 5800x. As for Minecraft, it is normal that CPU usage spikes up while Minecraft is loading. If you're worried about your idle cpu usage, check what's utilizing the cpu while your PC is idle.
  9. The issue seems have to resolved itself. The new hardware probably just needed some "warming up" I guess. Websites load fast as they should now.
  10. True. I did some more research meanwhile and stumbled upon some "lesser known" coolers such as the FUMA 2, which would fit in my case. Noctua D15 would also fit. I'll just have to find some comparison specifically for the 5800x to see how they perform, as I'd like my load temps to remain 75c or lower, if possible. The 5800x is a hot CPU, but I'm starting to sweat (no pun intended) when I see temps above 75c. EDIT: Upon further research, Noctua D15 (dual fan) would be the best possible cooling solution I can fit (that isn't AIO). Based on manufacturer
  11. Budget (including currency): up to 100 € (for cooler) Country: HR Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming, Multitasking Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): I already have a NZXT S340 (White/Purple) case which I intent to keep. Worst case I will have to swap it. I intend to buy a R7 5800X soon and I want it to have enough cooling headroom to boost without throttling. After some resear
  12. Sorry, should have explained what I did. I ran a Cat5e UTP Cable from the Router to the Access Point, and operation mode is set as Access Point. Wireless Repeater Mode didn't work any better. Channel is set to 6, everything else is returned back to Stock/Auto because nothing I tried improved my situation.
  13. That explains it Would explain how the mobile app has been slow today as well (thought it was due to my work wifi that might be slow). It is still strange that something is causing a delay/causes website to load longer. I am just testing games right now. Logging into a game takes longer, but once you're connected it's faster than before.
  14. I've just installed a TP Link TL-WA901N Access Point to resolve the WiFi coverage problems in my house. Speed is great, SpeedTest shows low ping and improved speed. However, opening websites has since been less responsive. They load for about 10 seconds (or don't load at all, "Couldn't be reached" or "Refused to connect" errors in Chrome), Sometimes it first pops out an error message after loading for a few seconds and then it would instantly open the website a second after. Once a website opens, clicking on anything else on the website is super fast and responsive
  15. Yeah, I don't have a set budget, I decide based on Price/Performance. I will most likely stick to my original plan and get a 5600x or 5800x, but now more leaning towards the 5800x since 5600x are either not available in my region or at a similar price of a 5800x. The 5800x will also future proof my build for a while longer.