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  1. Are there any other fixes we can try or should we just contact an "expert"
  2. Laptop: MSI gf63 thin 9 csr 023ne As the title says we just opened the bottom cover to check how many ram slots there are aaaaand it just stopped working. It dosent turn on at all, when we hold down the power button its dosent post anything and dosent make any sound. We have tried this but it did nothing.
  3. no last 30 days ive got about 500gb of download and there has been times where ive been over 1000 but thx if there isent anything u can do at this point ill just call the providers and hope someone can do something there thx for the help so far
  4. gratz!!!but nothing has changed
  6. oh and heres the results for the 300 besides the 2 that were 2000 ms most were around 15
  7. the 300 is still going so here u go for now
  8. the pic order got lil messed up mb
  9. So its slow for all devices that are connected wifi or cable got 2 of each. but here you go Also if this says anything
  10. My device is a pc i got i t connected with a cable. (Im going to be honest i dont understand most of what u requested.)(btw i called the providers and all they said to restart and what not. nothing worked and they had noone there atm that knew what to do......) i usually have 20-25MB/S and as u see now i cant even reach 1 mbps (download obv)
  11. As the title says out of nowhere i started seing increadably slow loading speeds i asked around the house and the only thing that has ahppened is that the router got reset and now its slow. Is there anyone able to help troubleshooting this?
  12. So i broke my headset and looking to pick up some new ones. I had the Razer Kraken pro. And now looking at Razer ManO’War with 7.1 ss. My price range is around 100-120$ or 1000kr swedish. And i would prefer red to be one of the colors but dosent rly matter even the ManO’War dosent have red. My use for these headsets are just gaming. But i dont know anything about headsets and what makes them good or bad so im asking the good people of LTTForums to help me pick something.