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  1. Someone kinda already started a thread about E3
  2. SSD's are different from mechanical drives, and do not benefit from defragmentating. All you'll do is wear it out a little more each time.
  3. +BF1 is gonna be good. +Mass Effect Andromreda is gonna be amazing, glad to see Asari are still present. -They're making Star Wars into their own version of Destiny. -Also, they spent way too much time on Madden & Fifa. -And they even played the same BF1 trailer twice in a row, wtf?
  4. You should change your location from Slovakia, to Slowvakia. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. Because the card isn't "officially" out yet, so FutureMark does not recognize it. When it's "officially" out, they'll update their software, to recognize the card, and accept results to be uploaded.
  6. Write them down on paper and keep it safe, but also use something like LastPass.
  7. I think DigitalFoundry have removed/delisted their R9 390 vs GTX 970 benchmark, with Mirror's Edge Catalyst.

    The fucker had lowered the shadow quality settings on the GTX 970 benchmark, and it was clearly visible in the video.

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    2. PlayStation 2

      PlayStation 2

      Uh huh.

      Watch the 750 Ti vs. R7 360 Far Cry Primal video, and the fact that they went out of their way to OC the 750 Ti but not the 360.

    3. Kaleshi


      I swear there should be a form of hippocratic oath for reviewers, which forces reviewers to be unbiased. Then we could have a website with a list of reviewers that have signed the oath, and abide by it. Ones that break it, get blacklisted for life.

    4. PlayStation 2

      PlayStation 2


      It'd basically be where you couldn't loophole the fuck out of it, because most systems like that do have some sort of loopholes. Eh, it's a very sad truth, but money talks.

  8. They haven't, but i'm 99.99% sure they will release one. The RX 480 is a cut down Polaris 10 chip, the RX 490 will be a full one.
  9. I miss the artwork that GPU vendors made, but at the same time i also like AMD's new simple design reference cooler. Nvidia's one is just shit.
  10. 29th is when the RX 480 hits the shelves
  11. I'd swap the i7 for an i5, if he's only gaming. Also, i'd wait for the RX 480, instead of going for a GTX 970. You could then probably fit in a cheap Crucial MX200/Samsung 850 EVO 120/250gb SSD for the OS.
  12. Any model which doesn't have a Fermi Edition cooler would be a good choice.