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  1. Doubt they'll do anything as you have accepted the trade and the guy switched the gun in his inventory from FN to FT without you realising.
  2. Here is an explaination of what is going on guys, it's not just PCMR https://www.reddit.com/r/OutOfTheLoop/comments/3bxduw/why_was_riama_along_with_a_number_of_other_large/
  3. I defo don't regret switching to Deathadder even though G502 was a great mouse.
  4. It's a good all around mouse for gaming, except I find it to be less than ideal in FPS games. Due to me mainly playing CSGO I switched from it to the Deathadder.
  5. There is massive RAM clearance issues, as my Kingston Beasts have quiet tall heat spreaders, I couldn't mount any of my RAM. Then I decided to take all the fans off and set them up so the fan in the middle pulls the air in from the right and the fan on the left of the cooler pushes it out the case along with the Corsair fan at the back of the case. Don't know if my cooling set up makes sense but it's the only way I could install RAM.
  6. Before, heard the ones with the old controller are decent.
  7. Yea I'm really pleased with the Powercolor card even though it's huge . The SSD is alright for me but yea I heard some bad stuff about it. It boots up my computer fast enough and just using the computer is miles faster than a regular HDD. But yea an upgrade is due for the SSD. Microphone is Samson C01U. It's around 50 quid and it's good quality for teamspeak and that kind of stuff.
  8. Hey guys, I have finally managed to build a PC that I'm happy with. For the past few years I've been running my components in an old case from my first prebuilt pc, and they were suffocating due to lack of proper cooling. So after saving up a bit and using some of my 18th birthday money I decided to put together a proper system with proper cooling. So firstly the parts are: CPU - Intel Core i5 4690k I always wanted to overclock my CPU therefore I went with an unlocked i5. It has all the performance I need for a decent price. I wanted a 4790k but decided I don't really need it so in the
  9. I don't really see a reason for going with a 980 for 1080p unless you really like your filters maxed out. I don't think it is worth the price difference.
  10. I believe he's refering to system RAM, and if so then no 8GB will not bottleneck it when it comes to gaming cause I've never seen a game use more than 6GB. If you take video rendering into account then yea more RAM would always be better up to a certain point.
  11. Well if you have 3 Titan X's then 5960x will be the bottleneck as jayztwocents stated in one of his videos
  12. Try running GTA V on a Core 2 Duo in Ultra then... CPU's do make a difference, but beyond a modern quad core the difference is usually tiny and not worth the price.
  13. Doesn't matter if they're on the same card. Both ways will work
  14. Nope, you can run your 144hz one at 144hz and the other two at 60hz simultaneously