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  1. Apparently I never followed up on this thread. I installed registered/buffered ECC RAM and it DID NOT work.
  2. I have an Optiplex I put together as a budget gamer that I want to put into htpc service. E3-1270, 8gb RAM, RX 570. What would be a good front end for Netflix, Steam, Epic Games, and Crunchyroll?
  3. Made some progress. One of the Ballistix sticks was DOA so i replaced them with 2 4Gb Klevv sticks from mt X58 rig and put the 3 Ballistix sitcks into the X58. 790 MT board, E3-1270 CPU, Raijintek Leto Pro CPC cooler, 2 8GB sticks of Klevv RAM, Windforce GTX 960 OC 4GB and a Raidmax 500W PSU. I soldered the OEM front panel leads to the aftermarket case IO circuit board and USB works. HAve to install an OS when the SSD arrives to test mic and headphones.
  4. I'm abuilding another budget gaming Rig for fun and to flip. This one will be an esports Med/High gaming rig. Motherboard: Optiplex 790 -Free CPU: E3 1270 -$40 Ram: Crucial Ballistix 4x2GB -$18 GPU: Gigabyte Windforce GTX 960 G46 OC edition -Bought new in 2016, worth about $60 today used
  5. Will folding with a crappy old HDD or even running Linux from a thumb drive affect folding performance?
  6. Jesus Christ, the igpu is built into the CPU so they are one in the same and the SOC chokes that feed the video chip are located so close to the CPU you might as well call the whole Mobo a GPU. You all are talking in circles and making this way more complicated than it needs to be. Replace the goddamned motherboard and move on.
  7. I already have 1 1TB SATA m.2 SSD https://www.newegg.com/samsung-860-evo-series-1tb/p/N82E16820147678?Item=N82E16820147678 installed in the mobo, and this is currently my sole drive. I wanted to expand my storage so I ordered a 1TB NVME SSD https://www.newegg.com/intel-660p-series-1tb/p/N82E16820167462?Item=N82E16820167462 to install in my PCIe x4 adapter for a clean no cable solution. The question I have is should I leave the OS on the SATA M.2, or clone it to the NVME M.2 for a gaming/Youtube/Netflix computer?
  8. New Mobo for your CPU is the obvious answer, also Ryzen 1600 AF and MSI B450+A Pro would be less than $200US.
  9. On order I have another 4gb stick to make 12Gb 2x2Gb + 2x4Gb, an RX 550, and a Xeon E3 1270.
  10. 10 points for anyone that can guess what movie I'm watching.
  11. Radiator strategically mounted, tucked in between the optical drive and GPU slot.
  12. Not much to say here. 4" grinder with cutting wheel to make a big rectangular hole.
  13. Clear vinyl hose installed and with blue windshield washer fluid fluid coolant.
  14. You need to update the bios if you haven't yet. Alternatively you might be able to exchange it for an i7 2600.
  15. Running PBO and F@H last night I was only running 74-75c with a Hyper 212 with my 3600x.
  16. A few more parts from the parts box for the project.
  17. Here I am with another Optiplex 790 mini tower in my possession. This one cost me nothing, and with a box full of old AIO parts and an old impulse buy ebay CPU waterblock I've decided to put some real crap together for everyone's enjoyment (or disgust.) Here is the chinesium hardware screwed through the back of the original backplate and Mobo. The CPU plate mounted with the supplied springs and thumbscrews.
  18. Caps are cheap and sounds like a fun project. Replace them and see if it works. If it's a dud you're out $2.
  19. Windows 10 will find drivers for you. A fresh install will clear out the hp bloatware, you don't need it anyway.
  20. Pbo and better cooling. Ryzen will run as fast as temps will allow.