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  1. So today I was changing the thermal paste in the CPU when I accidentally pulled off the CPU too hard bending some Pins in the CPU ( see the photos below). Tried my best to bend them back where there were and achieved it somewhat fine. After applying new thermal paste and cleaning dust in the case , tried to power on the PC only to realize it won't POST. I haved tried unplugging RAM, GPU, clear CMOS, reinsert CPU in the socket and nothing. When I hit the power button the only thing it does is to start spinning all the fans but not beeps or bios. So I just
  2. I was afraid that bandwidth wouldn't make this posible . But how much the GPU would be bottlenecked ? a lot? a little ? something in between ?
  3. No the laptop doesn't have an mini PCIe slot , but I don't mind something that looks super awful if I cant make it a custom dock or something like this.
  4. What do you mean by ghetto ? Is it really that crappy ?
  5. So I have this asus laptop, and currently its great for my work and take it around, but when I get home the GPU wont satisfy my gaming needs, Is there a way to use an external GPU? the specs are: i7 6500U Nvidia 940m 8Gb RAM DDR3 2x port usb 2.0 1 type C usb 3.1 I know I won't get full performance from the GPU since I don't hace Thunderbolt conector but there's is a way to use a eGPU at a decent capacity , something like a GTX 950-960 or R9 380?