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    NyxeonFX reacted to LukeSavenije in Failed monitor oc   
    Told you that before...
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    NyxeonFX got a reaction from hconverse02 in I need Gaming Headset Suggestions   
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    NyxeonFX got a reaction from Fyfey96 in 6700K to 8700K Worth Upgrade?   
    since you are a video editor then I would definitely go for the upgrade, or even save for a better i9 in the future which will really help benefit you.
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    NyxeonFX reacted to gbergeron in PC build for a Friend (~600USD)   
    its fine.
    She will like it. I hope she knows how to reward you after    ( if its ur sister or something i apologise for this joke )
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    NyxeonFX reacted to SquintyG33Rs in PC build for a Friend (~600USD)   
    looks good. maybe sqeeze in a 120GB ssd
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    NyxeonFX reacted to gbergeron in PC build for a Friend (~600USD)   
    At that price, well.. its mostly the best you can get.. but try to get an SSD instead... it is soooo much faster than an hdd.. your entire system will be stuck at the hdd speed
    maybe like get a 120 gb ssd and a 1 tb hdd ?
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    NyxeonFX reacted to gbergeron in PC build for a Friend (~600USD)   
    Any computer build nowadays MUST use a SSD , it's a huge difference and it is affordable now
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    NyxeonFX got a reaction from gbergeron in PC build for a Friend (~600USD)   
    Added one for $53, just under the $600 mark.
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    NyxeonFX got a reaction from gbergeron in PC build for a Friend (~600USD)   
    Alright i'll squeeze that in there, thanks
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    NyxeonFX reacted to Lurick in What's going on with these Ebay GTX listings?!   
    Hey now, some scammers are not that rude. They'll usually toss in some rocks and if you're lucky a GT 210 or something  
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    NyxeonFX reacted to ZackBarletto in In need of a Graphics Card for ~100 USD   
    What games will need to be played on a budget system that will show a drastic bottleneck for that cpu? Those game should be expected to be played at lower settings anyways.
    The difference between a $100 dollar gpu and a $200+ gpu would be drastic regardless of the cpu at this price point. immediately better resolutions and textures and smoother experience overall. maybe even screen capture if he at <30 fps and <1080p on game and recording. nonsense but just another example of usage.
    ALSO the future remains bright if he gets a better gpu. He can get an a8-a10-athlon on that same FM2 socket. Quad-Core with an RX 470-80. Those CPU's are still a bottleneck for the highest end of gaming, but that's not where we are at here.
    I understand that there IS technically a bottleneck in my recommendation. i accept that. but at this level of a system, any bit will count. Not to mention in 6 months when he wants to upgrade again and there is no path. he will have to buy a whole new system. FM2 socket dead and stuck with a paperweight GPU.
    The better the GPU you can afford now, the more money it will save you in the long run.
    Example. Not 100% legit.
    Get a ~$300 GPU now...... save up for 6 months for a ~$300 CPU+MOBO combo with at least Zen or 4 core 8 thread Intel. SSD for next Christmas or birthday.
    300 now, 300 then. instead of 100 now, then another upgrade, then another upgrade. Keep the hardware at a low level you will never be able to get out of a bottleneck.
    You need to break that barrier and use that as your build path.
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    NyxeonFX reacted to wrathoftheturkey in My schools gift to us   
    Not true. 
    Misery, suffering and death. All provided free of charge.
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    NyxeonFX reacted to PCNoobie in My schools gift to us   
    Our school has iMac...
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    NyxeonFX reacted to Sakuriru in My schools gift to us   
    Here's one: what made you think there was a question?
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    NyxeonFX reacted to spwath in The HAVIT HV-KB378L Keyboard, Is it worth it?   
    It looks like it has hot swappable switches though.
    And you gotta havit
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    NyxeonFX got a reaction from Zjurc in Mouse for big hands   
    The MX Master mouse has dropped in price, and is now around $70-$80 depending on where you order it from.
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    NyxeonFX reacted to Alexcalibur in New Work & Gaming Rig, Micro ATX question   
    Get the Z170 board if you plan on OCing, get the H170 board if you don't 
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    NyxeonFX reacted to DocSwag in Newbie Needing PC Necessities Help   
    I'm too lazy to make a pcpartpicker build  but I can make some comments:
    #1 Don't get an fx 9590. It'll lag horribly behind a 5820k on games and video editing. And personally I don't find a 5930k worth it compared to a 5820k, so I'd recommend a 5820k for you for a CPU.
    #2 None of those mobos work with a 5820k;you will need an x99 mobo for that.
    #3 You need ddr4 ram for a 5820k. I'd recommend using four sticks to help speed up rendering.
    #4 You could wait until the end of June to see the performance of the rx 480 and then decide on your GPU.
    #5 I wouldn't recommend that ssd since sequential read and writes don't matter much. If you want a high performance ssd I'd recommend a Samsung 950 pro.
    Thats all I can think of! I'm sure someone will come along and make a pcpartpicker build  
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    NyxeonFX reacted to Yttrizy in ~$900 USD build, looking to cut down the price.   
    skylake doesnt have integrated graphics
  20. Agree
    NyxeonFX reacted to Xineas in ~$900 USD build, looking to cut down the price.   
    Yes they do. Skylakes do, Broadwell-E doesn't.
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    NyxeonFX reacted to Xineas in ~$900 USD build, looking to cut down the price.   
    I'm not gonna argue with that, it is a stunning case, I love it. But at this budget, hmm. Lemme see if I can make something.
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    NyxeonFX reacted to Alexcalibur in choices choices choices   
    1. Definitly 
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    NyxeonFX got a reaction from Matias_Chambers in Rendering with GPU   
    It should not change the quality, as long as you do not change the settings of the render
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    NyxeonFX reacted to ChrisCross in RX 480 pricing at Newegg   
    yeah i was excluding the fanboy edition since nobody should buy it anyways.