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  1. Its not the drive it just doesn't get into the USB installer at all.
  2. So I built a new PC for a friend but I have never encountered this issue before. Basically when I put the USB in and boot to it it hangs on the windows Logo from the installation USB, and nothing else, it just sits there. I have tried two USBs now. How do I fix? Specs below R5 5600x, RX 5700XT, 16 gb corsair Ram, 1 tb m.2 ssd, Asrock AB550 Pro4
  3. Does anyone here have a wechat and willing to verify my account registration? I would really appreciate it if you could. Thanks.

  4. Anyone here know how to advertise well? I'm trying to start a small custom 3d printing shop (etsy is here https://www.etsy.com/shop/SagStore224/)

    and I opened an instagram page I just don't know the best way to reach out to people.

    1. kelvinhall05
    2. Tech_Dreamer


      only way you can do is via paid ads afaik or just keep asking for followers to like & share stuff. literally every tech company does this via giveaways & other means . thats why you see those weird gleam stuff about liking & promoting & retweeting & re-sharing stuff. other than that you have to pay for it, meaning you have to pay a site mediator to promote your product through their ad spot/channel. usually you can find it via contacts link at the bottom of the respective sites page & negotiate. don't jump in on the first offer.

    1.   Show previous replies  1 more
    2. Sags224


      Thanks! And yeah and since I can make almost any design I think theres gotta be a decent amount of people interested... just not sure how to reach people.

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      best you can do is via social media, LTT by the default COC doesn't allow outside adverts or threads/topics & replies related to personal sales. But you could try the classifieds doe.




    4. Sags224


      Sadly classifieds doesn't allow services, which this counts as I believe. I'll try social media and a bunch of my friends. Thanks.

  5. Yeah I designed and printed them.
  6. Just wanted to show off some custom fan grills I made for a client, since this is my first time really doing this https://imgur.com/a/Mlxj9IZ
  7. Btw I can do other designs too.
  8. 12 shipped? You want to pm instead?
  9. Just wanted to share some fan grills I recently made! Basically they are like this https://i.redd.it/jkr11hopwo451.jpg and someone hired me to replicate them and this is what I made https://ibb.co/XJ5PYQD. I don't know if this type of advertisement is allowed but if anyone wants them dm me! EDIT: I can do other custom designs too!
  10. I'd possibly be interested in taking that s8 off your hands depending what is broken if you are planning on throwing it out anyways.
  11. Hey to anyone who sees this, I am looking to start posting on my tech channel more but would like to see if anyone has suggestions on videos I could make.. I am really into electronic building and modding as well as normal consumer electronics just unsure of what to make thats not already out there.. Heres the channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCownI-zKOn2iXg9M5u2aApw?view_as=subscriber

    1. minibois


      'trying to fix' like videos always interest me. or perhaps 'retro reviews' of products you might have already.

      or maybe how to build certain electronics circuits on breadboards (or even PCB) would be cool.


      But don't forget to have fun / create what you enjoy!

  12. So how long would I be waiting for the max, because I'd like to build it soon.
  13. No not really but the 450 boards may require bios update right? I know most ship with the new bios but hwat if it doesn't.