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  1. For the last few years, I have been using my Ryzen 1500x system with a single 8GB DDR4 stick for everything from gaming to CAD - works without issues. Yes, it is slower in certain tasks, No, you won't feel it.
  2. Already said still yes, still from the above SS, the 25565:25565 are the external ports and the 25565 on the right is the internal one. I'm actually facepalming now, since this was it.... Tried the external IP from another machine, connected to mobile internet and sure - there it is! So it had been working all along, just the stupid locked out ISP router was messing me. THANKS FOR THE HELP!
  3. Still tho, without an IP, my external IP adress doesnt work - on that SS with the 4 servers i have localhost, external ip, external ip + port, internal ip - only localhost sees it then. Gotta use Hamanchi/VPN for other to connect....
  4. Haven't set one in a while, but the procedure seems the same as in the 1.9 days - agree to the eula, open the 25565 port, insert the IPV4 of the host machine into the config files - off you go. Still, whenever I add the IPV4 the server becomes unreachable - localhost cannont connect to it either. The port is tested that is indeed open, added rules for tcp and udp in the firewall, still - What am I missing to do?
  5. Linus told the cold hard truth in the beginning - AMD is much smaller company and it cant compete in RnD. I knew that the drivers will be hell when I bought my 1500x and x370 board. Took me 3 days to finally update the BIOS so the clock would allow the system to boot into windows in under 15 mins. Took months before I could use the full potential speed of my RAM. Still to this day, there are issues from time to time, yet I'm fine with it. A friend of mine was arguing how the current AMD chips could only compete vs the 2nd and 3rd gens I cores in stuff like "squeezing th
  6. I will just say to all of this, I'm an owner of x370 asrock killer sli board and a ryzen 5 1500x, bought soon after launch. I just checked the CPU supported list and there is the 3950 there which is a 16 core CPU, yet my quad core is still more than enough for anything I do. TBH I myself didn't believe that my x370 would get support for the 3000 series since this is Back in the day I remember AMD promising the AM4 platform to feature support for 3 generations - I have this. >>> I'm a happy AMD customer.
  7. No idea - everywhere in the manual is called just "COM PORT DIAGNOSTICS" These are the recommended settings in the manual. Bаud rate – 115,200 bps; Data bits – 8; Parity – None; Stop bits – 1; To the actual COM port only go 3 wires - 1 ground, 1 communication RX and 1 communication TX according to the wire diagram. The annoying thing to me personally is that it works right away with my dad's Dell Latitude D620 but that psychical COM port on it - only when I try to get it to work with an adapter to USB everything goes south.
  8. I'm trying to use LPG Injection Controller v4.60 with a cheap USB to COM cable that I got as a gift because it wasnt working - easy enough the ground wire was broken off so quick solder and my laptop (W10 64 bit) found and recognized it. Good but when I try to connect to the actual LPG computer, it does not read the data of it. Inspecting the adapter board, I tried reversing the 2 USB data channels - green and white wires, but that ended in Code 43 and unrecognizable USB..... Tried changing the whole cable and soldering new cable - same results. What am I missing her
  9. So from about a week, I noticed that whenever I leave my PC running one old game and a macro for it, at some point it shuts off. No reboot, just shut off. My first though was "hm maybe that cheap DC-DC board I made earlier as a fan controller is tripping the PSU," (it's connected to a molex and has 2 fans on it - doesn't draw that much) - disconnected that, no effect. Second "maybe the stupid windows updates are shutting it off" - installed everything it wanted by hand and it stayed on for a few days, but again tonight it shut off. Another interesting fact is that it nev
  10. Motherboard Had an issue with 1 crappy one, after overclocking the CPU power phases became unstable - would BSOD at random no matter what I was doing.
  11. Basic relay Signal comes from any header of the PC you can control when to turn on/off - say a fan header maybe? This closes you RGB circuit with external power and your done...
  12. https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/693773-g5-komars-mode/ May not be as powefull, but I'm way ahead of LTT on this one :P
  13. I have a custom modded Apple G5 case. My PSU literally is hold with zipties, from rails that are glued to the aluminum case. I've dropped it, kicked it on its side, drove it 250 kms on some of the roughest roads imaginable and it's still okay. (just a bit bend from that kick ups).
  14. Most likely nothing wrong specifically with your internet but rather with your local servers. I suppose you connect with that NordVPN to a server far away from you? My logic comes from those times to connect - with VPN it connects slower but has higher speeds because the server it connects to is faster or maybe not so clogged up. Without the VPN you connect much faster but the speed is slower which makes no logic. Try running speedtest to the server that you use when you have the VPN connected.
  15. So my car (VW golf mk3) uses for the front channel two loudspeakers mounted in the dash and 2 normal ones in the doors. The way it works, the signal starts from the radio, go into the loudspeakers and from there go to the door speakers. Back when I upgraded my speakers to a set of Boston S65 ones, I removed and bridged the wires for the loudspeakers without cutting off any connectors. That, due to the very low placement of the speakers (next to my leg), made the effect that you could hear only 1 of them - I can hear just the right one and the navigator just the left one.
  16. @jakkuh_t 40 GBP and 20 more for shipping for that 7950 GX2? Would you feel bad for spending your boss money if I tell you I got mine for whats around 20 GBP shipped?
  17. Your "old and barely booting" system most likely will be like new with a fresh install of OS and can benefit someone that doesn't have even that. If you are willing to put the effort try to find someone that deserves it.
  18. This is perfectly normal working temperature. No need to worry about it, just be happy with your new machine...
  19. Ehm idk about the number 2 problem, but I can almost guarantee you, that it's the motherboard failing and not the CPU - the VRMs to be exact.
  20. Ain't worth my time, since it will take you roughly 1-2 years to gather enough money and by that time there are gonna be much better deals....
  21. That HP board is just as fine for gaming, as the z77. You will be throwing money out.
  22. Okay most straight answer again: In theory, even something like Pentium 4, can have GTX 1080 or a titan or whatever plugged in and WORK, but will bottleneck it. You want to play and record games? In that case you need either a second PC, or really powerful CPU. That i7 2600 could do it, but you got to lower your settings. My personal advice is this. First get good quality PSU and nice case. Those two items are always long term investment so cheaping out here is stupid. After that, get strong GPU. Yes, the card most likely won't be able to run at its full potential,
  23. I tough about offering to the OP to look at the GPD line also but then saw what his travel PC would be so yeah... https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1028034-revival-of-galion-evo-my-travel-workstation/?tab=comments#comment-12250502 The VNC method drops out since he will game, so @Galion you need to find a TV or whatever, small enough to suit your needs.
  24. With the right amount of DIYing you can do everything... There are enough of small 7/10 inch or bigger HDMI TVs with or without touch. My way of doing this would be to set up the machine to connect WIFI automatically (say ur phone hotspot) and have running VNC server. This allows you to use any phone/tablet/laptop or whatever that is on the same network as a monitor (no internet access is needed), keyboard and mice. Have done it already with a raspberry pi and it works flawlessly.