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    Intel Core I3 2120 3.30Ghz
  • Motherboard
    MSI LGA 1155
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    Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 2GB
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    750watt i forgot the brand
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    Tv Sony Bravia
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    Intel original fan
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    Default/Normal Keyboard
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    Windows 10 ultimate

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  1. so i just buy this cheap ssd just for my OS and i wanna kn ow does my ssd have Dram or not? and if it have one which one is it i dont know
  2. Do you guys know any CPU benchmarks apps that you guys can recommend? i just do some experiments with my i3 CPU and i think nobody has ever done anything stupid like this but i want to move it to my i7 thats why i want the apps to see before and after the vodoo stuff because i kinda feel some improvements but i dont know what it is because i havent touch my i3 since yesterday and do some weird vodoo stuff i will share it to you guys the result and what i did,give some short version description about the apps just what it do and give me the link to download.Thanks
  3. disk space is plenty,but i dont think the source like the website is the problem cause i download other mods from that same website and its finished not like this one,the differences bet ween theese two file is that the first one is a car model but the one that stopped is a shader patch a CSP A Light Patch-v0.1.62.Zip.im still confised because i tried download it on internet explorer it got the same result
  4. Help!! i was downloading some mods for assetto corsa but the file just stopped downloading i kept trying to download that but the result is the same the download speed number suddenly just dissapear but when i try download some other files its fine the download finished what should i do?
  5. Help,i Accidently delete my Windows app how do i restore it?because im cant open photos trough photos from the windows and my microsoft store cant be opened and a lot of things cant be opened.i tried some methods like this for example and it doesnt work all of them
  6. that is what im going for ,i already know the mother board and the CPU i want,just need the cooling parts ,because im not Sure using stock cooler
  7. i already have GPU and Enough Sotrage,Just need an Upgrade for CPU because my Pc Bottleneck
  8. i think i need the Custom one Like Linus Im going to Change to AMD RYZEN 3300X Casing i think im gonna change it to My friend saids that Full Tower best Option But i couldnt find the cheaper one
  9. Just the Watercooling kit not the whole pc i think i need Custom one
  10. all i one i guess,i dont what choose if i buy the things one by one
  11. Hey Guys Need Some advice about WaterCooling PC so Im going to upgrade my Pc by June changing from intel to AMD Ryzen,So Whats the Best Budget Watercooling kit in the market,i want the Sillicone tubing so it would make me easier
  12. ive tried that and it still doesnt work
  13. So i have been playing Forza Horizon 4 for over a year but its always has the same issue,sudden Disconnect,Cannot see other players but in map appears but i managed to fixed thr "Low Streaming bandwith" issue and now it keeps getting worse i am unable to find a fixed for it i need help i already tried port forwarding it,i already set teredo in GPEDIT.MSC and i try press fix it on XBOX networking live setting in settings i have tried everything,i tested the speed of my wifi.i tried reset ipconfig /flushdns and netsh winsock reset and then reseting the network from network settings it worked i