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  1. Same here, ran the same setup for about 6 months because getting wires to were my consoles are was impossible and wifi reliability was shit. I was trading a lot of download speed (wifi was ~200/300 m/s while powerline would peak at 50 at most) but reliability was rock solid which is what I cared for the most.
  2. I'm a dumbass. This, right? Pic from the manual Still, having it outright not booting is kinda disturbing... makes me wonder if it would actually work if I populate all 4 haha.
  3. Hey guys, I just put together a new system and while everything seems to work great I found an issue with the RAM sticks when setting them to their advertised OC speed. If I place the sticks in slots 1 and 3 (counting from left, closest to the CPU, to right) everything works at stock default speeds but as soon as I set the DOCP profile to hit 3600mhz it crashes and bootloops 3 times then comes up in 'safe mode' taking me into the UEFI setup to change the settings. If I put the sticks in slots 2 and 4 everything works perfectly and I can set the speed to 3600mhz no pr
  4. I was just looking at those and researching the differences between the various impedance versions as Amazon seems to have them all available -> Link. Was also looking at these Audio Technica ATH-M50x.
  5. Title pretty much sums up what I'm looking for. My budget is around 200 Euro and needs to be available from Amazon Germany as I have some gift cards from there. Can stretch a bit more of there's one model that absolutely deserves it. I will likely be getting a Schiit Hel as I had the Fulla 2 until a couple months ago and I loved it. 95% of the time they will be used at my desk as I have other headphones for commute and other uses. Always used closed back headphones... never tried open back but for whatever reason the idea of letting through the outside sound doesn't really
  6. Hi!, As the title says, I'm looking at options for buying a good high end monitor. I will be using it with my laptop first but planning to build a gaming rig in the not-so-long-term. My current laptop is a Zephyrus S GX502, probably can't max out everything and hit the refresh rate at that resolution + I'm pretty sure I can't use G-Sync over the USB-C-to-DP connection but should still give me a pretty good gaming experience until I get a desktop system together (Assuming I use headphones because this thing is freaking loud). So, what I'm looking in a monitor:
  7. Because this year (as in, 2020) I will likely be moving around regularly. I just relocated for work to Germany so I'll be staying in temporary apartments for a while until I can find some permanent accommodations. Then there's the whole situation on whether we're gonna stay here long time or not so I'd rather avoid anything that would add more of a logistic nightmare when moving haha. That's also the main reason why I didn't bring my gaming desktop with me. A laptop, even a heavy one, I can just stash into a bag as a single unit.
  8. Only comparison point I have with Dell is that I bought one of their old XPS laptops ten years ago and that thing is still working. Build quality aside what I definitely trust is Dell's warranty/post-sale service. The more I look at it the more I'm kinda leaning for the alienware... its just on the limit of heavy/bulky I was thinking haha.
  9. Mmm I'm checking out this one -> https://www.dell.com/de-de/shop/laptops-2-in-1-pcs/alienware-area-51m-gaming-laptop/spd/alienware-17-area51m-laptop The thing is huge and worse specs than the ASUS Zephyrus for more money though with the 15% off for Black Friday it ends up costing around the same. The user upgradability is great but I'm not sure how useful that would be in real life seeing how it already has a pretty beefy CPU and the GPU is a proprietary format you have to buy from Dell.
  10. Admittedly that might be pushing it a bit but I'm willing to entertain the idea haha.
  11. Pretty much what the title says. I recently relocated to Germany for work and had to leave my gaming desktop behind and since I'll likely be moving a couple more times before settling in a more permanent situation I'm entertaining the idea of getting a high end gaming laptop instead. Budget is around EUR$2600 but can stretch it a bit more if necessary. I will be buying it in Germany and ideally I'd like to be able to pay through PayPal so that rules Amazon out. Now, for what I'm looking for: 15 or 17 inches. Good screen with high refresh rate
  12. Hello!. Looking for a headphone amp/dac for my computer. I was gonna go with the Schiit stack but they're out of stock and since I'm gonna be traveling to the US in a couple days I can't wait until they get them back. For headphones I'm currently using a pair of V-Moda Crossfade Wireless 2 (wired). What would you guys recommend that's US$300ish tops? Although after reading @Dackzy 's post about another set of V-Moda's above looks like a Fulla 2 might be more than enough?.
  13. Quick question about that, is there any difference between the different Modi 2 versions? I'm pretty sure it's only the amount/options of inputs so for desktop computer use the basic one with USB would be enough but just to be sure.
  14. Hey!. So, I'm going to be visiting the US in a couple weeks and I want to get an amp/dac for my desktop computer (currently using a pair of V-Moda Corssfade Wireless 2 though wired). I was planning to buy the Magnii 3/Modi 2 combo from Schiit but TBH since I'm occasionally going to be using it with a microphone too I would really appreciate a mic input so I don't have to run a cable to the back of my computer too. Currently i'm looking at the Sennheiser GSX 1000 Gaming Audio Amplifier and the Creative Sound Blaster E5 though I'm not sure if this last one has a standard 3.5mm input