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  1. Yeah I actually prefer the 21.5 inch thanks for your help That was actually the one that i looked at before i even made this post lol thanks for your help!
  2. So my monitor went out and i really need a new one but im not the best when it comes to looking for monitors i dont know what to look for. I use my computer for games of course so i need atleast a 60Hz monitor and HDMI ports. If any of you know of any good monitors then just link it or let me know down below, thanks!
  3. I know I just hate getting in silver games... I am trying to rank up and get better at the game
  4. I know but im still looking for people to play with. sorry to low of a rank!
  5. I am looking for a group that I can play some CS GO with whether you have a group on steam or you are just a single person looking to play. I am a GN2 trying to get to GNM so if you guys are interested then message me on steam! Please only message me if you are above GN1 and have Prime! Thanks! http://steamcommunity.com/id/VinyYT/ Also let me know that you are from LTTF if you send me a FR!
  6. Yes, I have the 4790k and it is a great Processor! I Play games like GTA and BF and I have a 970 and no problems. Would definitely recommend it!
  7. Sorry for the late reply... I have been grinding out on the stream! I sent you a friend request on both steam and Origin!
  8. Looking for people to play with on BF4 cause I would like to livestream if you are interested just message me on here so we can play!
  9. Hey me and a friend of mine started an organization on GTA and if any of you would like to join then just send me a friend request on steam. the only requirement I have is that you must have Teamspeak! that is what me and my friend are using to communicate and we have our own server. My steam If you would like to watch because you cant connect then you can watch my live stream... Its not the best its just for people to see what its like that cant load the game I mainly do YouTube anyway! My live stream!
  10. Ok I will definitely check out the back version. Thank you for all of you help! Thanks for your response! I have already figured out the issue though!
  11. Make your own post... VinyYT
  12. Hey if you want to do some heists with a crew then message me on steam crnx_viney We are trying to do all of them with the same crew so we get the $1,000,000 bonus if you are interested message my steam!
  13. Could your drivers be out of date?