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  1. Got a new graphics card (MSI RTX 2070) today as i upgraded from 1080p gaming to 1440p gaming. Ran benchmarks looked ok, FPS stable and temps stable although i noticed one thing... on CPUID HWMonitor it says under powers for the GPU that the max was at 102.16%? For reference, i have a 550W 80+ Gold EVGA SuperNOVA G2 PSU and on the box and on a PSU calculator it does say this is enough. But is the Powers on HWMonitor a concern?
  2. Booting in safe mode seems to be doing ok so far no crashes as we speak, needs more time
  3. One thing i have noticed is the only time i have seen it do this is when im either doing uni work or ONLY play Elite Dangerous, it is still to happen to any other game. I would have said it was an issue on ED side but it did happen when i was writing a program...
  4. Ok so this only started to happen about 2 days ago I will be doing work or playing games, minding my own buisness when all of a sudden my computer takes a complete sezuire on me. It will first start to make lots of loud persistent beeps followed by extreme lag in any sort of peripheral input such as mouse or keyboard, although i have found that a Ctrl + Alt + Del seems to be quick but anything after that it goes back to being laggy, so potentially it isn't a software issue? (I am using Windows 10) All my drivers and software are up to date, i used malwarebytes and avast
  5. Why have you got a Z370 board with a non K CPU?
  6. Ok so this has been going on for a few months now. I have a linked windows 10 account with my bog standard laptop with my main PC. Over these months i have noticed that in the recycling bin, on my laptop only NOT my PC there are...files loads of them, all appearing after a restart no matter how many times I deleted them. They are always something to do with Fallout 4 as a CSV file for Excel or other files, CIV 6 and FM18 are the newest instalments being PKM files. However, i noticed the FM18 files appeared once I booted steam on my laptop. I have on several occasions scanned my lap
  7. Maybe it's the same here then, maybe i don't pay until i collect the package or something, if so then for products that are around £20 difference it isn't worth it but anything more than that i am still saving, thank you for bringing this up, i forgot about import fees
  8. I proceeded to checkout with a product to test and it appears not, not unless that detail comes up later on ie final stages I assume it is covered in shipping
  9. Bitcoin has went down by nearly 10% in one day (see here: https://www.coindesk.com/price/) While it is still crazy high value, it shows it is completely unpredictable currently and i would not recommend investing now as it's stock is very crazy atm But hey, i ain't no economist
  10. So i use PC partpicker UK and it is a very good website for me picking out parts i want for my dream builds or just to fulfil boredom. But i am recently going to upgrade to a 1070 ti and my CPU as well to an I7, i noticed, along with the monitor i was going to be buying i was sitting at £1000...my current PC, removing software and peripherals was at £800 when i bought it...yeah expensive. So i went onto Newegg, to see if they had a UK site, and they did (all my years i never knew they had a website based in the UK) and guess what... my products i was buying on PCpartpic
  11. So waiting for Volta doesn't seem like a good option since its ages away then? Thank you everyone for the contribution
  12. High refresh rates don't really concern me atm, i don't play a lot of FPS games for the extra £££
  13. Good to know im not the only one lol My thinking is since it will be early next year when i will buy this we might know more about Volta and i might just end up waiting
  14. Will be buying a 1440p monitor early 2018 (Feb-March) and i would like to game at this resolution so will be investing in a new graphics card. I currently have a 1060, while in some games it will be ok, others like FO4 and GTA V i don't think it will cut out for high settings which preferably I would like to play at. I am planning on investing in a 1070 ti and sell my 1060 to help the payout but im now wondering should i just wait for Volta and buy a Volta card instead of a 1070ti? FYI here is the monitor i will be getting: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/