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Lunar Evolution

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  1. Funny
    Lunar Evolution got a reaction from Mr_KoKa in Help taking substring in PHP   
    The $output variable is technically a string I believe. Although, it is the result of 
    $output = print_r($anarray, true); So if it would be easier to do it with an array (although the array contains many other arrays), I could use the array variable. And the password is just a randomly generated string and all the data is test data as well with no real value.
  2. Like
    Lunar Evolution reacted to NinjaJc01 in What is the Easiest Language   
    Python has always been nice to me. Quick to get the basics, and easy to develop.
  3. Informative
    Lunar Evolution got a reaction from hydrogalaxy in Is it worth upgrading to GTX 1080 From 980ti?   
    Definitely not. The only way it would be conceivably worth it is if you are rolling in money or are desperate for extreme quality VR