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  1. tried it, no luck 1 update though, i started the machine with the drive in the caddy connected by usb but not switched on and went into the bios. while in there i switched on the caddy and as soon as the drive spun up the bios screen froze
  2. Ive not tried this. Ill try as soon as i get home from work. THANKS!
  3. Ok, so heres one that has absolutely wrecked my head for the whole weekend. (please excuse the long winded explanation, but im hoping something i think may be irrelevant may be relevant to someone in helping me to solve this) I have a PC (which is use as a plex server) which has 5 HDD (purely for storage) and 1 SSD (C/windows) On Friday i needed to add a new HDD (500gb i had spare) as i was suffering for space. I connected the new drive and booted into windows. Using Mini Partition Wizard (free edition) i formatted the drive for storage (it was previously a windows drive
  4. Im not sure what your current level of knowledge is but if you are looking for a starting point i can personally highly recommend CompTIA A+ as an introduction to.... well..... all the things..... its a great well rounded course that will cover some of everything from hardware and software. Have a look online for the course materials and if you feel you're happy to do so after a while certification is easy (most places have centres for sitting exams for online accreditation). Professor James Messer is fantastic at delivering the course material and has a website and a youtube channel. From the
  5. Thanks. If i cant get this to work i will look into something like the odroid. I will get a mini usb to hdmi cable (no harm to have one for my phone anyway) and see if i can display the phone on the tv but im doubting that will work to start because if i connect the device to my laptop and try to connect to it using adb incant find it and it appears in my device manager as an unknown device (despite the fact that my drivers etc are set up correctly as my current phone is another nexus 6 and i use the laptop regularly for reflashing stock Android if i have rom or firmware issues and i want to r
  6. Thanks for the reply. With reference to the pi and using kodi, im not a huge fan of kodi. I have a home media centre pc with plex server running and i plan i using the plex app on the android tv box to play my media. i also use other services such as netflix so this is why android is appealing to me as i can install the appropriate app easily for anything i want to do. I know there are alternatives in kodi like using the plexbmc addon to play plex but ive tried these and other kodi addons and im not a fan. i think native android apps are a preferable option. Regarding the nexus im not su
  7. Hi eveyone. First post here. I'm not 100% sure if this is the right spot for this but here goes. I have been looking into building my own custom homemade android tv box. I have been looking into using a mini pc, maybe a pi 3 but so far from my research it seems the pi 3 is not really rocking android too well and from personal experience with android phones and custom roms i doubt it will work too well, i dont think 1gb of ram of enough for modern lollipop+ roms and the graphics chip in the pi is a bit weak for my liking. I have however got a Motorola Nexus 6. It was my phone, when it was