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  1. Hello, I have a couple of questions about my monitor upgrade. I am currently using a Benq 1080p 1ms 144hz refresh rate monitor. How much better would a Benq 1440p 1ms 144hz refresh monitor be in display quality would I see a major upgrade in display graphics quality ?
  2. Planning on replacing my GPU 980Ti thermal paste I was wondering if 91% is safe to use for cleaning off my gpu chip ? My local market does not sell 99% .
  3. How much Can I overclock my i7 4790K with a hyper evo 212 can someone give me a rough estimate?
  4. I am planning on using SLI on my EVGA ref 980Ti How much will the price drop too at its low point?
  5. Hey folks I was wondering if it was worth changing the thermal paste on the 980Ti with artic MX 4? Would I see some gains in tempertures? And what would I have to avoid to bricking the card?
  6. So if the pump leaked onto my gpu and motherboard corsair would reimburse me'? Oh thanks I heard they only reimburse you for used prices on components is this true
  7. well lets get back on topic guys I used intelburntest got the same high temps .. Is this going to have to be a RMA ? Its not overclocked I don't see why temps are going up to 95C under load...
  8. So if the pump leaked onto my gpu and motherboard corsair would reimburse me'?
  9. Cool thank you ! May I ask how much voltage you added to achieve a 4.8ghz OC? and how much faster is 4.4ghz to 4.8ghz OC performance wise
  10. I have read alot of reviews of corsairs coolers leaking what are the actual chances of this happening and totalling my PC if so does corsair have a policy on reimbursing ?
  11. Hello all first post, my i7 4790K is getting around 95C + under prime95 100% cpu load stress test. When playing games like bf4 temps do not go above 50-60C Is there something wrong with my cpu ? I was planning on getting a h115i corsair cpu cooler to overclock but seems pointless doing so because of these stock clock temps... And I did apply the thermal paste correctly pea sized . specs... Hyper evo 212 with ARTIC MX4 980ti i7 4790K Msi z97 600w bronze psu