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  1. I will have to give this alot more research before I decide which route to take thank you though this gives me alot to think about
  2. I will have to take a look at that what vm software would you suggest?
  3. I currently have a 3000 sqft warehouse space but I might lease a storefront before actually opening not sure yet on that one and I want to start with 4 vr booths along with 4 more gaming pcs and then some console gaming just for fun. The big part I want to focus on is making sure that 4 people can all play in VR multiplayer and have a unique experience. Just not sure what games to use yet?
  4. very good point I have already ordered a vive because that is my favorite so far and I plan on making this a reality for the area where I live in the next few months im just trying to get a feel for what everyone would expect out of a place like this ...thanks for your feedback!!!
  5. thats great to hear I have started ordering parts to set this up I am just trying to get a feel for what other people want thanks for the feedback
  6. Wouldnt A machine like that Cost much more than building separate rigs. What parts would you use in a setup like that ?
  7. thats the prices point I was thinking personally and thanks for the idea for the call ahead scheduling...Just curious would you use a service like this?
  8. I hope you dont mind all the questions but what makes you like the Vive
  9. And would you actually go to a store and pay to play VR ?
  10. Which VR headset do you like the most right now ?
  11. If you had a budget of 25000 usd to setup a VR gaming Cafe what hardware would you spend the money on? Why would you choose that hardware? How would you implement all of it ? P.S. what are the best VR games you have seen so far?