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  1. Ever since I´ve had SSDs I set aside 10-20 GB on each drive for OP as recommended by Samsung's Magician app etc, but I've noticed new computers, even $$ Asus Zenbooks come from the factory without any OP space assigned. Is there already a hidden fixed space set aside on new drives these days that they don't do this anymore? Even popular PC build channels don't seem to do it.
  2. Yeah they should, I have this case and it has both cables.
  3. I have recently built a system with the P600S and I'm still undecided whether I want to return it and get the BeQuiet instead. P600S cons: - only 2 USB (ok the 802 as well), however the cover is handy when not using them to avoid dust - HDD cages.. this was a letdown, you can fit 4 HDDs in the bottom area only with a small PSU, otherwise only 1 cage for 2 HDD will fit so you need to hang another cage on the front area. This is a bit messy as well cause it either gets in the way of the GPU, or it greatly reduces the airflow for it, or you must put it higher up where the to
  4. Same shit here in Europe, large box with no protection whatsoever, 2 damaged disks already, let's see if 3rd one breaks the rule.
  5. That's where I found the "naked" plugs, but then what about the caps? I would like to be able to build something like this
  6. The closest thing I found was this, but without any covers etc, not very handy
  7. Came across that shop before but they also only have female ones.
  8. I have a couple front panel modules in my PC (fan controller, card reader with sata etc) which I wanted to convert from MOLEX shit to Sata but I've been unable to find anywhere online to buy empty caps to change the cables, there seems to be only female ones. Any idea about where you can buy them? i.e I'd like to convert this to a sata male power lead without using an adapter:
  9. That looks pretty nice for $100, and it looked kinda smooth; pretty sad this $100 little thing is probably "faster" than most laptops today that cost 5 times as much and for some obscure reason still stick to shitty HDDs.
  10. After building PCs for some ~18 years I've had multitude of drives in my own systems as well as others I built for family, friends, for sale etc, and honestly I must agree with the hate for Seagate. Most issues and dying drives I've had have been from Seagate, besides a lot more noisy than others like Samsung (when they still made HDDs) and WD. Can't comment on whether it's any better lately as I've been sticking strictly to WD for the last 4-5 years, so there's at least that. That doesn't mean I've had no issues with WD, but they've been far less.