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  1. I'm not sure if I'm gonna need those, but maybe I'll turn to x370 just in case we will see BTW! Thanks for checking out this post!!!
  2. I dont think I'll go for SLI so I see no point in that. =) Or is there and im missing something?
  3. I think I can live with it and gj with including picture of it =) Thanks!
  4. I think so too! it doesn't have the best airflow but I think it will bee good enough
  5. Any comments about this build? I want to do black and white build with maybe some RGB mood lighting and quiet but affordable fans https://pcpartpicker.com/list/2FW9d6 P400s will be black/white model How about fans? I want 2x 140mm quiet white bladed fans I'm trying to find black/white motherboard at that price point and I've been thinking about MSI b350 pc mate, Asus prime x370-pro, MSI tomahawk, MSI b350 carbon and Asus strix b350-f (Asrock pro is ugly) If I dont like vega cards I'll just pull trigger for gtx 1070 (using gtx 660 ti at
  6. now others can find awnser while they google it
  7. you can remove plastic cover that is on top of the hole at the back of the feet just pull it outwards I did it myself and I was so scared but it was worth a try =) now we now it works
  8. unchecking this --> That is what they tell to do in that post but it will pop up again every time I restart windows if I uncheck that box
  9. Hellou! I can only find guides about removing AI Suite fully or unchecking this --> but it wont stop it form popping on my screen again when I restart windows =(
  10. Actually we changed it to I5 6600 about 10minutes ago! I'll need to update this post.
  11. Its not gonna be overclocked and the GPU is my friend happens to have so its not gonna chance if there will be no need for it Thanks for awnsering this community is so cool!
  12. My friend wants PC that can be upgraded in future We are trying to find out what kind of power supply to get? and also I would think about upgradabality? (what is this word?) I would also appresiate feedback on other parts if you know better (no comments about Radeon 7750!) CPU: i5-6600 GPU:Radeon7750 2GB Motherboard: ASRock H170 Pro4s RAM: Kingston Hyperx 8gb Ramkit 2x4gb Ddr4 SSD: Kingston SSDNow V300 120 GB SSD 2.5 PSU: Corsair CX450M? OS: Win10 Ask for more! and I'm trying to update this post as I go