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    LIGISTX got a reaction from Peopie in Will MCP655 heat up liquid?   
    I would still hook up a fan, better safe than sorry. It is such an easy thing its worth doing. You do have a 360 rad, so it has good surface area for passive cooling, but why not just plug up a fan to it. Worth the 2 minute hassle in my opinion.
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    LIGISTX got a reaction from Henry in Core 2 Quad upgrade   
    Yea, if your mobo is at all good at overclocking, bumping those GHz up will make a noticeable difference. Spend like 40-50 bucks on a cooler now that you will be able to use latter on as well if you do jump at Haswell, and its win win. 
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    LIGISTX got a reaction from Brian in fan to cool gpu and a new cpu heatsink   
    The 212 EVO is the new CPU heatsink, same one I linked. If you don't want a new heatsink for the GPU, just use a fan, any fan.
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    LIGISTX got a reaction from Semi1114 in Core 2 Quad upgrade   
    According to some Toms Hardware 3D mark, they do about the same. PC mark, the AMD 965 does about 9% better. For reference, an i5 3470 does about 35% better at PC mark and about 16% better at 3D mark.
    I would wait for haswell as well. Or wait till haswell drops and try and get a ivy for cheap ;)
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    LIGISTX got a reaction from Exclamati0n in Exams - What was your worst exam?   
    Yea, took me two tries to pass Dynamics and strength of materials. Ended up with a D in dyanmics the second time, but a B- in strength of materials! 
    Btw, I was mechanical as well, since switched to Industrial Engineering, was not feeling the rest of the ME courses at all.
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    LIGISTX reacted to Kilobytez95 in STOP ASKING 2500K VS 3570K!!!!   
    There is next to no difference unless you are using HD graphics. I hate seeing people post if they should upgrade or not its so stupid.

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    LIGISTX reacted to canadianultra in Help   
    Thanks mgsstar, I think i'm going to follow your recommendations, in fact I just picked up the Logitech g 710+ and it is great. It feels very sturdy, it has a very handy volume wheel and I love the cherry mx brown switches with the o-rings. I am planing to order the rest of the components later.   
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    LIGISTX got a reaction from That Norwegian Guy in GTX 780 to run on DirectX 12 maybe? (Tweak Town)   
    Yea, the sound and temps bugged me a bunch as well. But about 3 months ago I got a Antec 620 and put it on there, temps no longer go over 50c at stock clocks, and even at 830 MHz core, don't go over 60c :)
    Plus not that much noise. and the ~45% OC really helps a lot. The way I see it, I might have got one more cycle out of it, because I agree on stock air it would be on its way out of my rig as well. lol
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    LIGISTX reacted to Dethlok1997 in Rampage iv extreme will not post   
    The Rampage IV extreme has Asus's QLED feature which check whats not working on the board. If you can't find them look in your manual. They are located near the 24-pin. If the CPU LED ends up being lit up the CPU is whats causes the problem. DRAM = RAM VGA = Graphics card, and so on.  
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    LIGISTX got a reaction from physX in i7-3770k Overclocking.   
    It's all about testing and repeating testing at different clocks/volts. Always try and use the least amount of volts, and just keep testing. Jump to 4.4-4.5 since that is close to where you want to be at, and see how low you can get the volts. Then rinse and repeat.
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    LIGISTX reacted to physX in i7-3770k Overclocking.   
    OK guys i'll first try 4.4GHz at 1.25V then 4.6GHz 1.35.If there is stability issue, i will high the VCORE. If there are higher temps i will low the VCORE until it is stable. Thank you guys that you gave me some ideas for my CPU.
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    LIGISTX got a reaction from physX in i7-3770k Overclocking.   
    SLI titans ftw! Yea try and pump them ghz as much as possible. 1.425 volts is a lot of volts though, don't push it too far. I say try and hit 4.6-4.7 ghz, see how much vcore you have to give it and go from there. Personally, I wouldn't let the CPU hit 80c under prime95, but some people say 80-85 is ok. I would rather sacrifice speed a bit for sub 80c temps.
    If you got a sick chip, 4.8 is attainable.
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    LIGISTX got a reaction from physX in i7-3770k Overclocking.   
    I was about to say try 4.4 @ 1.25v. Try it, if it's stable, up the clock till you loose stability. Then up vcore and start over.
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    LIGISTX reacted to SSOB in i7-3770k Overclocking.   
    Less volts are always bettter first try 1.345 then go higher
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    LIGISTX reacted to TechFan@ic in Do You Think Games/movies/softwares Are Sold On Flash Drives Soon?   
    No, everything will be on the cloud.
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    LIGISTX reacted to WoodenMarker in Logitech G710+   
    I'm using the G710+ now. It's amazing. I find myself just staring at the keys sometimes.
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    LIGISTX reacted to LinusTech in My Story - How I Became A "professional Unboxer"   
    Sorry for the re-post. This forum section kinda died when we migrated and this post was lost, but I link people here a lot when they ask me this question.
    I get a lot of questions on YouTube, but some of the ones that come up a lot are

    "How do I get companies to sponsor me with products?"
    "How do I get more subscribers on YouTube like you?"
    "What do I need to study in school to do a job like yours?"

    Hopefully this story of my journey serves as both an encouraging and cautionary one.

    I was in high school when I really got into computer hardware. In Grade 11/12 and in my first couple of years at the University of British Columbia I spent most of my time tinkering with my computer, hanging out on hardware forums and playing video games. Honestly that's a big part of why school didn't really go well for me at the post-secondary level. I didn't devote enough time to my studies and I was on academic probation after having failed first year calculus twice when I made the decision to drop out and switch from working part time at my local computer store to a full time position.

    I started at NCIX by working just weekends, then I moved my school schedule to Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and I was working Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday at NCIX. When I left school I switched to being a full time sales representative at the Langley store. I worked like that for a few months, then I had to leave NCIX due to a contractual obligation that I had to work for a different employer during the summer that year. I went to the President of NCIX with a request that once I was finished my other contract that I be allowed to have my job back, and instead of giving me my job back he explained that I was selling more high end gaming systems than any other sales person in the company and offered me a position at head office taking care of the system configurations on the website. I was thrilled.

    I finished my other job and went back to NCIX to build high end systems and make sure that the computers on the website were compatible and up to date. I wanted to do more than just buckets of parts for our systems though and at that point one of the best ways to differentiate was liquid cooling. In order to achieve my goal of building liquid cooled systems, I had to have access to the right components. That was when I asked my boss why the heck NCIX didn't have any selection of custom water cooling parts. He basically said "I dunno. If you want them, you source them." So I did.

    In a span of about a year NCIX went from selling no water cooling components at all to being #1 in Canada with every significant water cooling manufacturer (Swiftech, CoolIt, Thermochill, EK Water Blocks, D-TEK, Danger Den, Koolance, you name it). Once I'd demonstrated that success it was time for me to graduate to managing some real lines. I went from taking care of random widgets to core business components like SSDs, RAM, motherboards, and networking. Over time my responsibilities shifted and instead of being the one placing orders daily for everything, I was given support from other team members to focus on marketing and promotional campaigns.

    Times changed, people changed... I glanced at the calendar and realized a few years had passed me by and all of a sudden I was a Category Manager rather than a Product Manager, with a team of Product Managers reporting to me, and I was heavily involved in strategy and marketing for key categories like CPUs, notebooks, video cards, SSDs. I was also still product managing some lines, and I was still overseeing the PC system configurations & marketing as well. I was overloaded and it was time to delegate and step back a bit. I also knew that my baby was coming soon.

    When the baby was born, my pace didn't really slow down. That's what happens at a vibrant, fast-growing company. There is always some exciting new project to work on, or a new stretch target that you're motivated to hit.

    That long story (hopefully not TLDR) leads me to the answer to all of those questions above: GET A REAL JOB. What you may or may not have noticed is that nowhere in the blurb above did I say anything about making videos. YouTube videos are not a real job unless you are incredibly talented, incredibly hard working, or incredibly lucky (usually some combination of the three) and honestly it's not that lucrative.

    If you have fun making videos and you're passionate about it, do it as a hobby, but don't expect to get any free products or money for doing it. That way if you break out and gather a huge following, then that's awesome, but if you don't then you hopefully enjoyed every minute of that too. The audience isn't stupid. They know who is doing it for $$ and who is doing it out of passion, so ask yourself if you have the passion to make videos even if no one watched them. If the answer is no, then it's like that no one will be passionate about watching your videos either.

    I don't have any relevant pictures or videos to link to, so instead I'll post a link to the first video I ever uploaded to YouTube about the Sunbeam Tuniq Tower. It should give you some inspiration because if THAT guy can build one of the largest tech channels on the YouTubez by working hard, being passionate, and having some good luck, then maybe you can too!
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    LIGISTX reacted to prodigydoo in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
    Sorry I added a watermark to all my memes now because some people are copy/pasting them unfortunately  :(
    The OG EA Meme :)

    ** If You can't see the image above, my webserver is down. Chances are if you give it a minuite or two it will be back up..  (F5..F5..F5..F5..)
    (Or View it here: http://imgur.com/qEgVrIa )