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    LIGISTX reacted to ShrimpBrime in Unsure about cable from motherboard to psu   
    The plug from the PSU should be labeled CPU. You want to populate the 8 pin EPS first. The 4 pin is for overclocking, this board does not require both to be populated.
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    LIGISTX got a reaction from Newblesse Obblige in Replacement for intel stock cooler for i5 6400?   
    Blowing the heatsink out is likely enough. Are you seeing high temps before you clean it? If your temps are ok, I wouldn’t worry as much about removing the heatsink to clean it. 
    But yes, an 80mm tower cooler could be plenty. I advise checking the temps first though. 
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    LIGISTX reacted to my name is guru iam tech in My pc won't post after upgrading cpu   
    just install the latest bios reset cmos and try 
    just do what @LIGISTX said
    and do that after finishing your homework
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    LIGISTX got a reaction from Mel0nMan in Should I sli bridge 1070tis   
    For gaming..? No. It won’t help performance in almost any meaningful way in almost every game, some games it will actually hurt performance. It looks cool, it sounds cool, but it doesn’t actually help performance - SLI is dead ;(
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    LIGISTX got a reaction from Somerandomtechyboi in Should I sli bridge 1070tis   
    For gaming..? No. It won’t help performance in almost any meaningful way in almost every game, some games it will actually hurt performance. It looks cool, it sounds cool, but it doesn’t actually help performance - SLI is dead ;(
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    LIGISTX got a reaction from kirashi in download all files from an ftp   
    I second filezilla, thats my sftp client of choice when I need a GUI. 
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    LIGISTX reacted to Aaactive in My 2080s Hybrid hotter than normal?   
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    LIGISTX reacted to Allan B in My 2080s Hybrid hotter than normal?   
    But it makes a cool sound when it spins really fast 🙂  Yes, this is important, I did break a fan in a PSU by doing this many years ago..
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    LIGISTX got a reaction from Aaactive in My 2080s Hybrid hotter than normal?   
    When you do this, put your finger on the fam your blowing, or stick a pencil through the blade. If you hit it with compressed air you can fry the fan from it spinning too quickly. But I do this all the time, just be careful and it’ll all be fine. 
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    LIGISTX got a reaction from BiotechBen in Thoughts?   
    It’s a very high quality PSU.  What are the specs of the system..?
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    LIGISTX reacted to svmlegacy in How does F@H implement multiple computers under the same account.   
    It gives separate WU's for each system & GPU.
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    LIGISTX got a reaction from kirashi in Kernel-level anti-cheats are threats to security and privacy. You should care   
    Also… Anticheat looks for you being in a VM… if your in a VM, depending on the implementation the hypervisor can read (and write) to memory, which is the ultimate form of cheating. Direct memory access is basically 100% ownership. So anticheat software tries really hard to know if your in a VM or not as it would be the best way to cheat, lol. 
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    LIGISTX reacted to mtz_federico in 2 WAN on my SG-1100   
    Yes, and then you only need to add rules for what traffic goes where or if it just acts as a backup connection (from a quick look, this is what the video shows).
    If you can connect to the isp routers while they are also connected to pfsense (before putting them in bridge mode), check if the internet works for both of them when it stops working in pfsense.
    If you could share your ISPs routers models, I could help you with some research.
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    LIGISTX got a reaction from Sata 3 Trip in CPU as a multi-task virtual servers   
    No CPU is “designed for servers”. CPU’s are CPU’s for the most part. As long as it supports virtualization, such as with Intel, vt-d, it’ll work just fine.
    I run ESXi on my setup, I pass through my HBA to Freenas so it has bare metal access to the drives (which ZFS wants), and all VM’s are happy. It’s been running for 3+ years, and my specific i3 supports ECC ram which I am using as well. 

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    LIGISTX got a reaction from Sata 3 Trip in CPU as a multi-task virtual servers   
    Also you will likely not want to use windows as the host…. Down flavor of linux with virtualization as a core feature. If you need a windows machine, run it as a VM under your hypervisor. 
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    LIGISTX reacted to MingLee420 in Do I need a new PSU?   
    its on d tier on ltt psu list so id upgrade the psu before a gpu 
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    LIGISTX reacted to suedseefrucht in PSU replacement   
    That's probably the best one.
    It's in Tier B of our PSU Tier List,
    while The Antec Atom for example is in Tier D, so just for very very cheap systems.
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    LIGISTX reacted to HanZie82 in CPU waterblock with integrated pump compatible with distribution panel   
    I would advice giving us some specs/model numbers etc.
    Maybe a picture or two if its more unknown stuff.
    But with current info, it might be a bit hard to give a good answer.
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    LIGISTX got a reaction from RockSolid1106 in Is the MacBook Air still worth it?   
    You got an M1 air?
    I think it’s a decent option still. Not sure if M2 will be announced soon, if there are solid rumors saying it will, may be worth waiting for the m2 version. Also, if base model is 8GB (I don’t remember off hand), get a 16GB or more. I have an Intel air from 2 years ago with 16GB, and there is no way any less is actually viable imo. 
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    LIGISTX got a reaction from CommanderAlex in Warranty Process   
    If they are doing a cross ship, which means they send out a replacement before you send in your defective unit, typically companies will charge you and refund the money upon receipt of your old unit (defective or not, for instance, if they determine it to not be defective they won’t charge you).
    If it’s a standard RMA where you send your old unit in and wait for a replacement, they shouldn’t need your card, but it appears to be a cross ship type service. May just want to confirm. 
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    LIGISTX reacted to Michael McChesney in Backblaze Hates My Wireless Keyboard and Mouse   
    Actually, my data is being encrypted.  They call it "invisible encryption" and my data is being encrypted before the upload.  That is probably what's responsible for the drain on my CPU.  
    Thank you for the advice.
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    LIGISTX reacted to RONOTHAN## in Should I update my motherboard bios?   
    It's probably a good idea. It might run, but it probably doesn't have all the micro code needed for the CPU to perform its best.
    Usually, you don't want to update the BIOS unless you need to, but where the CPU only has enough microcode to turn on, it's usually a good idea to do so. 
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    LIGISTX got a reaction from Jonathan Lee in getting a new gpu   
    CPU is fine. That’s not a bad CPU for that GPU.
    Yes, a faster CPU would give you more FPS, but it doesn’t make sense to spend more on a faster CPU since spending more on the GPU would result in even better FPS. It’s all about balancing the build, and that CPU is a fine option. 
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    LIGISTX reacted to Bombastinator in cable mod compatablty   
    Sounds like a question for cable mod.
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    LIGISTX got a reaction from Freakwise in AIO are worse for airflow   
    They do impede airflow, but there are lots of factors that go into cooling a PC case and the things in it efficiently.
    1 immediate advantage is a radiator as an exhaust will remove almost all of the heat from that component from the case outright; very little heat is dumped into the case and thus other components are kept cooler. Does this mitigate the drop in airflow, possibly? Possibly not?
    AIO’s have gained popularity because of “cool factor”, not really because of actual cooling ability. As you stated, a big air cooler is just as, if not more affective. The real way to get a quiet PC with good thermals is a custom loop… and this is mostly due to GPU cooling. Stock GPU fans are just not effective at both cooling and staying quiet. Some of the larger 3 slot heatsinks do a pretty good job, but my system is a good example of a system built around silence - all fans run 900 rpm or less in game load, CPU is typically low 60’s and GPU is high 40’s to low 50’s. I could drop fan RPM even further, but at under 900 rpm, I really can’t hear them anyways with any amount of game noises… water cooling does have a purpose and a place, but to get the true benefits of it, you need a good amount of rad space and have both CPU and GPU waterblocked. That said, my loop all in cost over 700 bucks, hell, fittings alone were over 150. So it’s not exactly bang for buck, but it’s fun (if your an enthusiast and enjoy it) and effective.