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    LIGISTX reacted to GOTSpectrum for a blog entry, Day Two - On the second day   
    On the second day, things are looking great with many users increasing their production significantly.
    i'll be honest, I've been awake for close to 42 hours so I'm just going to post you with the recipe for my drink and the list. 
    Be happy!
    Day Two Ranks
    as always:
    Please remember that this is a friendly event, but we are all folding away for science, AND GLORY! 
    I'm really impressed with the numbers we are seeing here for all of folding, Thank you to all who are involved and who make this worth while every event!
    Remember we are a team first and individuals second, so give thanks where thanks is due and hit that reaction button when someone helps you out.
    Be wary of the minimum participation requirements this year.
    minimum requirements: 500k points, and 10 days of having activity over the course of our 14 day event.
    Happy folding,
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    LIGISTX reacted to GOTSpectrum for a blog entry, Prelude   
    Well guys, another major folding event has rolled around much sooner than we anticipated and with it has come yet more advances in our back-end system. We are hoping these improvements will make for a better experience and reduce the likely hood of errors in the data. The majority of the work has now been completed and we will be testing it over the next 48-72 hours to ensure we are all systems go for the event!
    This is an event unlike any other, we are not folding for glory, for competition, for fame, but instead we join our brothers and sisters combating the epidemic of COVID-19. We are a competitive bunch I will admit that, but remember the main reason we have all come together. This is far beyond anything we have seen before, more people than ever have signed up for folding. More system and more compute power has been poured into folding than ever in the history of the project. We are not THE team, but simply A team in the crowd. Because now, we fold not just for Team LTT, but for humanity, more so now than ever before. 
    The current health crisis is scary, scary in its size and proliferation, scary in its effect on the world, scary in the fact that it has been over 100 years since we last had an infection on this scale. But never before in history been we better equipped to deal with such a crisis. Never before in history has there been a way that 'normal' people like you and me have been able to directly aid in the response. Never before in history have we had such a deep connection with each other as we now do as technology brings the people of the world closer together.
    All I ask of you is to fold!
    Fold for your grandparents, your parents, yourselves, your friends. Because for the first time in history we have the tools and system in place that we can assist with research that is far outside of most of ours understanding. This is a dark time, but through folding we shall shine a light into the darkness. We shall beam hope into the shadows!
    I would just like to thank every single one of you for getting involved, no matter if you are folding on some decrepit system from a by gone era or on the greatest and latest. Because, now, we forge ahead, with the knowledge in our hearts that we are doing what is needed for the greater good. As whole countries are on lock down, and millions of people are in isolation, we stand together with all other folding teams new and old to combat this threat to the most vulnerable in our world. 
    A big thank you to @leadeater for smashing through the needed work to make sure we have the tools that we need to run the event smoothly. 
    Don't forget to follow the blog for updates!
    Please find below a table of current(as of 22:00 GMT) signs ups with notes on if they have any issues. 
    If you are not in the list you record may have not registered through the google form so please feel free to fill in the form again. if you signed up after 2200 GMT you won't be on the list but don't worry.