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  1. Thanks for the info! I ended up finding that both the radiator fan and the fan on top of my case were dead, which caused the case to overheat and make the cooling loop dry up. I got a new cooler (Corsair H60) that came with a fan (yay!) and installed it with the thermal paste that came pre-coated on the cooling block. Everything works fine now (y) Sorry I took so long to reply btw, I've been busy with school/work (finals are coming up D:)
  2. I've discovered that the fan attached to my radiator wasn't spinning at all, so I replaced it with a different one of the same size (although it uses a motherboard fan connector instead of a power supply-connected one, which I think is an important difference.) I attached the fan in a direction that was blowing air out of the case, which I think was the wrong direction. When I had the fan connected this way, the motherboard gave me a single beep error code. When I reversed the direction, it gave me a single long beep, followed by three short beeps, a brief pause, and another short
  3. I think I should have worded that better. It gets to the motherboard splash screen is what I meant to say. Sometimes it gets past that and to the American Megatrends error message screen saying there's a cpu fan error but most of the time it just black screens after the motherboard splash. I know the error isn't just wrong, since the cpu getting stuck to the liquid cooling block is proof that there's actually overheating going on, and therefore either the cpu fan header on the motherboard or my whole liquid cooling system is bad. I'm just trying to determine which one.
  4. So, thanks to some kind people on this forum, I've managed to solve my first problem with my CPU liquid cooler getting stuck to my CPU (I posted about it here) Unfortunately, it looks like the CPU fan error I had before is still coming up. On top of that, sometimes boot doesn't even get past the BIOS boot screen (it black screens after that, and not too long after that, just shuts off.) I checked that I plugged the cooling block/radiator setup of my corsair h60 into the right fan header (labelled CPU_FAN, of course). I'm thinking its either the fan header that's bad or
  5. I got it off! I think all the isopropyl alcohol I used last night seeped in between the CPU and the cooling block, and it was a lot easier to take off. I'll see if I can get some good thermal paste, although I'd rather just use some paste I already have. Keeping my case dust free and clean is probably the best way to prevent this from happening again. Although I will mention that the paste that caused this problem was the pre-applied paste that came with the cooler, so I guess that explains a few things. Thanks everyone for your help! Edit: I also took an inflatable mat
  6. Oh god lol. I feel their pain ;_; No luck yet, but I think the alcohol is seeping under the cpu (I *hope*.) I'll keep trying!
  7. Thanks for the video! I'm applying the alcohol gently and then using the dental floss to try and get under one of the corners of the cpu, which is slowly making a little gap where the floss can get into eventually. I'll keep trying, this is the most promising method I've seen so far.
  8. Gotcha. I'll try prying it off as gently as possible. I have some 70% isopropyl alcohol right next to me, although I know 91 or 99% are probably more effective for that. The gap between the cpu and cooler is zero from what I see, but I'll try the alcohol anyways. Wish me luck D:
  9. I've tried the knife suggestion, but with no luck so far. I'm just scraping metal off the cpu at this point lol. I'll look for a thinner knife or something. I also thought about just going to the store and getting a blow dryer to see if I can heat up the edges around the cpu to (hopefully) make the thermal paste more malleable. Edit: sorry for the double post
  10. oh you mean the frame on the cpu mounting point that holds it to the motherboard? I think when this desktop was built they removed that part to accommodate for the liquid cooling block. This is what it looks like without the cpu/cooling block on it:
  11. I honestly thought the cooling block would just come off the cpu, I didn't expect the whole cpu to come out with it! I've got a spudger that you get from those small electronics repair kits, and a flathead screw driver. I think the screw driver is my best bet here, although there's literally zero space between the cpu and the cooling block. I'll try (CAREFULLY!) to use that and gently scrape away at the hardened thermal paste around the cpu. I'll try that, if I can find a knife thin enough. I have a couple multi tools laying around that could have a knife that wou
  12. So, I've had some issues and errors recently in regards to my cpu temperature. I've had random shut offs and a single error message (cpu heat error), so I decided to open up the comp and check it out. I have a corsair h60 closed loop liquid cooler. I tried removing the cooler from the cpu, but I ended up accidentally yanking the cpu put of its socket, since it's stuck to the cooler from super hardened thermal paste! (I've had the same cpu and cooling configuration since about 2012, qnd never replaced the thermal paste, so that can explain why this happened.) I've atta