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  1. I don't see any ding on the membrane or fraying coil. You can try reclabling the headphone first.
  2. How much is your budget? Are you okay with used item? what iem/headphone you have? If you have efficient iem Xduuo X2s would be cheaper and still capable, or if you could, find used Fiio X1.
  3. ^1 plus reseat every connector on PC. Happened to me a couple of times.
  4. Are you from India? Fiio K3 2021 should be easier option to obtain (plus the taxes duties).
  5. Somewhat neutral set: Blon BL-05s CCN NRA KZ DQ6 Moondrop quarks Tanchjim Tanya If you like more bass: CCA C12 TRN V90s The included eartip in this price often lackluster. KZ starline or Spinfit CP100 is very strategic upgrade.
  6. By the time AM5 come up the prices will be way high up.
  7. In a industry cutthroat on cost leadership like tech industry. Few cents a pop matters A LOT, few bucks goes a very long way.
  8. Have Z120 atm, no issue whatsoever. Prolly defective unit.
  9. I never knew that Blon-05s has that much boosted bass and that peaky treble. My perception of "neutral" I admit skewed.
  10. KZ ZS10 Pro seems like KZ house of v-shaped sound sig. I currently own CCA C12 and I keep it strictly as soundcloud iem.
  11. I think it's good direction - In Indonesia for example PS5 is scalped to sky high that it become status symbol so lots of people rely on smartphone for gaming. People don't seem really care about few stutter or ultra graphic so they are fine with mid-range ($250) phone. Also Lot of people (like my brother in law) are gaming between jobs so dedicated system are out of equation for him. All in all, money are to be made in mobile gaming probably continue to be so for forseeable future.
  12. Atm I have unexpected fortune, me and my calculator agree that $300 is max to spend on my hobby. So I would like this $300 to be my only end-game IEM as my library is not that big (<150 songs). My library is 50% jpop (utada hkaru, ayumi hamasaki, aimer, etc.), 30% jrock (spyair, uverworld, etc), and 20% pop from Billboard 100/UK top 40. Having I just purchased Blon-05s I immediately click with it's sound sig, but comfort is so-so. So to upgrade from Blon-05s what I am looking for are: 1. Comfortable preferably semi-custom shape 2. Neutral sound sig (
  13. Like guy above me said, more likely 24 pin and auxilary 6/8 pin cpu power.
  14. Yup, there is PSU cable that is not seated correctly (not pushing it hard enough, etc.) Been there done that.
  15. More likely the USB Hub are not fed enough power consistently. Is your USB hub sole power come from USB? If so you can try one that has separate power adapter see if it helps.