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    Computer science student


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    Intel 3770K (OC to 4.5 GHz)
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    Gigabyte ga z77 up5 th
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    GTX 670
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    corsair 400R
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    2x256 Samsung 840 Pro
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    Corsair GS860
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    Dell U2711
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    Corsair H100i
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    Das keyboard blue mechanical switches
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    razer mamba 2013
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    Asus xonar u7

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  1. ACK

    Irrational Parents

    Looks like there are lots of good solutions to your usb access problem that are easier to implement and cheaper than getting a new case, so this shouldn't be an issue for you anymore.
  2. ACK

    Irrational Parents

    You do know that all these weird laws are invalidated by case law, right? They will always be in the books but they are invalid because of court decisions or amendments.
  3. ACK

    Irrational Parents

    I have done worse I've worked on networks lying on the floor trying to reach at the back to unplug a whole series of cat5 cables. Those even have a locking mechanism so they are tougher to unplug, USB cables are a joke. Also if it is such a big issue for you, even though it feels a lot like an excuse, get a small (0,5m) usb extension cable, leave it plugged in the back and then you can easily plug and unplug your camera using both hands. And save 124$!
  4. ACK

    Irrational Parents

    Why do you even mention this as something logical? Your hand is designed to bend and don't try to tell me that you plug and unplug things all the time that it injures your hands. Do you maybe want to hire someone to wipe your bottom when you visit the toilet? Because wiping requires "extreme" hand angles and I don't see you complaining about that.
  5. I gave vessel a try and it failed me. From reading this topic I have seen that there are a lot of people that have the same problems that I have. The video quality is really bad. It's not only that it seems to be 720p max but also lower bitrate than youtube making lines fuzzy and colors dull. (wasted time color correcting videos to present them on vessel) One thing that not too many people have mentioned is that sound is also really bad. It's very harsh and makes me hate my headphones for reproducing that painful sound. Videos take too much time to load. Can't use middle click. No unifi
  6. I actually looked at their website and the video sources with some web inspection tools and it looks like vessel's highest quality is 720p 2400kbps bitrate. No 1080p or higher. Youtube's highest possible 720p encoding is at 5000kbps which explains the extra fizziness and loss of color saturation on vessel. They probably do it to save bandwidth because serving videos is very bandwidth demanding but unfortunately I can't see them competing with youtube on image quality. Also their sound is noticeably worse than youtube and as someone that cares for sound I can't stand their quality. Too bad
  7. Actually looking at the images you provided the one on the left is fuzzier and the colours look more dull. You can try to zoom and look at the letters on the fan.
  8. I have also noticed that. From what I can tell offers 720p as their max resolution and also they compress it so much that the colors lose saturation and also everything looks fuzzy. I wanted to use the service but sadly I can't get over how bad the image quality is, so I'm sticking with youtube. I just love 1440p video.
  9. username: KouThan videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf
  10. Even if they come and get them back I think that you deserve some sort of compensation, because you could have just kept them and then you went out of your way to contact them wasting part of your precious personal time to help solve some corporate mistake. Ask for 10% of the value. (10% is the legal to get if you find anything in my country)
  11. That's a nice looking phone with real aluminium and not stupid plastic that someone else does.
  12. I would suggest that you remove the GT630. Even if it worked you would see no real benefits in game even from having one less display powered up because if you are in game and fullscreen the GPU doesn't even do anything for the second screen. Also remember to check if the drivers are working fine after you remove your card because sometimes things like that can mess them up.
  13. That's not how graphics processors work. You can't just add a second card and expect it to share the load, even for a different monitor. Especially if one card is AMD and the other one is nvidia (and one that doesn't even have SLI). You should remove the GT630.
  14. So I found this new croudsfunding (not kickstarter apparently) project that promises to offer reasonable rates when roaming just by applying a sticker on your sim card. The rates are not really that great and they don't appear to offer prepaid bundle plans but it definitely looks better than simple roaming, so we have to wait and see. Project page: http://www.knowroaming.com/ I guess there is quite some movement in the roaming scene after T-mobile and the plan to abolish roaming charges in the EU.