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  1. If you want to compare the hashes the Linux command would be: "sha1sum <filename>", and for windows CMD "certutil -hashfile <filename>"
  2. Other then making sure that the keyboard is plugged in, it can only be one of two things: 1- The keyboard is dead, which is possible if a drink was spilt on it, or was a bit heavy handed with it, or its just broken 2- The port on the motherboard is having problems. I would start with the cabe though, sometimes it isn't in or not making contact properly even if it looks like it.
  3. Sometimes you can get away with just doing a system "clean" with something like malware bytes ...but if its a root kit then it's best to reinstall the OS, sorry
  4. It sounds like a virus or a root kit. Have you downloaded anything lately? I had a similar thing about a year ago.
  5. My plan was to sell it anyway so it does't really matter it's just a nice to have. I must admit that I didn't think of that anyway. Thanks all the same!
  6. At the moment it's got windows xp on lol. It's the only thing I could find that would install. Doesn't work on macs before a certain date.. This is one of them unfortunately.
  7. Hi, I have an macbook pro 1,1 that currently needs an os. I have tried installing snow leopard onto it but I get an error message saying that it's not supported. Therefor I want to try tiger or snow leopard but I can't find an installer for them. Any ideas how I could get one? And yes I have tried googling it. Thanks
  8. It could,probably, be done;but I have never heard of anyone doing this before. If you need the board to be small then a ITX one is pretty slim anyway, and you could just use extenders on things like USB. I don't see why there would be performance loss if it was done. The only thing is though is that most boards will have one port on top of another, but to be removed they will both have to be de-soldered, which would be hard to do as you might not be able to get a soldering iron in the gaps to heat it up. I would personally just use adapters or extenders, that way the board could be
  9. Sorry, talking about hackintoshes isn't allowed here. PS Pictures wouldn't help much anyway
  10. The CPU will have the capability to output graphics but I don't know if that board has display connecters. But my guess it would be that it will work
  11. It would be good too see the channels separated; It would make it a bit easier to find old(er) videos.
  12. As far as I know you won't have the ability to send text messages from OSX.
  13. Then I would have to say you will probably need to get something like this, LINK. Others can be found on ebay too. Just make sure that you have at the very least a time machine of your mac in it's current state, just incase anything goes wrong,