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    Intel i7 2700K
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    EVGA Z68 FTW Mobo
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    8GB of HyperX 4GB ddr3 sticks
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    Asus GeForce GTX 970 4GB STRIX Video Card
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    Corsair 780T
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    2X Acer R240HY
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
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    Razer Blackwidow 2014
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    Gigabyte GM-FORCE M7
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    Sony Surround Sound System
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    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
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  1. Im not sure how fan mounting works on your air cooler but if you have the ability to mount a second 120mm fan either by whats provided with cpu cooler or diy with something like zipties than yes you can mount any type of fan you would like so long as its the right size (right size being the size of the fan it came with)
  2. You could always velcro it to wall right above desk or something. I had mine setup like that for a while and it didn't look too bad. I personally just think this model is pretty expensive and may possibly be lacking in features like reaching symmetrical gigabit but I'm not sure
  3. Ram could be a useful upgrade, especially if he went used because used DDR3 is so cheap.Their might be a slight cpu bottleneck but nothing too major
  4. My worry would be not being able to upgrade individual components if they don't work for you well. Personally I'd rather go with a singular AP and router unless your house is like really big
  5. the availible in certain countries message is my guess. Are you VPNed into anywhere?
  6. Like @Genwyn iterated could you please specify in greater details your use case. Do you allready own a copy of windows on a certain computer and are trying to switch a new boot drive for that system?
  7. Banned for using text illegible in dark mode
  8. @LukeSavenije Banned for using black text
  9. Banned for lying, because they are slightly legible
  10. Banned for assuming I don't use dark theme
  11. Banned for mentioning an outdated technology
  12. have you tried phyiscally removing the gpu then plugging into the igpu?
  13. dumb question but your display cable is plugged into the gpu correct
  14. where you using all this hardware on a different motherboard beforehand and did it work then?