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  1. handbrake cables will stretch over time if they're used frequently. They can also be prone to snapping with age, depending on the car. On my RX-7, the handbrake cable runs over the exhaust and when it begins to rust with age it becomes easy to snap thanks to the constant heat cycles. Yes it is "protected" by the exhaust heat shield, but that did not prevent it from snapping anyway.
  2. Nah, they're fine. I've driven behind my friends with and without the fog lights on, before and after the LED swap. None of them think the fog lights are too bright, in fact, they think my headlights need aimed because my low beams are borderline too high. Edit: its probably just glare in my phone camera. Proper LED lights won't blind anyone. The key is that the light emitting chips are the same size, shape, and placed in the same location compared to a halogen bulb; if they do, they will have the same cutoff lines as a halogen bulb while having more/stronger light within the
  3. Gave the Corolla it's first pressure wash, and gave the new wheels a good cleaning. I also swapped from cheap no-name halogen bulbs to some nice Alla LED fog lights on my daily driver. The difference is night and day, almost literally
  4. Hello I am in the process of setting up a new machine I put together, however I can't seem to get the thing to clear POST or do anything at all. I purchased a used ASRock H97m Pro4 off a guy I know today (he had it stored in an esd motherboard bag). I am using a Pentium G3220, which I got from a different friend (I've had this CPU in my possession for a while, stored in a CPU plastic holder thing like what comes in the box); the CPU worked just fine on the motherboard it used to be installed in not too long ago. (Funnily enough, the old CPU from the H97 board is in the mot
  5. A 3600 will perform better in gaming, but the higher core and thread count on the 2700 will edge it to a slight victory in multithreaded workloads. All Ryzens can run 3600mhz RAM to my knowledge. Overclocking a lower rated memory kit to 3600 will depend on the memory. Some kits respond poorly to overclocks, while others can overclock to the moon. Pretty sure there's a website out there you can use to generate a memory profile to plug into the BIOS to try and get lower latency and higher clocks
  6. You'll have to look yourself, unfortunately. All of the well priced ones are auctions, so anything I link could sell or end up overpriced through bids. 2700s are close to that $150 mark it seems, but you can get cheaper if you snipe an auction.
  7. I'd personally go for a 650W or 700W. Check the PSU tier list here on the forums for recommended units.
  8. Sounds like you have made up your mind. Clearly nothing I say will get through to you that there are better options. Any further help from me is a lost cause.
  9. DDR4 is cheaper than DDR3. Any Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7 will be significantly better value, and overall MUCH cheaper. The performance difference on Ryzen compared to Kaby Lake and Haswell E is basically nil. Your argument holds zero weight. Ryzen 7s are 8 core CPUs, and are significantly more modern; Ryzen 5s are 6 core yes, but they have 12 threads, so you still essentially get the performance of an older 8 core. As I mentioned above in my edit, you can do whatever you want. I'm just saying you'd be wasting money since there are better options and better value deals out there.
  10. Ironically, the i7 is barely any faster than a Ryzen 5 2600. The only reason its faster is that it has more cores and threads. In single thread, performance is identical. You'd be spending more money for something with little gain and dramatically increased power consumption. Looking at eBay, you can legitimately find a Ryzen + motherboard + RAM combo for less than the cost of the 5960x (not including shipping). I don't understand your argument, at all. It makes absolutely no sense. The only thing I see here is "I want extreme edition because it sounds like its probably better th
  11. that's an even worse idea..... A 1st or 2nd gen Ryzen will last plenty enough. Used Intel CPUs and their motherboards are exceptionally overpriced right now, and have been for over a year. smh my head
  12. Big F for your 02. This is a 95, as I mentioned in my post DX trim, so it does have the 1.8L 7A-FE. The 4 speed auto was an option higher on the DX trim, the 5 speed manual was standard equipment for DX models. I expect it'll be solid enough in autox stock, but my plans should get some more performance out of it. 7As are oil burning queens, if its not burning oil its not running Supposedly its an issue with the rings getting sludged by faulty rings and/or long oil change intervals. There's a high chance I'll be getting a mostly complete, or possibly running, sing
  13. Thanks for the airbox tip. I already joined the forums there, and they've been helpful. More than I can say for the Prius forums and RX-7 forums....
  14. Ok........lol Desperate doesn't mean you should make poor financial choices. You could also get your brother some older Ryzen; probably for barely more (if not less) than the cost of the 5960x, some RAM, and its motherboard alone. Your brother just wants a working gaming system for 1080p and a working system for school and whatnot right? He certainly doesn't need an overclocked 5-6 year old system that was purchased for far more than its truly worth. I'm sure he'd be grateful if you got him literally anything that does what he wants; may as well spend as little as you c
  15. cloning the SSD and removing the HDD will accomplish the task of setting the SSD as the boot drive. The HDD has to be wiped before being used in the laptop again, how it gets wiped doesn't really matter. Not wiping it will create a conflict and the BIOS will just boot to whichever one it sees first. Cloning a drive basically means copy one drive to another, making the destination drive identical to the source. Once the clone is complete and you verify it works and have all the data, you can wipe the HDD (to clear the boot partitions) and use it for whatever you want.
  16. $200 for a 5 year old motherboard is absolutely dumb. Compared to other CPUs, $150 isn't a bad price; but when you look at the rest, its not worth it in the slightest. then why not get an ebay GPU and hand him the i7-2600 system? you could use the $150 to get a pretty solid GPU. The 2600 can still do solid frame rates at 1080p with a good GPU. The system you have is free LOL
  17. ironically, Haswell CPUs are just as expensive. Used hardware is all overpriced right now. Even GPUs are getting expensive just because you flat out can't buy new ones right now so people know they can charge a premium.
  18. If you could slim down the amount of data on your HDD to under 500GB (enough to fit on the new SSD), then you could just use any old cloning software to transfer the install to the SSD. Then remove the HDD to verify the SSD works correctly. Then wipe the HDD; using diskpart and the "clean" command is the preferred method of wiping a drive here, but you could also prepare a Windows install USB, boot to it, and delete the partitions off the HDD then reboot back to the SSD. Since you have a Samsung SSD, I would highly recommend Samsung's own data transfer software; it is quite reliable and h
  19. Meet the $280 1995 Toyota Corolla DX I saw it listed on Facebook marketplace and just had to take a look. Poor car was going to get scrapped for what the previous owner assumed was the clutch starting to go out. The actual problem? Someone serviced the car at some point and did not re-mount the charcoal canister and fuel filter properly, so they were clattering around and getting smacked by the shift linkages. Of course, the car also ended up needing other work too. Driver's side front wheel bearing was starting to go out, causing weird noises when turning right.
  20. You're probably going to have to clone the HDD to the SSD and reformat the HDD, or backup your files on the HDD and format it before clean installing Windows to the SSD. Laptops can be notorious for unhelpful BIOS, and in your case it seems like you will have to eliminate the HDD's ability to be used as a boot drive and somehow get a bottable installation onto the SSD.
  21. The only time I'd think clearing CMOS as part of the build process is if you bought a used motherboard. A brand new out of the box motherboard will already be loaded to its default settings, so clearing CMOS is just an extra step. But if you bought a used board, you don't know for certain if they cleared the CMOS or otherwise reset the settings before shipping
  22. Ok, I did some research and have decided to just get a M.2 SATA for the server boot drive. And had the crazy idea to repurpose the 970 EVO as a network Steam drive. The M.2 riser card is actually a Silverstone, and box says it can do both slots at once. Not sure what kind of RAID arrays I want still, but I believe I can probably get the 2x TB HDDs and 3x 1TB HDDs in there no problem. I should have a 2x 2.5" to 1x 3.5" adapter somewhere as well, to make things a bit easier in regards to the 2 2.5" drives. Apparently going to Microcenter today, so tomorrow I'll be able to hook every
  23. I want to strip down my main rig (fewer drives and cables for a cleaner look), while repurposing old drives/upgrading my network storage capabilities. However, I am not really sure how I should go about achieving this goal. I will have 2x 2TB HDDs and 3x 1TB HDDs I would like to use in the creation of two separate RAID arrays. I do not know which RAID configuration would be best. The 1TB HDD array will focus on storing more important data, so it should be able to suffer a drive failure or somehow be recoverable. Thoughts, opinions? I'm kind of at a loss with all these