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  1. NVM Solved the issue. I had too many things on my single power outlet including: 2 monitors, 200w speaker system, 2 lamps, computer, modem and a phone charger. Feels good man ;_; EDIT: The reason why it just started is that i moved and in tha last place i didnt have everything plugged to same outlet.
  2. So I've got this issue that after a while of gaming my computers screen goes black/greyish but i can hear sounds for a while. I know that it's not because of overheating because my componets stand just at 50C-70C. I've tried reinstalling graphicsdrivers, downloading older ones, underclocking my factoryoverclocked gtx 960 to stock speeds or even lower. (BTW This hasn't happened before, it just started happening.) These are my computers other specs: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/markoBiceps/saved/4rmcCJ
  3. Hey guys. I have this problem that I never had berore. Often when im playing something my screen just goes black but i can hear game sounds etc. Even when i reinstalled drivers for gpu it kept doing it and still does. (I even made my gpu stock speed.) Sorry for my bad english. EDIT: Now i got red screen without any text while playing witcher 3, had to turn off from the power button.
  4. I am actually planning on getting 1440p monitor or atleast higher than 1080p.
  5. And what do u guys think of my PSU? Could it handle GTX 1070 with all that other crap i have in my pc?
  6. Hi, I am planning to upgrade my computer in june/july and i thought if i should upgrade my GTX 960 to GTX 1070 or my i5 4460 to i7 4790K. I mostly play games like The Witcher 3 and other AAA-Games on 1920x1080 Resolution. I also thought that would i5 4460 bottleneck GTX 1070. This is my computer and setup atm: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/markoBiceps/saved/4rmcCJ