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  1. I used elementaryOS on my old msi gs60 6qe. I removed 'quiet' and 'splash' and added nomodeset at the end of the line beginning with Linux. When you eventually get the install done, win+T and run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade That should get the ball rolling, i had a similar issue with arch and Xubuntu.
  2. IMO you should be doing that anyway, i dont let ANYONE plug something into any of my devices unless its my own..
  3. and you've installed the right drivers for the right card? Boot into safemode, reinstall drivers, reboot into normal, see if its still dead? And you deffo have enough power going to the card right?, power cords are connected properly to the gpu,cables arenet loose, psu is turned on etc?
  4. Also worth noting https://www.scan.co.uk/products/amd-a10-7700k-black-edition-fm2plus-kaveri-quad-core-38ghz-amd-radeon-r7-720mhz-95w-cpu-retail Is this where AMD will get their RnD cash? ;D
  5. im still here on my 4790k, its still a beast, i just need to up from 8gb to 16gb ram. I'll wait and see if the gains are enough to merit the potential upgrade cost.
  6. Mikko Hypponen once said something pretty great: "i have nothing to hide, Nor do i have anything i would particularly like to share, especially to a non domestic 'big brother' " Just my 2pence.
  7. Heads up, this has actually been fixed and was an error due to using an outdated thing, think i heard it on Netlinked Daily.
  8. I've just gone and got myself a Nexus 6p to replace my OPX I cant be bothered sending the phone back. Wireless radios are just too temperamental, screen has gone a little iffy and my simcard keeps dropping. Wont connect to machines at all, SD doesnt mount. Flashed it, rep'd it. i loved that phone, but its time to retire already /sadface.
  9. For your ethernet port, have you installed the intel ethernet adapter driver and then used the manufacturers website to check for more drivers?
  10. bf4 - i think that was 56gb
  11. There are already people complaining about the lack of updates, they barely respond on the forums... Im now looking to replace my OPX with a nexus 5x or hanging on till the new nexus/google phone comes out around september.
  12. What country you in? The 5x is 180gbp at argos, if that means anything to you.
  13. and now my entire office is playing...
  14. The ltt mantra, do as we say, not as we do. The amount of times that has been the quote on the start of a vid kinda sinks in