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  1. Yes you need a CPU in your motherboard in order to boot in the BIOS and therefore flash. After flash you can place other CPU which now is supported but you first need other CPU as "placeholder" .
  2. The picture you posted is of the grub bootloader. In other words you did not yet boot into Ubuntu. You should whipe all your drive and install again. Also here is the Ubuntu ISO live CD https://ubuntu.com/download/desktop/thank-you?version=18.04.3&architecture=amd64
  3. You are thinking way to hard. use refuse or something to install ISO on USB and you're done.
  4. Does it even show up in task manager? Ctr + shift + esc
  5. If you want to create dualboot you first want to install Windows and then install Ubuntu as it has a build in option to detect a other OS and install next to it with a bootloader so you can make your choice. Also don't do it the other way around or Windows will whipe the whole drive happenly before it installs.
  6. Well in theory you can do that from the command prompt F10 + shift after booting from USB but CMD is a pain to work with so I rather want to recommend getting a PS2 mouse. Maybe you can complete the setup by using keyboard by keys like tab and esc but i think you will get stuck at creating partitions on the drive as you really need a mouse there. Edit: Did some looking around but there seems to be no guide on the internet what so ever about how you would install Windows from CMD because who would want to do that as there is hardly anything to customise. Only a few for installing he
  7. Phone librem 5 Why: Fully hackable device which means that i can actually run a shell on it and pretty much do everything on what i want like installing a webserver which will make it a very portable computer and a hand IT troubleshoot tool. Because of the many tools. (Nmap ping tracert nslookup route wireshark you name it) But i first want to see it it takes off a bit. I can work around the issue it might create that i can not run Android apps (Anbox) for the few apps I actually use. Also it has a user replaceable battery. And upgradable in pretty much everything like wireless and
  8. True but it is meant for giving a indication for the cooling solution how much heat will be put out. Problem is that Intel make that calculation on the base clock. Also double checked and indeed I was wrong.
  9. It has TDP of 95W but well.... you probably can't not even use that as a indication. I'm not sure how it makes sense when we have the 9900k unelss gaming and running single core tasks is anything you do.
  10. Yes that should just work. You might have to mount it manually in the worst case. But thats not very likely.
  11. Oh... Nice say no more about those OS's not sure why company's want even to use them but okey Then I'm out of idea's.
  12. @EpiCheeseTime What OS is the TC running? So locally? I'm pretty sure we can just make the OS ignore those key inputs? On linux you can do this with command xev searching the internet for windows now but can not yet find anything
  13. Its same manufacture. If its both DDR4 (Can not find on sticker but i assume it is) and its working both at same voltage it should work. Because the faster ram will automatic clock down to match the slower memory so you should be fine. You can even combine 4G stick with 8GB stick. And this should still work this is not recommended if you can help it but it won't hurt anything.
  14. Honestly I would not call it a rig rofl but here is my entry for the wall of shame. Only rocking a thinkpad right now and believe or not it does the job. Not really a gamer. (That might not make me more popular won't it ?) See copy paste job below. Lenovo ThinkPad X240 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70GHz, 2400 MHz InfoVision LCD Monitor (1366 x 768) 16:9 KINGSTON SUV400S (240GB) 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz sodim
  15. Is Fn + F11 a key combination for the OS of the TC self? What OS is the TC running? Fn functions can normally be disabled via a BIOS setting or atleast turn them into normal function keys. F1, F2, F3 you name them which will make that keycombination impossible to make.
  16. Hi @magicplayer525 What is your memory usage after a fresh boot? Make sure fastboot is disabled as this actually never will kill applications while restarting your computer. This can cause some applications to stay in memory forever and cause all kind of issues *cough* Excel and Outlook *cough* Have you checked your autostart applications? Maybe you can disable a few? Can you also post a print screen of your memory usage tab in taskmanager after you have checked the points below? So in summary 1. Disable fastboot and reboot PC ht
  17. Have you tried mounting at IP adres or only at host adres? Can you ping at IP adres? Is the DNS doing his job properly? Ping -a in command prompt will rule this out. If you cant ping on hostname then editing hostfile is quick workaround.
  18. Was about to say that, you're way to quick
  19. Configure router on a stick with two DHCP pools and you're good to go. This is how Cisco calls it but pretty sure PFsense can support that too. But i think @Electronics Wizardy is after that too?
  20. True Windows won't support ext3 or ext4 and Android won't support NTFS. You can only do that on a Linux PC which supports all. Its the only option i can give. If that does not work then its very likely that the card really is not fast enough or that the phone does not recognise it as being U3. Not much you can do about that i think. FAT32 is very limited to file size and such so its the best bet to try something else.
  21. hi @TDCDigital Put it in a PC and format it to FAT32, Ext3 or Ext4. Ext4 is highly recommended for max performance. Then try again. Not sure if this stops error message from appearing at future attempts but its a workaround and you won't format that often i guess.
  22. Jarno.


    Hi @Wellingtonzed "Idel" is a vague term even more when Windows updates or your Virus scanner decides to kick into gears in the backgrounds. Have seen some laptops taking off while doing Windows updates. Cooling will ramp up like crazy and they can get quite hot in the progress. When it does not get to 90c or so then you're fine.
  23. Jarno.

    2 monitors

    It should work fine but keep in mind that the image will be duplicated instead of extended. That is not a issue when that is what you want of course. A splitter will duplicates the signal hence creating 2 identical images on both monitors. You need two ports and two cables to the two monitors in order to extend the display.
  24. That is really strange behaviour.... Leds can use some power but not so much that it can be noticed or the sensor has to be on a really strange place but even then i doubt.
  25. Hi @FooYoungHi I like to read https://www.phoronix.com/ For reviews in depth about normale stuff but also enterprise. Also when we're not talking about physical hardware playing around with many different hyper visors might help a little to learn about servers on the software side. On a side note I'm also currently studying for CCNA you may add me on Discord if you like to share knowledge back and forth.