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    I7 6700k @ 4.6ghz
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  1. Yeah I've given them a pretty good scrub, Unfortunately I think there might be something wrong with the fan or cards fan connector, dunno. It used to be at first whenever I actually turned on my computer the gpu fan would immediately ramp to 100% no matter what. After Instead plugging the fan into the motherboard, it quieted down, but its still pretty loud. The rad itself sounds like it doesn't have too much liquid left in it so I'm not sure maybe there was some sort of leak. I'm a streamer so I really need the silence. I also do a lot of workstation tasks as a developer, so I'm t
  2. Since your only doing WoW you shouldn't need too much horsepower, im surprised you got those results with a 960, though i'm guessing your cpu is holding you back. It's honestly kinda difficult to upgrade with that what with having to buy a new cpu, mobo, and ram. Though I'd check around on newer pentiums where theyre around $60~. Again with that you'd need a new mobo so you're looking at another $60~. After that you can't reuse your old DDR2 Ram you'll need DDR4 most likely so another $50-60 for 8gb of ram. Sorry but you'd be lookin at a price tag of around $170 or mor
  3. about two years ago I believe is when I bought my EVGA 980TI hybrid, it's been pretty ok being able to handle whatever I really throw at it which isn't much. Right now I'm fairly certain the hybrid AIO is about done. My temps are getting a bit hot and more than that the whole thing is incredibly noisy. I can't stream at all without it's fan ramping to 100% during gameplay. So with the EVGA hyrbid PCB is there a replacement cooler I could use anybody knows? It does NOT need to be another Hybrid cooler, in fact I'd rather it not be. Could I purchase a sort of reference 980ti cooler
  4. Good point, i guess i got caught up in the idea of a workstation card. It might be awhile before I get the cash for a new card, so i might just wait for the next architecture volta. Are there any manufacturers more known for silent graphics cards? Like do you know any use more silent fans than others?
  5. The dark rock pro 3 is a great idea, but is it able to mount with am4? I tried googling it to find out but couldnt find any info. It means id also have to buy new ram too since theres no way my dominator platinums are going to fit. Could I even maybe go fanless if i'm not going to overclock? Linus did it in one of his ultimate silent pc videos.
  6. So I really love streaming, it's an amazing way to meet some cool people and share what you love. Only problem is I don't really have the optimum setup for it. My current PC is great but just a taddd... jet engine like. It's served me well, however I always groan at the loud noise when i'm recording, embarrassed of the poor audio quality, though it's all I have. I am also getting more and more into 3d game development and my 980ti is fine for this as right now I haven't delved too far into the world of vr creation or anything of that sort. Anyways, what I want is a silent workstation PC built
  7. Looking for screws for radiator fans for the 280mm H110I and the EVGA hybrid's 120mm. I bought some machine screws from walmart but sadly they were much to thick to screw into the holes. Would these work?: XSPC Radiator Screw Set, #6-32 UNC, 30mm, Black, 16-pack https://www.amazon.com/dp/B015BSAQ0O/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_9PwCyb2JJ9W51 Thanks for any help you guys can provide!
  8. Most likely it could be reused, though I'd recommend having it replaced. After three years most likely some of the liquid inside the loop has evaporated which isn't going to let it function very well. AIOs unfortunately can't be reused as much as air coolers, you could refill the loop yourself, but it would be easier and probably safer just to buy a new loop.
  9. Was gonna say, dayum lol, besides the 9590 is literally just a overclocked 8350.
  10. I cannot advise you enough to wait for the new zen processors as they will most likely have massive performance gains over AMD's current line of chips, but if he needs the build right now then I'd build something like this, though if your willing to wait for zen just replace it with the most recent zen processor and mobo ALSO DDR4 ram as this DDR3 wont work with zen of course: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/DTjxgL I myself am American, so I don't have too much experience with UK prices, but this seems to be pretty damn good. Waiting for Zen would definitely help this b
  11. Thanks! I know motherboard vrm cooling really doesn't make too much of a difference I just wanted help in knowing how to incorporate it into a loop, thanks so much
  12. I don't believe you'd really need to take advantage of it. Thunderbolt is a input that allows 10gb transfer speeds, BLAZING FAST, though in honesty there isn't too much you can use it with unless you maybe own a iphone or macbook, these use the same connection. The only thing I could see you using it for is if you were willing to shell out cash for a hugely expensive thunderbolt black magic capture device for streaming and recording. I cant seem to find the price on it right now, but I remember it being around the $1000~ dollar range. Anyways, it's a
  13. So for awhile I've had the pleasure of owning the Maximus VIII Formula Mobo. It's actually been a great experience for me at least. Though I admit a problem overclocking my 6700k, but I believe I just got a bad processor out of the batch unfortunately or maybe just the shit end of the silicon stick. ANYWAYS, So i'm looking to use it in a new build with a custom loop, I've actually worked on hardline loops before, though to be honest not all that much, still. I'm confused on how I would build my loop to use the VRM coolers built into the mother board. EKWB partnered with AS
  14. So I can just buy a $189 used perfectly working server with a great raid controller with a battery, including redundant power supplies? Fuck yeah better believe i'd rather go for it. Thanks for the recommendations. I just might need suggestions on what raid configuration to go with it, any help there? I'd like redundancy but speedy.